A Diplomatic Takeover happens after your home world is rid of enemies, and any remaining allied nations agree to merge with your nation, allowing your nation to progress to the Space stage. It allows you to have a chance at winning just by surviving and staying on the good side of the superpowers.

How to achieve this Edit

A steady supply of Sporebucks helps in this strategy. This is also easier to do when economic, and in games with low difficulty levels.

  • Send out all of your vehicles to capture the accessible spice geysers. Then loot tribes, for extra vehicles and Sporebucks. When the civilizations start popping up, set up a trade route with another civilization.
  • Put up a high bid to buy that city (16,000 at least). Compliment every nation, then buy another city or two. When you have three or four cities, stop and wait. Once some superpowers develop, give gifts to them. Give gifts until they are in the "Gracious" Relation face zone.
  • Mind your own business for a while, and keep peace with all nations. Sooner or later, the superpowers will have destroyed the other nations and will ask you if they can merge with you. (This will only happen if you have at least four cities) Say yes, and sooner or later you'll be finished with the Civilization stage.
  • You can cheat by using the "more money" cheat.Only in space stage you earn the joker badge,so feel free to use in civilization stage.

Other Notes Edit

  • Look for these positive notes

-Your Gifts

-Your Compliments

-You fought our enemy (This isn't reliable on one nation, but helps with other Nation's relationship)

-You're a (Religious, Economic, Military) Nation

  • Avoid these negative notes

-Your Religion

-You were cheap

-You attacked us

-Your insults

-You're a threat to us (This is an anti-relation point. The player has to either persist with gifts, or ask an already allied nation to attack their cities.)

-You're a (Religious, Economic, Military) Nation

-Your Nation is too big

-Your boundaries are too close