Clark and Stanley's species, unofficially called "Dweebles" (mentioned in the Adventure Protein Synthesis), are strange creatures, very stupid and suicidal, however widespread in the Galaxy. They appeared in many adventures, such as Protein Syntesis and Ghost Towne, but most famous in Clark and Stanley adventures, for both Clark and Stanley are Dweebles.

Physical characteristics Edit

Dweebles are very weak creatures physically, with only a medium bite and very weak song, as well as very slow basic feet and graspers. Their abilities are the same as the natural version of the Grox, and as they share same mouths, feet and hands, as well as similar ears and coloring (dark body with more bright area around a belly), and both are widespread, it is possible that the Grox is just an evolution of the Dweebles.

Dweebles also are not very bright. As said in one adventure, the composite IQ of two Dweebles is the same as IQ of sand crab. They are mostly colored with the blue-green coloring, however Stanley has a blue hue and the Director has dark blue-green.

Deaths Edit

In the original three Maxis-made adventures, Clark and Stanley are:

  • Ran over by a truck ("Clark and Stanley Go Camping")
  • Crushed by a meteorite ("Clark and Stanley Go Stargazing")
  • Eaten by sharks ("Clark and Stanley Go Swimming")

Thousands of player-made "Clark and Stanley" adventures have been created, in which they have died just as many different deaths.

In the Maxis adventure "Ghost Towne", a Dweeble director is killed by the player. Also, an unnamed Dweeble in "Protein Synthesis" may also have been killed. It is not certain, but when the player returns to the classroom the Dweeble has disappeared.

Trivia Edit

  • Dweeble as name of Creature is only appeared in Protein Synthesis, and it may not be a creature name but the name of the character.
  • It is unknown, but they are most likely related to Grox, as they both look vaguely similar, and have the same base stats as a non-mechanized Grox along with nearly the same parts and body anatomy.
  • In the "Welcome to Dancetopia" adventure, there is another type of creature, Koobo. They share nearly all Dweebles' features with exception of spine and eyes. Also, they possess a spine which give them charm, and they are smarter than Dweebles.
  • In the same adventure, Dweebles are called "Clarks" (there are many "Clarks", so this is strange)