Akagêlth is a male Carnthedain Elf, former ranger in service of Lourdes. Upon Carnthedain becoming a protectrate of Rambo Nation, Akagêlth decided to explore the galaxy and eventually wound up in a bar at Orbispira where he was stabbed in the back by a Tra'ssahk. Wounded, he fought himself free and managed to defeat the entire bar with his skill, attracting attention from Ekrillium, he influanced the Carnthedain Elf and recruited him in service for the Inquisition.

Now he serves Emperor Tyrómairon without hesistation and with blind loyalty. He eventually died in service of the Inquisition on Noldágorel.


Akagêlth is born at an unspecified time at Carnthedain. When reaching adulthood he joined the Rangers under service of Lourdes, his liege Lady.


The Inquisitor takes command of the Excelsior

Upon the decision by Lourdes to become a protectrate of Rambo Nation, Akagêlth decided to travel the Cyrandia Cluster in search of new wonders, eventually wounding up in a bar at Orbispira in the Cyrannus Galaxy. There he was stabbed in the back by a Tra'ssahk, wounded, he fought himself free and managed to defeat the entire bar with his skill, attracting attention from the Mornûnendur entity Ekrillium, he influanced the Carnthedain Elf and recruited him in service for the Inquisition in service of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, under direct command of Emperor Tyrómairon.


Qur'Trlan cornered by the Iquisitor

During the second month of 07 AQF he travelled onboard an Ifrit-class star destroyer to the Quadrant Galaxies in persuit of the Infernal, stolen from the Rambo Capital by Lizrawn and the bounty hunter Emtor. While in the Metruia-Nebula the star destroyer was disabled but by chance the USS Excelsior stumbled upon them. Boarding the Rambo Nation vessel he sieged command from captain Chianwe Apanoida and continued the persuit of the Infernal though eventually stopped and instead ordered the crew of the Excelsior to head to Lianna-station.


Siege of Vasuband

There the Inquistor, with aid of Apanoida and captain Rambas II; he confronted the Quadrantia Loron pirate Qur'Trlan about the whereabouts of the missing Rayria Mary Ramelzen.


Akagêlth facing Malegras, a battle he would lose

At first not willing to cooperate, the Loron pirate changed his mind after the Inquisitor drew his energy sabre. After tracking the girl down, Akagêlth joined the crew of the Excelsior to bring her back to her family at Ramalivua. Afterwards, Akagêlth returned to Orbispira to venture on new missions. During the Siege of Vasuband he teamed up with fellow Inquisitor Morhioven to oversee the ground campaign. During the mission he grew at odds with admiral Carandial and agent Caranye Valaeris. The battle turned into an Imperial Victory, ending the Imperial State once and for all when Tyermaillin was taken captive.

By 20 AQF, he joined fellow Inquisitor Chi Chodecra to hunt down the Cyrandia Resistance in the Quadrant Galaxies though was eventually dispatched to Noldágorel by Chodecra to wipe out the Aldárae presence there. Taking command over the starbase he overruled lt. commander Antonio Tennant' objections and marched his troops to the temple. There he assaulted the temple and almost succeeded to convince headmaster Robert Lefler to surrender until Commodore Malegras arrived together with Rambo troopers. The two faced off in a light sabre duel that ended with Malegras bisecting the Inquisitor.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Once a proud and honorable Elf, as Inquisitor he is a brutal and cruel Inquisitor, though he still maintains a large sense of honor and love for nature. He likes taking command of navy vessels commandeered by high ranking officers, as he enjoys frustrating them. He doesn't hesistate to sacrifice others before taking matters into his own hands. He is skilled in the use of his energy blade and likes using his large appearance and physical powers agains his foes.

Though smart and cunning, Akagêlth rather likes using force and overwhelming numbers instead of deploying tactics.



Yellow faceI can tolerate them


Orange faceBlergh!


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