Here is a shot of the first creature I ever created when I was writing the skin system 2.5 years ago. I called him the Debug Squid.

- Chris Hecker

The Debug Squid is said to be the first creature ever created in an early version of Spore, created by designer Chris Hecker.

Some people think the Debug Squid is Spode, as they both have tentacles, and the Debug Squid is almost unmakeable in the finished game. Also, the Debug Squid's tentacles resemble the Spore logo, as does the galaxy, which is rumored to be Spode, or possibly to have been made in the image of Spode.

Debug Squid has no actual features, apart from the shape, and It is colorless, probably suggesting why it was called the Debug Squid. It has transparent skin, showing how its spine branches out into assymetric horns and tentacles, which is impossible in the final game.

It was created on February 6 2004.

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