Explorer badge

Explorer Badge

"You've explored XX solar systems."

Awarded for exploring solar systems. You must zoom into the solar system for it to count not just travel to the star.

Level Number Conditions Badge Points for Completion Rewards
1 Explore 15 solar systems 2 Raise Terrain (Small) · Lower Terrain (Small) · Level Terrain (Small)
2 Explore 50 solar systems 4 Raise Terrain (Medium) · Lower Terrain (Medium) · Level Terrain (Medium)
3 Explore 100 solar systems 6 Raise Terrain (Large) · Lower Terrain (Large) · Level Terrain (Large) · Terra Hills · Terra Craters · Terra River
4 Explore 250 solar systems 8 Terra Plateaus · Terra Mesas · Terra Canyon
5 Explore 500 solar systems 10 Terra Seas · Terra Mountain · Terra Lava Flow
Master Badge

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