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A Krashikua Ritual. The tome sits on the altar, behind it is 'The Eyes of 'Kamik-vanû'an'.

The Krashikua Tome (Ayrai-Shikua:Vanû'anû'shikû'a vanû'anûan - The Actions of Life, Death, and the Afterlife's Meaning) is the third Xhodocto tome, wirtten by Kamik'Shi in 18,663,048,844 BCE. It is the also known as 'The Unknown Tome' as very little of it has ever been shown. This tome is based on 'Kamik-vanû'an', Kamik-Shi's second head that represents 'Everything' - Kamik-Shi's power over the universe. It is the oldest tome, being eighteen billion years old. Very few worship this belief, and even fewer know about its true power.

The Krashikua Effect Edit

  • Xhodocto who live by this tome are inbetween gentle and violent. They have much more of a normal behaviour compared to other Xhodocto.

Krashikua Rituals Edit

The Krashikua Rituals are generally unknown, but what is known is that prayer from the tome creates 'The Eyes of Kamik-vanû'an', a red light in the middle of the Krashikua Temple. It is unknown whether sacrifice is carried out. It is also thought that worshippers recieve visions from the prayers, and there is twenty one hours of silent prayer.


  • The Krashikua tome is thought to tell the future.
  • The Krashikua tome is known to have 3,669 pages that has over three million Xhodocto glyphs.
  • Non-Xhodocto Krashikua Tomes are very expensive, only about 100 were made.
  • The Krashikua tome is the most complex tome as it is thought to tell numerous views on the future.
  • There are 11,453 tales, no prayers or chants.
  • This book is considered to be the most evil of the three books as its readings contain content that 'breaks the meaning of reality'.
  • The statue that represents this belief is a three headed statue of Kamik-Shi that looks forward, and has both arms raised to stomach level.
  • Scientfic research upon the Krashikua Tome proves that the Xhodocto predict that they will destroy the universe the final time near 178 Quadrillion CE. (178,000,000,000,000 AD)
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