Extinction is an event in Spore that happens when a certain number of creatures are hunted and killed by the player's creature during the Creature Stage. When the number of creatures needed to make a species extinct are killed, all other remaining creatures disappear from the planet for the rest of the Creature Stage.

Killing off other species is easier to earn DNA Points than socializing, but you are likely to get the Predator trait card. The number of creatures needed to be killed varies between 3 to 7, usually 3 during the start of the Creature Stage and 7 when the DNA bar is nearly full.

In Space Stage, one way to extinguish a species is by using the Species Eradicator Tool, which will extinguish an animal from a planet and allow you to replace it with another one.

Notes Edit

  • If an extinct species has an Epic creature on the same planet, sometimes the epic will be afraid of you.
  • An extinct species may reappear as another Tribe in the Tribal Stage. They will be hostile towards your Tribe. The animal may also reappear too and will be hostile as well.
  • Sometimes, though rare, a species the player has never encountered or killed off will be shown as extinct.
  • On the mini-map, an extinct species' nest is shown as skull and crossbones.
  • After extincting a species, your creature and posse can heal at its nest.
  • After extincting a species, you may have your creature claim the nest. The results are the same as migration. This can help by moving your creature to a more vast food supply, weaker creatures, and by moving them from hostile nests and Epic territories.
  • If an animal is extinct, the survivors will be floating in the air spinning around very fast as if they were abducted by aliens.

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