Epic Creatures are giant and much more aggressive creatures that occur in every stage. They are encountered in the Creature Stage of the game and in subsequent stages. Epic Cells also exist in the Cell stage. Epic creatures appear randomly, and their appearance is dictated by specific criteria.

Epics act like the creature they are based on, and will not attack non-epic creatures of their own species. They will battle Epics of other species should they encounter them.

The number of Epics on a planet is not determined by difficulty, but it is set in stone for any planet regardless of difficulty.

Abilities Edit

Epic creatures have a specific ability set, examples of these are as follows:

  • Strike: The epic will slash with one of its graspers. This only applies to epics with graspers. Produces a chainsaw sound when used.
  • Fist smash: The epic will wind back and slam its fist into the ground. This has shorter range than strike, but does more damage. It requires graspers.
  • Stomp: It will lift its leg and stomp its feet. In the Creature Stage, this can kill any creature instantly, with the exception of other epics. It requires feet.
  • Super Stomp: A more powerful stomp. The creature will use much more effort in its attack, and upon contact with the ground, it will produce a small shockwave, damaging those within range. It cannot be used by Creature Stage epics. In Spore Galactic Adventures, during an Adventure, the player will take no damage when this attack is used by an Epic on the player's team. Also, if an Epic has four feet, it will use one front and one back foot and make two explosions.
  • Bite: The epic will throw down its head, jaws open, and bite the victim. All epics have this attack, because all creatures have mouths.
  • Head swing: The epic will swing its head from left to right once. This requires a strike weapon on the head.
  • Tail spin: The epic will turn around, outstretch its tail then quickly turn back to whip its tail at the victim. This requires a strike part on the tail.
  • Fireball: The epic will make a growling noise, then release a ball of fire from its mouth. This attack is not normally used by epics in the Creature Stage or the Tribal Stage (sometimes a flying creature will cause an epic to use it (unconfirmed)) but it does attack your cities from time to time in Civilization Stage. The epic uses this attack primarily to attack your vehicles in the Civilization Stage which does 360 to 380 damage to them, and your spaceship in the Space Stage which deals a large amount of damage to your ship.
  • Spit: This works exactly like the fireball, only it poisons the target, it deals less damage, and it can be used by normal creatures and epics in all Stages, except the Cell Stage, since creatures don't exist in that stage. It is very similar to the Spit ability used by creatures, and requires a spit part.
  • Chomp: The epic will pick you up, take a bite out of you and then throw you, sometimes very far away. Sometimes your creature will catch fire or start flying (this last one is a glitch that makes the creature go into orbit around the planet. The creature only stops flying if it touches the ground, lands on another creature, gets eaten by the Sea Monster, or is grabbed by another epic). This attack does 10 damage and stuns you. The epic creature will also target Hologram Scouts, using this attack.

Cell Stage Edit

Main article: Epic Cell


An Epic Ducky in the background.

Occasionally, Epic cells can be found in the Cell Stage. They can range from just about the size of screen to more than four times the size of screen. Epic cells can inflict half of the player's cell health. Biting takes no damage to Epic cells, but only possible to attack them with a spike or electricity with little damage to them. However, once the player's cell evolves, Epic cell reduces its size equal to player's cell, and players have the opportunity to kill it easily.

Creature Stage Edit

Sea Monster Attacks

An example of an epic creature is the Sea Monster


A dead epic found at an enemy creature's nest.

In Creature Stage, Epics are mostly uncommon, they are aggressive, cannot be socialized, especially not scared by the Raging Roar or soothed by the Siren Song. They will kill any creature nearby to it (except their ordinary species of creatures), they have 1,000 health, and inflict huge amounts of damage to a creature, epic's territory is usually filled with a large number of big skeletons and smaller skeletons. Epics can pick up a creature and throw it (likely earning the creature the achievement Flight of the Bumblebee), and are able to kill most ordinary creatures with a single attack. If the player have been allied with equal as epic's ordinary species. Killing an Epic gives player the Epic Killer Achievement as well as 100 DNA and a full stomach (for omnivores and carnivores).

Player can ally with Epic once player have at least befriended a nest of normal or rogue version of the epic and at least socialize with it. Despite this, players cannot add epic creatures as pack member to their pack.

Spore 2009-08-25 23-37-01

A friendly Epic. The player allied with a Rogue equivalent of the same species to make this happen.

Epic Creature Criteria Edit

"Any Creature can become an epic, although herbivorous epic are pretty rare to find."

Early Creature stage Edit

During the early Creature stage, it is possible to see epic creatures that have only 500 health, which some have deemed "Half-Epics", player will not be awarded with Epic Killer achievement upon killing the epic.

