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The badge's icon.

"You've allied with the Grox. Are we on the dark side now?"

To get this badge, you need to ally with the Grox.

Acquiring This Badge Edit


A sample relations chart with Grox allies.

If you want to obtain this badge it is highly advised you don't do anything that will upset the Grox, as your relations with them will change for the worse much faster than other species, and a peace settlement isn't available to bribe them once you go to war.

While attempting to ally with the Grox, there is a very important thing to remember about them: Many conventional boosts are much less effective on the Grox than any other species.For example, giving a gift of §100,000 will only give you +2 relationship instead of +10, and breaking the Galactic Code actually makes them happy.

Breaking the Galactic Code and keeping other empires calm is easy, and can considerably boost your relationship with the Grox. Buy a Planet Buster and fly into Grox territory. Once there, you will need to get at least 8 parsecs away from the nearest empire, as they will most likely declare war on you if you do it too close. Fly into a Grox system and blow up one of the planets that is not inhabited. Do NOT blow up a Grox planet; your relationship will go down even further. Do this a few times, and you will get a 50+ on your relationship status. You can also just use the Scientist and/or Zealot superweapons on a non-Grox empire a few times within 8 parsecs of a Grox system.

Having an alliance with the Grox comes with both good and bad benefits. The good benefits are that the Grox will not attack you, they will send you one of their ships to join your fleet (3600 health), you can use Fanatical Frenzy on them without any Grox retaliation, and you can get to the galactic core without being attacked by them. The most prominent drawback is that nearly every empire in the galaxy will hate you, and will attack you on sight.

Notes Edit

  • Getting this badge will not earn any badge points.
  • Even if you cancel your alliance with the Grox, all relations will remain the same.
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