Trader Passion

Economic takeover is the method by which traders can take over cities and planets in the Civilization Stage and the Space Stage. To begin the process to start an economic takeover, the player must start a trade route with the targeted city or solar system.

Civilization Stage Edit

Economic Takeover Bar

The Economic Buyout bar

First, the player must have an Economic city, or economic vehicles. Then, they must send the economic vehicles to a friendly computer controlled city. If your relationship is high enough with them (or they are the only other nation and has a negative relation with you), they will agree to start a trade route with you. Remember that the more economic vehicles that you have going to one city, the faster the economic takeover bar will fill up. Once the bar is full, make a reasonable offer and they will accept, leaving the city, it is highly recommended that you offer an amount larger than 5 000 , as you could lose your negotiations with the city you want to buy.

It is also possible to take over spice derricks economically. Click on the Spice Derrick while controlling an Economic Vehicle and select 'Bribe Workers' (You must be able to afford the bribe). When your vehicle arrives, it will pay the workers, making that Derrick yours. But don't think you get off free using this, you still lose the Relationship Points.

Space Stage Edit

The player can have up to 5 trade routes active at a time in the space stage: Once created, the trade route will be from the closest player owned system to the system being captured. The trade route is visible on the galaxy view as bi-directional arrows, with the colors of the player and the trading empire, linking the systems as well as trade ships traveling between the systems. The players world that is at one end of the link will start to accumulate the type of spice mined in the traded with system.

When a trade route is in place an economic capture bar will be displayed, which will start at 0%. An economic takeover of the star system is possible when the economic takeover bar reaches 100%. The current owners of the system will alert the player the moment this happens. Alternatively, player races ascribing to the Trader Philosophy can use their Cash Infusion skill to instantly move the takeover bar to 100% at any time once a trade route has been initiated.

To buy a system, the player must bid, if the bid fails the economic takeover bar is reset to 0%. The chances of succeeding a bid to buy a system is suspected to depend both on the player race's relation to the race in the system, and the quality of the system probably in terms of its T rating. The type of spice available doesn't factor, it is possible to buy even a Purple spice system for the lowest bid.

Table of Offers Edit

  • 500,000 - Can usually succeed on systems with only a city hall and nothing else
  • 1,000,000 - Usually works on T0 systems
  • 3,000,000 - Usually works on T1 systems
  • 5,000,000 - Usually works on T2 systems
  • 10,000,000 - Always successful even on Homeworlds

Note: For the Grox Empire, a 500,000 offer will usually work. However, try to bid 1,000,000 if you can, because underbidding can anger them.

Relation Bonus Edit

There is a +30 or +40 (depending on the traits of the empire) relation bonus that is given for as long as a trade route exists. If, despite this bonus, the relation with the empire is allowed to decay too far, the trade route can be canceled. You can also receive a relation bonus for offering higher than you need to in order to purchase a star system, "You were generous," which can go up to +50.

Badges Edit

  • Trader - This badge is awarded for starting trade routes.
  • Economist - This badge is awarded for buying out star systems.