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A man, holding a ball of flame. I heard voices coming from the ball, voices which I hear now. I look back, and this was not a ball. It was an eye. Armies cowered in fear, went psychotic. Animals died, our harvests went up in flames. The skies turned red, I smelt the charred remains of our citizens. Truly it was the eye of the demon.

- Ancient Script, ~18,330 years ago

A Tez'Velel holding the Eye.

The Eye is a presumed mythical weapon devised by the Xhodocto.

History Edit

The Eye was a demonic tool created by the Xhodocto in their initial conquests before this universe came into existence. Tribal species found this tool as the 'Wrath of God' though the Xhodocto found this to be nothing but a plaything. There are a lot of ancient scripts found across the universe talking about an 'eye of flame' which is possibly the Eye when activated. The Eye was known to bring apocalyptic situations on whatever it was aimed at. Many early civilisations cowered in fear of the eye's power. It is believed still that the most powerful of empires would still find this a terrifying force.

The Eye was given from the Xhodocto to the Tez'Velel tribe (a human tribe co-existent with the Kei'Un). However, because of an earthquake about 18,000 years ago the Eye was lost. The Eye was recently found by an unknown alien, and was transformed and possessed by the Eye into Ekthrikos.

Characteristics Edit

The Eye was a black ball, with red rings encircling it. When activated a bright flame covered it. Generally skies turned red and winds picked up when activated.

Quotes from others Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Eye was based off Assassin's Creed's Apple of Eden.

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