Energy is a mechanic in Spore that is only appeared in Space stage, or Adventures, represents how much it can be consumed to use the object who consumes the required energy.

Energy (Spaceship) Edit

Spaceship consumes Energy in order to travel to the stars and use tools. If the energy is drained to 0 bar, will prevents to use lasers or energy consuming tools, also it will drain the health if the spaceship travelled between the stars at empty energy bar. It can be recharged at other empires, or player's colonies to fee, in homeworld is for free, and colonies cost at lower prices. Allied empires cost same as colonies but higher.

Captain's Energy Edit

Used to activate abilities (e.g: Hop Hogs). Some tools uses and consumes energy. Read at the tools' page. Energy is important to consume energy is drained you can't activate your Captain parts. Your base energy is 1,000.

Compact Generator: 15 energy recharged per second. Compact Battery: Increases your base energy by 500. Power Generator: 20 energy recharged per second. Power Battery: Increases your base energy by 1000.

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