DNA points are the currency a player uses during the Cell Stage and the Creature Stage to purchase different body parts for their creature (eyes, ears, limbs, accessories, etc) while in the Cell Editor or Creature Editor. DNA points are earned as the player goes through the respective phase and completes certain tasks, such as eating. In the Creature Stage you may also earn points by the player having their creature successfully befriending other creatures, engaging in pack/herd behaviour or by engaging in combat with another creature and defeating it. You can also gain DNA points by eating other species' eggs for a bonus of 25 to 50 points. Though tough to kill, Rogue creatures can be killed for 100 DNA Points.

When you are brought to the Cell or Creature Editor, your current amount of DNA points is shown in the lower-left of the screen. Every time you buy or sell a body part, your current funds will decrease or increase accordingly. When selling a part, you get a 100% refund on the part, meaning you can sell a few small, inexpensive parts to buy a larger, more expensive part. Because of the way this system works, you can never truly lose any DNA, because it will all be a part of your creature, and will always be available for refunding, as opposed to the City Editor, or when managing vehicles, in which if you decide to sell a building, you will only get a 50% refund in Sporebucks.

The Tribal and Civilization Stage equivalents to DNA points are food points and Sporebucks respectively, although the points for clothing, buildings and vehicles in the Outfit, Building and Vehicle Editors resemble them more in purpose.

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