Diplomat badge

Diplomat Badge

"You've formed XX Alliances."

Awarded for forming alliances.

A note to easy alliance, or rather, things to keep in mind to help build good elationships:

1) Anytime you buy or sell things from/to an empire, you get positive points with them (You can only buy things when you have 25+ relationship)

2) If the empire has any planets under T3 (except Grox), improving the T-Score will gain a large amount of points.

Note: All Empires start with a T3 planet, and usually (9 times out of 10) only have system when you meet them. Some empires will have 2 planets in a system, but this is uncommon.

3) Most people can get by with embassies (costs money and require a very tedious badge that requires you to talk to 100 different empires) or the happiness ray (which requires a considerable amount of energy).

Level Number Conditions Badge Points for Completion Rewards
1 Form 1 Alliance 2 None
2 Form 2 Alliances 4 Mini Happy Ray · AOE Repair
3 Form 5 Alliances 6 Medium Happy Ray · Rally Call
4 Form 10 Alliances 8 Super Happy Ray
5 Form 20 Alliances 10 Embassy
Master Badge

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