Tribal Stage Edit

Spore 2008-09-27 13-37-00

Tribesmen battling an Epic

There is usually only one Epic nearby in Tribal Stage; however, there can be more. Epics usually appear near other tribes. When killed, they provide 100 to 300 meat or more, far more than standard creatures.

Civilization Stage Edit

Spore 2008-09-17 20-56-51

An epic creature in Civilization Stage.

In Civilization Stage, one or two epics can usually be found on one continent. In rare cases, one can find five or more. They use a fire-breath or stomp against vehicles and buildings, and can destroy either in just a few attacks. Epics have 3,000 health rather than 1000 as before. Player can defeat Epics with military vehicles or city turrets can kill Epics, while religious vehicles just make them friendly toward the vehicle. This will wear off in a moment. On the timeline, it says `charmed` an Epic. Killing Epics in Civilization stage doesn't give anything to the player.


Space Stage Edit

Space Epic

An epic creature in Space stage.

In the Space stage, normal Epics will become rarer than before, and now they have 4,000 health. They appear on habitable planets and will act as they do in Civilization stage. They will attack creatures, spaceships and cities with a fire-breath attack. Sometimes they will enter and attack a colony, but won't attack the city hall.

Supersized Creatures Edit

Battling an Epic

A spacehip fights a Supersized Creature in a Wildlife Sanctuary.

Only appearing in Space stage, Supersized Creatures are a sub-class of epic creatures. They are creatures affected by the UFO tool "Supersizer", and are not natural, but artificial Epics. Apart from this, they act exactly like Epics, stomping and swiping at creature, sending fire-breath attacks, grabbing, biting and then throwing creatures, etc. They also can be easily killed by the UFO's weapons. If the supersizer is used on a wildlife sanctuary an open food slot is not needed as the epic creature and the similar species will all count as one slot.

Galactic Adventures Edit

Epics can be put into adventures in Galactic Adventures. Epics will be as powerful as the person who is making the adventure wants them to be, by dragging the damage slider and health slider up. As soon as a creature is turned into an epic, it will have the ability to breathe fire balls.

To place one, simply place any creature into the adventure, hold shift and scroll the mouse wheel. The creature will automatically skip from Rogue size to Half-Epic size, then can be made even bigger.

Spore Hero Edit

Some epics appear in Spore Hero, but don't make a loud roaring sound. Two throw rocks down the hill, one is Supersized and is the Heart of the Planet. Each one of them is currently unnamed.

  • The Cylopean Epic (seen in the Mushroom Valley) throws rocks down the hill and the player and Bakkara can run up, avoiding the boulders.
  • The Rock-throwing Guardian (seen in the Moonlit Caverns) throws rocks down the hill, but you and Boldyrok can get up. The Sporeling destroys the red meteor, affecting the Guardian.
  • A unnamed Super-epic creature (seen in the Creature Beach) is a squid-tuna fish creature that's the Heart of the Planet. You must go inside to defeat Zarkhator.

