It can be used only be used if you are were either Friendly in the tribal stage or if you started directly in Civilization as a religious city, and if you control at least 6 cities. It looks similar to the the Fanatical Frenzy ability available only to Zealots in the Space stage. The only real difference is that holograms will project themselves over one city, opposed to Fanatical Frenzy where missionaries will show above all the cities on the planet

Fanatical Uprising is the Civilization stage consequence ability for getting the Friendly trait card in Tribal stage.


Forces all nations to convert to your religion, giving you any remaining cities (after controlling 6) and allowing you to advance to the Space stage. City types do not change, so military cities stay military, and economic cities stay economic.

Spore - Civ Stage - Fanatical Uprising

Spore - Civ Stage - Fanatical Uprising


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