Defend the Crystal Mine is a Maxis-made Defend-type adventure with a locked captain, Dango. Dango has to kill 90 crystal monsters in five waves without dying or letting them destroy a mine generator, which has 3000 health. He has Level 2 Missile Flingers and Level 3 Bladed Knuckles to help him achieve this, and 232 health.

There are four types of crystal monster to defeat:

  • Crystal Hound: 33 health; 25 in Wave 1, 10 in Wave 4
  • Ice Stalker: 83 health; 20 in Wave 2, 15 in Wave 3
  • Scavenger: 165 health; 5 in Waves 3 and 4, 8 in Wave 5
  • Crystal Golem: 383 health; 2 in Wave 5

The other characters in the adventure are Buddy and Chumly, each with 378 health. There is also one vehicle, the Ice Miner, with 30 health.

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