Hints Edit

Creature Stage Edit

  • Summon Flock can be helpful to summon minions help to fight epics for you.
  • Kiting This technique involves having level 4 or 5 speed and level 5 spit. To pull it off, keep running backwards while the epic creature is chasing you, and use spit as much as you can. The only problem is that it will take a very long time without spit level four or five, and even then, it takes quite a while. Kiting is much easier to do when you are attacking a relatively "slow" epic that has level 3 speed or less. To speed up the process you can run in circles around one of your nests. The inhabitant may attack the epic, but if they are not in your pack it will usually keep chasing you. One bonus with running around or being near nests is that your health will regenerate if you are hurt, making it less likely for you to die. It is recommended that your creature be an herbivore or omnivore to avoid starvation.
  • Guiding an Epic through trees can cause it to be temporarily stuck. From here, you can just stand in one place and use Spit. Kiting back to your nest can get your kind to start attacking it, and they can even block it from moving while attacking it (this happens more frequently than in the trees). This is the fastest way to kill Epics, since spitting alone does very little damage. Starvation can be a real issue during Epic killing, but if you can get it stuck in trees or at your nest you'll be losing HP more slowly than the Epic. If you don't get it stuck, be prepared to eat something while you fight from time to time.
  • It was once thought that having the Epic near your nest is a good way to kill the epic because you can keep re-spawning, but it was later found that when you re-spawn, the Epic's health is restored fully. However, the Epic's health will be fully restored only if you have the second official Spore patch installed. If the Epic is standing in the nest when it kills you, your egg will hatch directly beneath it, which protects you from damage because the Epic cannot back away to a point where it can hit you. You can now attack the Epic using Strike and Bite with no risk to yourself. If you mate, you will be temporarily invincible and re-hatch full health, but the epic may probably respawn, too.
  • Using your nest to fight the Epic attract the Epic's attention and circle it constantly. The epic will try to aim at you it won't notice the other creatures attacking it (cannot confirm consistency). When fighting an Epic creature near your nest, your nest members will not die however; instead, they will distract the Epic. This is a good strategy because the epic is only after you. Epics can be lured to your nest by using the Spit ability. Occasionally, the Epic will get stuck at the edge of the nest, and with your level 4 or 5 spit, you can attack from a distance while your nest mates fight it. If you have installed patch 3, dying will restore your health and the Epic will maintain their previous health. You can get its attention again by spitting, then your nest mates will slash and bite at it until it goes down. You will still get the Epic Killer achievement.
  • If you find a rock pinnacle near an Epic without charge, you can use it as a defense against the Epic. It is possible to spit through rocks, and the Epic will not go around the rock unless a nearby creature moves it and it sees you afterward. This method takes quite a while, but it has almost no risk.
  • Another way to kill the epic on your own is by luring it with some attack and then try to find a tall mountain. You have to be able to get up the mountain and the Epic can't. This would only work with an Epic that doesn't have fly, and it might jump once it's at the mountain. It won't be able to get up, and it'll make a lot of noises. Use spit to kill it. It will take long, but is rather safe.

Tribal Stage Edit

  • Though Epics may follow your tribal members back to your tribe, they rarely, if ever, will enter it, most likely due to the presence of buildings, which restrict the epic's movement.
  • The best way to take down an epic, especially those that move extremely slow and lack wings, is to use spears and keep at a distance. It is very helpful when one uses one tribesman to lure the epic in circles as their allies continue to pelt it with spears.
  • Another way to kill an Epic (possibly a glitch) is to use the trap skill nearby. When a normal creature activates the trap it will kill the Epic as well as any nearby creatures. The nearby creatures will activate it, killing the Epic at the same time.

Civilization Stage Edit

  • Another way is to use a gadget bomb, as they kill the epic in one hit if you get the target perfect, though if it is near a city it causes major damage to the city.
  • When Epics enter cities, it can be helpful to remove all the buildings (optional) and respawn turrets continually until the epic dies.

Space Stage Edit

  • Beware when colonizing planets, because epic creatures can do heavy damage. Killing Epics in Space stage doesn't give anything to the player. They also are too large for the cargo hold. Epics have the ability to survive on T-0 planets,

