Necro Template Challenge

The Death Mollusk was part of the Necro Template Challenge

The Death Mollusk was part of the "Necro Template Challenge", one of Maxis's Template Challenges. It is a Necro character, and possibly a Lieutenant class enemy.

Description Edit

Death mollusks crabs are small, vicious parasites of low intelligence, imbued with the horrific ability to drain their victims of energy. Highly mobile and able to strike from a distance, death mollusks are a threat even in death, exploding the moment their disgusting innards cease functioning.

Winning Entries Edit

Death Mollusk By QQQQQ96

First Place

Death Mollusk By JRsilverfoxx1390

Second Place

Death Mollusk Blade717 By Blade717

Third Place

There were 3 Winners in the contest.

1. Death Mollusk By QQQQQ96

2. Death Mollusk By JRsilverfoxx1390

3. Death Mollusk Blade717 By Blade717

Abilities Edit

  • The ability to drain their enemy's energy away.
  • They self-destruct after being killed, likely damaging enemies nearby.

Links Edit

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