Every weekday, three or four creations are selected for the feature. As of March 27, 2009, there have been 791 featured creations. The process for featuring is not certain, but the featured content is displayed on the profiles of all users who chose to have it. The featured user then receives the Front Page News achievement.

There are two main ways of being featured. If you win a contest, usually hosted by MaxisCactus, your creation will be featured if it fits the criteria. The other way, as some users put it, is "finding favor with EA."

The criteria for being featured are (copied from MaxisCactus's posts):

• must not have any parent authored by a different creator.
• must not have any offensive creation in its lineage (any parent or child creations).
• must not have any links or references to other sites in the submission's tags, name, or description

There has also been some controversy about featuring content that was advertising other Electronic Arts products. They were being featured, but then were removed. Furthur information has not been found.

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