Toxiraptor Template Challenge

The Toxiraptor Template Challenge.

The Emerald Toxiraptor is from one of Maxis's Template Challenges, entitled “Toxiraptor Template Challenge”. The winning creations were featured on and may be used as Darkspore NPCs (Non Player Characters), however, it is not guaranteed. If it is used as a Darkspore NPC, it would be a Bio character, and possibly a Minion class enemy.

Description Edit

Centuries ago the rainforests and grasslands teemed with gentle creatures sharing their habitats. Following the invasion, the planet exchanged its serenity for terror. Once tiny creatures with a mild, stinging bite, toxiraptors (striking for their glowing emerald eyes), became tall, lightning-fast attackers that hunted in packs. Aside from the terrible damage their fangs can inflict, it’s their toxin that’s of greatest worry to any being they target, a nerve agent that untreated causes paralysis and death within minutes. Any explorer catching sight of toxiraptors hunting in packs should evacuate or flee immediately... or be prepared to unleash maximum firepower.

Winning Entries Edit

Emerald Toxiraptor By MilkAndCookies

First Place

Emerald Toxiraptor By CederDUDE22

Second Place

Emerald Toxiraptor By pwurman

Third Place

After the winners were chosen, there were 3 Winners, and 3 Honorable Mentions.

Winners Edit

1. Emerald Toxiraptor By MilkAndCookies

2. Emerald Toxiraptor By CederDUDE22

3. Emerald Toxiraptor By pwurman

Honorable Mentions Edit

1. Toxiraptor of Fear By FantaCoca

2. Emerald Toxiraptor By FYIIHealSpiesz12

3. Emerald Toxiraptor By CopperLou

Abilities Edit

  • Some sort of physical attack that releases toxins, untreated it causes paralysis and death within minutes.

Links Edit

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