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The Dronox are creatures associated with the Grox in Spore Galactic Adventures. They come in at least two different forms, a weak soldier form and a powerful commander form. They are stated as "The Grox's new weapon of mass destruction".

On October 20, 2009, Maxis released a "sequel" to the Infestation adventure, except that the player is now playing as a Dronox or Conqrix Troop, which changes the side the player is on.

Role Edit

The purpose of the Dronox is probably to take out any form of threat to the Grox Infection Pod. They will swarm their enemies with their large numbers, and eliminate all of them, leaving no prisoners or survivors.

It is possible that the Dronox, in some way, help spread the Grox Infection. It may be possible that they themselves are made from the Infection, and therefore, anywhere they are the Infection follows.

Characteristics Edit

Physiology Edit

The Dronox were enslaved by the Grox for the simple purpose of doing planetary invasions, but they are divided in two different ranks: the Dronox troops and the Dronox commander. The normal Dronox is naturally armed with different spikes which pretend to be poison blades and plasma pulsars, the Dronox commander is armed with Lighting blades and missile launchers. They are stronger than the normal ones. In missions they are guarding the Dronox Hive, while troops of Dronox attack the planet.

The Normal Dronox charge in groups since their low HP makes them too weak for enemy projectiles and melee tools, they have to apply a large number of troopers to actually vanquish their enemies, though this is not a problem since they have projectile weapons as well and the clone pods constantly produce more Dronox.

Commander Dronox

The Commander form of the Dronox.

The Dronox commander however is stronger, and can even arrange it for its own, though they are usually behind normal Dronox troops to lead them and as supportive combat, though when alone they are tough enough to take the player out when distracted. A not very usual performance of the commanders is to see them leading troops at the front, though this is very dangerous, since the player usually gets distracted and the others can fire at will while engaging the commanders, taking away from you a great deal of damage.

Behaviour Edit

Huge infection pods are launched onto planets by the Grox to produce Dronox in mass numbers. When invading a planet, they fight alongside with the Insectrox and the Mites, the latter of which may be a form of Insectrox. There are also Scavengers and Scanflies which are vehicles, although they may be intended as creatures.

Equipment Edit

Dronox utilize standard captain equipment, as they were created by Maxis in the Captain Outfitter.

Notes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Dronox appear in the Sporepedia as "Conqrix Troop".
  • The Scavengers appear in the Sporepedia as "Conqrix Walkers".
  • The Scanflies appear in the Sporepedia as "Conqrix Air Walkers".
  • The word "Dronox" is a reference to "Drones" of the Borg in the Star Trek series. The Borg Drones are the ones who normally assimilate other lifeforms into the Collective, so their knowledge, technology and biology can be used.
  • Dronox are not creatures but clones, and they are spawned from the clone devices that the player normally see crashed in houses or aside of the Dronox Hive.
  • Maxis made a contradiction about the Dronox once, saying in a trailer "Fight Androids!" while referring to the Dronox, even though in-game they are said to be clones.
  • Both variants of the Dronox have eyes hidden underneath their armor. In fact the eyes have a different position from where the outfitter parts cover them up, which means that their design was going to be different before Maxis changed it during outfitting. However it is likely that their eyes were probably going to be covered up anyways, and were simply there to allow the player visibility if they were going to play as them.

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