He appeared before me, stopped me from killing my target. His presence burned through my skin, and his eyes pierced my very soul. He is dangeorus to our Order, our master must realize it!

- Meketanor

Chaneonix is a mysterious member of the Oikoumene race who dedicates himself to protecting all sentient life in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Affiliated with the Aldárae Order, Chaneonix works to ensure the continuity of life in the galaxy, less worried about how to do so and more that it is done. Unlike other Oikoumene, he takes the form of a radiant two-tailed phoenix whose light is enough to dwarf that of stars.


During the Apotheosis era, Chaneonix was a Vosaus, one of the greatest scientists of the Oikoumene and the main researcher of Cyrannus' Vida'Rranlora database, spending most of his time studying and interacting with the ancient intelligences. According to himself, he was among the Oikoumene responsible for the creation of the Miluiel, though he spent the majority of his time within the confines of the Vida'Rranlora's database, communing with them instead of interacting with others of his kind.

Following the fall from grace of the Mornûnendur, Chaneonix was picked to be the head of the order of the Estëmentári against his wishes - he believed it irrelevant to his interests, but played along out of obligation. What followed is unknown, but Chaneonix would be one of the few Oikoumene to escape the great disappearance of his race by secluding himself within the Vida'Rranlora's database, where he spent the next several million years calculating the direction of the galaxy would lead to and eventually coming to one conclusion: he needed to wait for the Lord of Light's return.

Silencing Apollo

Chaneonix confronting Meketanor and Mar-Júun

During the Great Cyrannus War, he made his first appearance in the modern era when he saved the life of President Apollo from the clutches of Mar-Júun and Meketanor; his motives would be unknown for many years, but would eventually be revealed that he had calculated Apollo's link with Gorf and the latter creature's role in the future ahead of time, with the premature death of the President being unacceptable in his goals. During this time, the returned Mornûnendur were puzzled by Chaneonix's neutral stance on their war against the Primercer, with the Vosaus evading their sight at every possible opportunity.

With Apolithanatár's reemergence during the Second Great Cyrannus War, the Mornûnendur realized Chaneonix's true intentions and begun hunting him down across the galaxy, making hiding from them more difficult. He would eventually travel to Aldár and pledge his allegiance to the Aldárae Order and the Lord of Light, and thanks to his knowledge acquired from the Vida'Rranlora, he had become an expert in combating the Corruptus, leading him to begin instructing the Order in how to permanently destroy one of its most insidious enemies, the nightmarish Mar-Júun.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Chaneonix is unique among the Oikoumene. While they are known to be shapeshifters, most of their kind tend to prefer taking Capricyránae forms, similar to those of other Cyrannian species. Chaneonix instead takes the form of a radiant phoenix, each of his feathers emitting a golden light which dwarfs that of stars when he makes himself visible - his time spent with the Vida'Rranlora made him prefer to take a form similar to their own rather than one of a Capricyránae.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Chaneonix, fitting a scientist, is highly logical and acts largely guided by reason and efficiency. Finding the loss of life wasteful and against the ideals of the Oikoumene, he opposes forces such as the tyrannical Empire and the fiendish Corruptus, seeing both as illogical taints in his people's legacy. Chaneonix's emotions are not pronounced, making him appear aloof or insensitive compared to the likes of Apolithanatár, though he has no prejudice towards other races, even if he considers them 'less enlightened' than his own.



Green faceFor Cyrannus.


Blue faceI see a prosperous future ahead.

  • Libraé - Your presence would make the mother galaxy so much better.


Yellow faceI watch, forever vigilant.

  • Apollo - Your death would complicate things at this time.


Orange faceEnough.

  • N/A


Red faceI protect life. But I will not protect yours.

  • Mar-Júun - Corruptus filth must not taint the mother galaxy more than it already has.
  • Meketanor - Loathsome cybernetics. How far has Tyrómairon gone.
  • Tyrómairon - A deranged tyrant. Libraé would be revolted by your actions.
  • Thaurlathrón - What a disappointment.


I admire Chaneonix's perseverance. But I do not appreciate his unruliness. He will regret picking the wrong side of this war.

- Thaurlathrón

Lifespeed, my old friend. Eternity for you and you again.

- Libraé

Allegiance to the preservation of the song of the patronois is the highest instinct and purpose of an Oikoumene. You - vosaus - however, act so rarely to the correct degree.

- Tyrómairon




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