Trivia Edit

  • If you ally (or at least get a friendly blue face) with an Epic's species, it will act friendly towards the player, waving and dancing. However, they cannot be added to your pack, most likely for balance reasons.
  • Epic creatures will normally fight each other if left alone in an open area. One generally dies, although, rarely, the two Epics will kill each other in the fight. This is to a players benefit: it leaves them two fewer Epics to deal with, and a huge amount of meat for omnivorous or carnivorous players. Also, the player can spit at the epic at the last second and get the Epic Killer achievement, but this may attract the other epic if it's alive or still there.
  • It is possible to duplicate an epic creature in the Space stage by using a Supersizer on another Epic.
  • Epics are quite weak compared to Captains in Spore Galactic Adventures, with the spit-and-run tactic mentioned above, only with missiles or another ranged Captain ability. Captains are also much more versatile than basic creatures with use of certain utility items such as the jet pack or shield.
  • There exists a mod which allows the player to control an Epic in the Creature Stage. However, the game crashes at the Tribal Stage and beyond.
  • It seems that the epics in creature stage and tribal stage are supposed to represent dinosaurs, as apart from their colossal size, they are no different from normal creatures. However, the health and size of epics times threefold in the civilization and space stage, and as they can shoot fireballs, these epics seem to represent Godzilla, King Kong and other giant monsters, although creature and tribal epics can still shoot fireballs, but only with the spit ability. This might make them a reference to mythical creatures such as a dragon or hydra.
  • The sound epics make is very similar to the sounds the Final boss in the game "Dead Space" makes.
  • Epics will only pick you up if you run up to them. A creature with level 5 glide and jump can be sent into orbit by pressing spacebar while the epic is about to throw you.
  • If the epic is a captain, and you talk to it, it will make more loud sentient (still epic like) sounds with epic creature sounds. This could be a way an epic speaks though.
  • In the creature stage if you go up to an epic and use the "sneak" ability it will shrug and say "mer wer!?!" until you attack or get off of sneak.
  • In Tribal Stage, if there's a Epic Creature that is the same species as your creature, it will automatically be your ally.
  • Although it is rare, Epic Creatures may swim across entire oceans in the Civilization stage to cross over to other continents. (Confirmed once)
  • Though illogical, it is harder to kill an epic in Civilization stage than in Tribal stage.It should be noted that epic creatures are totally distinct from Hyper Epic Creatures, which are much larger and only exist in Spore as huge skeletons and footprints.
  • Very rarely, if you have hunted the normal version of an epic close to extinction (or have killed several members of its species in Tribal Stage), it may be terrified of you.
  • Sometimes, In Tribal Stage, an Epic may come across a tribesman with a maraca. The Epic will walk up to the tribesman and sometimes, just before the Epic delivers a deadly blow, the tribesman will raise his maraca just above his head and shake it lightly. The Epic will be slightly surprised, and then, like a baby entranced by a shaking rattle, it will start staring curiously at the maraca and examining it, turning it's head from side to side inquisitively, for some time. The Epic will have calmed down by now and, also like a baby, will reach out and try grab the maraca (along with the tribesman). And then, also like a little baby, it will chew at the maraca and tribesman, then throw it to the ground angrily and walk away. This, along with the fact that the religious music of Civilization Stage vehicles can charm Epics, suggests that Epics, with their bestial and simple minds, are more fascinated by music than other creatures normally are.
  • Sometimes, when the player puts animals on a planet, an epic creature will generate on it.
  • Also, if you abduct sentient species and put them near the epic, sometimes they will start to attack it with spears and stone axes. Rarely, this kills the epic. If the sentient creatures win they start to make a roar-like sound, then begin to wander the planet as they normally do. You get nothing for doing this and it doesn't work with normal animals. In other cases, sentients just run in panic as soon as they see the epic.
  • It can be grown near an enemy city, which it will then attack. This could be a reference to how, in Godzilla movies, aliens use giant monsters to attempt to take over the Earth.

Known Glitches Edit

  • There is a rare occurrence that will cause an extremely large number of epics to spawn on the player's planet. It is unknown what causes this, but usually, all the epics will be made by the player. It is also possible for there to be no epics on the players starting continent.
  • In the Civilization Stage, it is possible to find a normal-sized epic. It functions exactly the same as an epic creature, and has 1,000 health.
  • Sometimes, if you try and kill an epic in the creature stage, it will heal wherever you go. To solve that glitch, just save and exit.
  • Sometimes when you kill an epic, it will fall between a tree and some bones and it will start moving by itself like it was still living.
  • Sometimes in space stage, you can see an epic that is an exact copy of your character, clothes and all.
  • Occasionally, when trapping an Epic in between trees, it will eventually give up on trying to kill you.
  • Although it makes the game more difficult, there is no in-game explanation of how epics go from 1000 to 3000 to 4000 health - although it could be the fact that all the epic creatures with 1000 health were killed by the advanced technology of space faring empires, so that only the epics with more health have survived, or the epics possibly "evolved" to have more health by the start of Civilization Stage.
  • Sometimes, when you play one of your saved games in the Space Stage, all the vehicles are transformed into epics. They will continue to gather spice, but look like giant creatures.
  • Very rarely, you may come across an epic that is Neutral towards you.
  • Sometimes, an epic will run to you, but roar at you instead of attack you.
  • There is a very strange glitch where herbivorous Epics are actually seen eating the corpses of other dead creatures or picking them up and eating a small amount of their flesh, despite being herbivorous. Epics usually must be either Carnivorous or Omnivorous.
  • There is a glitch, whether intentional or not is unknown, that if you pause while an Epic creature chases you and zoom out in freecam when you zoom back in and un-pause the epic will be gone.
  • If you encounter an Epic that has parts from the Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack or the Spore Mech Parts Pack, and you have not got the parts pack yet, the game may freeze if it is attacked.
  • If you ally with a species and encounter an epic of the same species for the first time after you ally, it could also be allied with you, but you can't add it to a pack.
  • Sometimes standing on your nest may not work and you may be killed.
  • A glitched way to kill an epic: First, lure the epic to your nest. Two, stealth when one of your nestmates attack it. If this works successfully the epic will be stuck in a roar loop ( It won't attack but will constantly keep roaring at the nestmate attacking it). Grab fruit if you need it. Wait for it to get to 10-30 health, then charge it/ spit it and finish it off. You will get the achievement. Prefer to be omnivore or herbivore.
  • Only occaisionally (and if you are daring enough) can you use strike and/or bite

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