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A Factory within a city.

Factories are average-priced buildings that increase production, but lower happiness. Their production rate doubles if places near a house, while its happiness deduction will still stay the same. They will cancel out entertainment buildings if placed near one. Balancing out production and happiness will make you less vulnerable to a religious take over from another city. When you place one down, you can hear your citizens jeering at your choice.

If there are no religious cities in the current game you are playing, you should feel free to place as many factories as you wish, as there will be no threat to you should your city be completely unhappy. Though this may cause your city to revolt, cutting its production in half.

Special Parts Edit

Each building editor has parts that are only available to that particular editor. The following is a list of items that can only be found in the factory editor.

  • Soot Belcher is three pipes sticking out of a rectangular base.
  • Carbon Vent is a stereotypical Factory smokestack.
  • Beamed is a rectangular light.
  • Spotty Light is a pivoted spotlight.
  • Twirl Gear is a spinning gear.
  • Fancy Fan is a fancy-looking fan.
  • Metal Twister is a spiky spinning belt.
  • Aqua Swisher is a cartoon boat's steering wheel with a belt on it.
  • Gear Boxen is a cartoon train whistle.
  • Power Converter is a Power Generator
  • Plasma Still is a Three way Pipe with a junction.
  • Fission Station is an odd thing that goes up and down like a piston.
  • Piston Pusher is a piston that pushes out than inwards.
  • Kuba Steamer is a flexible creased rubber pipe that expands outwards when it shoots out Steam.
  • Tire Pouse is a cartoon air-pump with a mechanical arm activating it.
  • Criket Pump is a Pump with a creased rubber pipe on one side and a suction cup on the other side.
  • El Quixote is a classic Irish-style windmill Wheel.
  • Steampunk Mill is an industrial Fan.
  • Artisan Mill is a Windmill Wheel.
  • Air Powered is an average fan.

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