An Epic Ducky in the background.

An Epic Cell is a colossal version of a normal cell in the Cell Stage, being even bigger than ordinary Predatory cells. They can be only be actually encountered in Hard and Normal Mode, but in other modes they can be seen in the background. Once your cell evolves, Epic Cells will become smaller (in relation to your cell), turning into predatory cells, later normal cells, and later still prey cells, making them progressively easier to kill. Like Epic creatures, they are very hard to kill because only a few strategies exist to even hurt them. They can range from just about the size of your screen to more than four times the size of your screen. These can kill your cell with just one bite. An Epic Cell's spikes will not hurt you at all. However, a cell with poison will still have its emissions damage you normally like any other poison-bearing cell. Their health bars will be white when seen

Spore - killing an epic cell in Cel Stage01:16

Spore - killing an epic cell in Cel Stage

Killing an epic cell

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Glitches Edit

  • There is a glitch when your cell gets eaten by a epic cell and you become it.

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