There are many weapons in Spore that cause damage by means of explosion. Most of these fit into the categories of bombs and missiles, but there are others.

Bombs Edit

Bombs are simple weapons that are thrown or dropped. The first bomb technology is developed by some species in the Tribal Stage, and the ultimate bomb weapon is the Planet Buster, a bomb capable of destroying a planet.

Tribal Stage bombs Edit

Civilization Stage bombs Edit

Defensive bombs Edit

These bombs do not directly cause damage, but prevent the enemy from attacking or fighting back.

Offensive bombs Edit

Space Stage bombs Edit

Missiles Edit

Missiles are weapons that carry their own fuel supply, and often have their own targeting systems so they can hit their target even if it moves out of the missile's path. Missiles are usually first developed in the Civilization Stage.

Civilisation Stage missiles Edit

Space Stage missiles Edit

Other explosive weapons Edit

Explosive weapons that are neither missiles nor bombs include:

  • Flak guns - most Space Stage turrets fire explosives that fill the air above the city thay are protecting. These weapons detonate, damaging any ships nearby.
  • Most bombs in Galactic Adventures probably fit under the category of "bomb", namely the bombs and grenades, but the mines and explosive barrels do not.
  • Gun turrets appear to fire small explosive shells.

Galactic Adventures Effects Edit

Several Effects in Galactic Adventures create the appearance of the results of an explosive weapon, for use in battle scenes. However, like all Effects, they do not actually cause any damage. These effects are:

  • Shrapnel Bomb Once
    • A small explosion, like one produced by a Galactic Adventures bomb, but with small scraps of shrapnel being thrown outwards with the blast.
  • Cluster Bomb Once
    • Several small explosions spread around the area preceding a larger explosion in the centre. The central explosion looks similar to one caused by the Gadget Bomb.
  • Mushroom Cloud Once
    • A large mushroom cloud.

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