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Name Nexidium
Element Symbol Nx
Melting Point 9717°C (17522°F)
Boling Point 21134°C (38073°F)

Nexidium, otherwise known as the Nexus Pseudometal, is a peculiar element found in the Nexus region of the Tuuros Galaxy. Nexidium, is in fact, a given name. Its scientific name is N-09788B-X.

Purposes Edit

Nexidium is a extrapseudometal which mainly has purposes within Xhodocto culture, and in more depth, within Xhodocto milita. Nexidium is mainly used for Xhodocto Armour, which weighs almost 1,700 lbs. It is also used for Xhodocto weaponry, vehicles and architecture. Nexidium has a metallic composition: it is found in Nexidium ore deposits, and can only be recovered by electrolysis. Nexidium is immensely reactive: it is often stored in vacuums.

The Nexidium Element also lies in the Xhodocto's bloodstream (about 30%), flowing in them at 19,700°C (34,592°F). A Xhodocto autopsy was once carried out, but the forensic scientists were immolated by the incredible heat and radiation emission from the Xhodocto's 'corpse'. A Xhodocto's body is practically a nuclear bomb. At that point, Nexidium is a red hot substance that singes anything on contact. The research into the substance within the Xhodocto has lead them to believe that Xhodocto cannot be a normal being as their bodies withstand temperatures that extreme.

Nexidium powder is often combined with other elements to use in Xhodocto milita, as Nexidium in its pure form would literally blow up in the air.

Trivia Edit

  • During the times of The Congregation, Krudha and Scroungers had Nexidium lined in their bones and muscle. It is cooler in comparison to the Xhodocto blood, at 9,910°C (17,870°F).
  • Nexidium does not occur naturally. The demonic energies which lie within the Xhodocto corrupt any element and transforms it into a Nexidium product. High populations of Xhodocto can turn entire galaxies into a Nexidium-rich environment.
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