The Darkspore Editor, as it is currently known, allows Darkspore players to equip their heroes with the loot they have collected in the game, and customize their heroes for better efficiency in combat and greater visual appeal.

The editor in Darkspore is similar to the editor seen in Spore. However, it has several crucial differences.

Darkspore HeroEditor

The Darkspore Editor's ingame look as of /01/19/11/.

Lore Edit

The Crogenitors propelled evolution forwards through ceaseless experimentation with the central chemical of life: the DNA molecule.

After generations of genetic experiments, the Crogenitors gained the powers of full mutation. Extending limbs, adding armor, and replacement of whole body parts allowed them to build the foundation of an army. An army of Genetic Heroes.

But the development of Exponential DNA (E-DNA) changed everything. E-DNA could be used to weaponize life itself..."

Features Edit

In Darkspore, players can aquire new heroes when they complete certain objectives. Once a hero has been collected, it can be edited between each mission with the parts that they have looted. In the editor, players must select which parts they want to use and then put them into slots for use on their heroes. The player may then use the familiar drag-and-drop system to edit facial features, change hands and feet and appendages, modify limbs and weapons, add armour and details, re-size and rotate and morph the parts, apply one of several paint jobs, and much more on their heroes to make them their own, but at the same time recognizable to other users, well-animated, visually appealing and perfectly suited to their abilities, backstory and role.

The editor is featured in greater graphical depth than Spore's. Heroes have higher resolutions and texture quality, better effects and better sound. The editor also has several details, such as a transparent 3D palette, and a background complete with subtle effects, such as machines that move around.

Website Details Edit

Augment and customize your creatures in an enhanced version of the award-winning Spore Creature Editor.

  • Upgrade your creatures' body parts, armor, and weapons to enhance their combat capabilities.
  • Collect thousands of parts, each with unique stats.
  • Customize your heroes to make them your own.

Notes Edit

  • The collecting Of the E-DNA is like collecting ADAM (a type of stem cell that makes you stronger) in the game, Bioshock. In fact, the editor in general is similar to that game's editor.
  • The games editor is heavily based on the one from Spore, so much so that the Dark Injection Mod directly ports all of the Darkspore parts to the main Spore creature editor, using data from Darkspore.
Dark Spore Editor (DS Demo Download)

Dark Spore Editor (DS Demo Download)

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Darkspore Creature editor video

Darkspore Creature editor video

Darkspore Trailer

Darkspore Trailer

Producer Diary 4 Editor

Producer Diary 4 Editor

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