This is the Cute Series of planet sculpting tools.

The Cute Hills sculpts Cute themed hills.

The Cute Stamps sculpts Cute themed craters.

The Cute Rivers sculpts Cute themed rivers.

The Cute Canyon sculpts Cute themed canyons.

The Cute Plateaus sculpts Cute themed plateaus.

The Cute Mesas sculpts Cute themed mesas.

The Cute Mountains sculpts Cute themed mountains.

The Cute Walls sculpts Cute themed lava flows.

The Cute Seas sculpts Cute themed seas.


These are found the same way as artifacts: by visiting a planet with yellow radar waves coming out of it, using the radar to locate the item, and then using your Abduction Beam to acquire it. They have the same appearance as terracoloring tools, so you can't be sure what you will get.

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