Ciena Dunedin is a young and loyal officer in the Legatus Finduilica with aspiring hopes of advancingthrough the ranks. She is a great fighter pilot well.



Discovering the Bluedion Massacre Site

When reaching age, Ciena joined the military forces of the Legatus Finduilica and soon proved herself to be a capable cadet. After her graduating she was transferred to Isle Blue in the Space in Between where she served for at least half a year until she was ordered to rendesvouz with commander Lissarhk Gnackt at Ozdudrahk to escort him to Isle Blue.

On their way she acted as his aide and informed him about the bases in the Space in Between. She also joined him for the inspection of Bunker Eighty Two. After they left Bunker Eighty Two and upon their arrival at Isle Blue command Lisshark pressed her for information about the whereabouts of the native population, the Bluedions. She informed him that she did find a data file indication they were relocated to specific coordinates. Joining Lissarhk at those coordinates they found the massacre site where Imperial forces had annihilated the Bluedion population. Ciena fell to her knees, growing pale and sick. Lissarhk grabbed her and demanded who oversaw the relocation, only a backslap of Lissarhk brought her back to her senses as she informed lieutenant Tarcarvor was invovled.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Ciena is a proud and honorable person. Loyal to the Legatus and loving nature and wildlife, she enjoyed adventure and explorion as befits her curious nature. During her time on the Academy she displayed a natural feeling for athletic sports and a keen nose for fighter piloting. Amongst her superiors she is known as a diligent officer who volnteeres for extra shifts and hels new officers on their postings.



Blue faceI believe I can trust them


Orange faceBlergh!



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The Png files require the DarkInjection mod and the CamBenColor Pack.

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