Requirements Edit

Level Requirements Description
Basic Energy Storage Icon Default at start of Space stage "Increase your spaceship's energy capacity."
Small Energy Storage Icon Missionista 1 or
Colonist 1 badge
"Increase your spaceship's energy capacity."
Medium Energy Storage Icon Missionista 2 or
Colonist 2 badge, and Small
Energy Storage
"Increase your spaceship's energy capacity."
Large Energy Storage Icon Missionista 3 or
Colonist 3 badge, and Medium
Energy Storage
"Increase your spaceship's energy capacity."
Extreme Energy Storage Icon Missionista 4 or
Colonist 4 badge, and Large
Energy Storage
"Increase your spaceship's energy to maximum capacity."

Purchase Edit

Empire type Purchase Cost
Small Energy Storage Icon Medium Energy Storage Icon Large Energy Storage Icon Extreme Energy Storage Icon
Own §150,000 §300,000 §450,000 §600,000
Bard §75,000 §150,000 §225,000 §300,000
Ecologist §75,000 §150,000 §225,000 §300,000
Scientist §75,000 §150,000 §225,000 §300,000
Shaman §75,000 §150,000 §225,000 §300,000
Warrior / Knight §75,000 §150,000 §225,000 §300,000

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