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Astrographical information
Basic LocationSol system
MoonsThe Moon
Co-ordinatesAngle: 225.06
Distance: 7,295.43 (pc)
Stellar PositionThird, after Venus and before Mars
Star systemSol
GalaxySpore Galaxy
Length of day24 hours
Length of year365.25 Earth days
Length of orbital rotationApproximately 30 days
Geographical information
InhabitantsNone by default
Land colorGreen
Water colorBlue
Air colorBlue
Mean radiusDiameter of 12,756.3 km
Polar radiusDiameter of 12,756.3 km
Water Percentage70% - 75%
VegetationRandom Tier 1 plants
Political information
AffiliationBy default no empire
Only the player can colonize.
Strategic information
Economic valueSpice
Production valueNone unless colonized
Valuable toPlayers who want to control/terraform Earth
Players who like Easter eggs

In the Spore universe, the planet Earth is an Easter egg. Earth, along with other planets from the real life Solar system, can be found in the game. Once a player finds Earth, they are rewarded the "Manifest Destiny" Achievement. If a player chooses to destroy Earth with the Planet Buster, they will also achieve the "Oh the Humanity!" achievement. Earth is uninhabited by default, but sometimes, creatures can stroll around the planet.

Characteristics Edit


Earth, in a Maxis made mission in Galactic Adventures.

The following shall describe Earth's ingame characteristics. For Earth's characteristics in real life, see the Wikipedia page.

Terrascore Edit

Earth has a Terrascore of 1. (High Atmosphere) This makes sense because T1 means 1 Earth. Strangely though, Earth turns a brown-red color when it reaches a terrascore of T3. Many different interpretations have been formed by players to explain this, ranging from a reference to global warming to a general comment that, despite being the origin of humankind, Earth is not necessarily the best planet to harbor life in the universe. A common explanation also suggests that Spore is based before the age of mankind, millions of years in the past, before Earth fully became a habitable planet, which may involve the theory that aliens visted Earth millions of years ago. By the Space stage it is about 2 billion years. A far more likely answer is that humans are extinct on earth or left due to inhospitable conditions. The Earth in the future can also be backed up by the fact that in the history timeline it shows how long you've been in the Spore galaxy. This would explain the modern continental positions. Other reasons are that Earth could be just a random planet called Earth and a star called Sol, or even that the game is set in a universe where the Earth is in the condition it is in in-game. The most respectable reason that they did this is just to make Earths features more visible, with less plants blocking your view. However, since no confirmation on these views has been provided by the game creators, the possibility that this was simply a developer's oversight remains. The proportions of Earth are surprisingly small, with many small countries such as the UK or Ireland are shown as being the size of an average spaceship, however this is due to the game's processor and engine, it should also be noted that Earth is the same size as other terrestrial planets in Spore.

In addition, when the atmosphere is increased to make Earth T0, many of Earth's continents (including South America, parts of North America, much of Europe, and Australia) become flooded, again prompting some players to cite this as a reference to global warming. The only way to make Earth T3 without flooding it is to use the Staff of Life, necessary if the player wishes Earth to remain the same.

When Spore Galactic Adventures was released, Maxis made a template of Earth for adventure makers.[1]

Designed using USGS topographic maps, this replica of the Earth is perfect for creating your own custom made, realistic Earth adventures! Created by MaxisKate.

Colonization Edit

If you want to colonize the planet, it seems like the only locations to build a colony without mutilating the terrain too much is Northern Asia or Antarctica, although there have been reports of very low or no terrain manipulation if placed in Africa or America from some gamers. Earth is usually a yellow spice planet, but can have green, pink or purple spice in some cases.

It is suggested that before you depart your home system, to buy lots of Bio-Protectors, Bio-Stablizers, and Uber turrets in case you want to colonize all of Sol and have high security. Make sure to ally with or destroy any other empires near Sol so they don't attack.

For some reason, you aren't allowed to place a monolith on Earth. However, occasionally a tribal species develops there, like on any other planet. It is not yet known if they can develop further, as cities and colonies would severely distort the landscape.

Landforms Edit

Spore 2009-05-23 10-33-44

Earth, as seen from The Moon.

The following landforms appear in Spore and can be found in real life.

  • Himalaya Mountains
  • Rocky Mountains
  • The Andes
  • Ethiopian Highlands
  • Greenland
  • Scandinavian Peninsula
  • Italian Peninsula
  • The Alps
  • Amazon Basin
  • Great Lakes
  • Ural Mountains
  • Mount Everest
  • Grand Canyon
  • Iberian Peninsula
  • Japan
  • Phillippine islands
  • Malay Peninsula
  • Korean Peninsula
  • British Isles
  • New Zealand
  • Florida is always covered by water/lava/ice unless there is no water on Earth

Steve Edit

If you make it to the Galactic Core, Steve will give you the Staff of Life. He also mentions the "third rock from Sol," also known as Earth. Though he mentions a "free breakfast and presentation," if you do go to Earth there will be nothing new there; however, this does indicate that Steve may have originated from Earth, and is an example of humans in future times. It may just be a joke from Maxis.

Notes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Due to Earth changing color when T-3, some players may not want to terraform, but this can be countered with planet coloring tools.
  • It is possible to create a new human race by using the Create Creature and Monolith, however they may drastically change the terrain with their cities as they reach civilization stage.
  • While on the Earth, planets seen as faint star-like twinkles are seen in plain sight, many times magnified. Jupiter appears in the sky orders of magnitude bigger than in real life.
  • Since it is for some reason uninhabited, this may be Earth in the future after some sort of massive-scale disaster, such as a nuclear war, that wiped out humanity or forced them to leave the planet, likely the latter due to Steve being a probable former resident of Earth.
  • In some games, Earth may glitch up, and turn into a round ball upon entering the planetary view.

Gallery Edit

At different terrascore levels

Video Edit

SPORE How to find Earth!!! HQ00:49

SPORE How to find Earth!!! HQ

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