The Eclectic Striker is an enemy from Darkspore. It is a Quantum Minion from Scaldron

Lore Edit

Eclectic strikers have always been devious predators and attackers on the ruined surface of Scaldron, but once possessed of Darkspore mutations, they became immeasurably more destructive. They evolved for quick hit-and-run attacks on their prey, waiting for accumulated wounds to bring down their quarry for later feasting. But given their mutant ability to teleport, strikers can now descend on their targets instantaneously and without warning. Once positioned, they hit with all the force they can deliver before teleporting away, only to return as soon as they're able.

Abilities Edit

  • Rapid blinking movement and attacks
  • Blinks into melee range with its target and unleashes a rapid fire melee attack.
  • After attacking, blinks away and bides its time before blinking in again.

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