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This is a war between the savage Propa Big Loron Empire and the Delpha Coalition of Planets.

Prologue & InfoEdit

The Delpha Coalition of Planets vs Da Propa Big Loron Empire War was originally just a thing between Wormulon and Technobliterator. However, as we saw that it had potential, it became a fiction that everyone can join.


Battle of the Dodrak shipyards
  • Creator:Wormulon
  • Desciption:The DCP amasses a fleet to engage and destroy the Dondrak shipyards.
  • Sporepedia: here
Taldar Elder
  • Creator:Wormulon
  • Description:Captain Valzo (you) and Titanozor find the Talder Elder.
  • Sporepedia:here
Battle of Satalkis (Fixed)*
  • Creator:Liquid Ink
  • Description:The Loron invade the Defensive Systems Bloc. The Lequian holds them off until the DCP arrive with Titanozor!
  • Sporepedia: here
  • Note:Make sure it is the fixed version.
Da Loron Attakz
  • Creator:Technobliterator
  • Description:The Loron invade a DCP stronghold
  • Sporepedia:shared
Vartekian supremacy
  • Creator:Richardson72
  • description:You have been assigned to aid a troop of Vartekians against the loron.
  • Sporepedia[1]



A great battle between the two factions

The Propa Big Loron Empire heard tales of the DCP. The Loron knew that the DCP was powerful, and that by conquering it will make their empire even more feared. The Loron also wants to steal the DCP's technology. But the main reason was because they hadn't had something decent to eat in a while. The Loron soon claimed war, hailing insults to the DCP. However, it is every easy to get at war with the coalition...

Early conflicts and hostilitiesEdit

Main article: Early conflicts

The beginningEdit

It was simply the beginning of the war. There was no real direction of the war, besides the DCP occasionally sent a few fleets to attack the Loron, while the Loron ships which actually worked attempted to cause some damage to the enormous Coalition.

First few conflictsEdit

The DCP's first wave of ships was in fact, holographic. The Loron, in an attempt to boast their stength sent an armada of over 3000 starships to the false fleet, which was in fact - virtual imagery. However, this was a major distraction, meanwhile, the DCP eradicated seven planets whithin minutes. After the Loron realised they had been decieved into thinking they were attacking real starships which were really mere holograms, they discovered they were losing systems already.

Next, a DCP Dreadnought fired unstable sub-atomic particles into the core of a star, one of an important industrial star system, and caused it to go Supernova, destroying the entire system within a day. The Loron realised they were fighting a very different enemy, and didn't anticipate the DCP's quick and merciless tactics.

However, the Loron began to conspire a cunning new plan that would catch the DCP by surprise. The Loron sent a large attack fleet to invade DCP space, and had a cunning plan. However, they had not yet realised that the DCP keep their most important colonies cloaked.

The Loron don't enjoy being mocked like that. So, amassing a large fleet, they wanted a big invasion. They consulted their Strategist AI s and kidnapped several Gaal, then blackmailed the Galot to comply. The Ottzel weren't willing to help destroy an ally, and the Loron weren't willing to blackmail Ottzel either. So the powerful intelligent minds came up with a better solution...

They used a large fleet and kidnapped the DCPs strategists, scientists and everything by ambushing them. These people wouldn't live for much longer, so the Lorons tortured them and interrogated them. And if they refused, the Lorons ate them and eat their brains, so that they would gain all the knowledge of the person. They realised the DCP had cloaked their main planets. Knowing this, they ate the DCP members and consulted the Strategist AI. The DCP realised the Loron were too thick and had set a trap for them- they would pretend that one of their planets was strong, powerful, and created the fleet that attacked them, and the Loron would like revenge, in the meantime they would launch a Black hole consuming the Lorons systems. Yet Lorons have advanced, crude technology. Using those who had been made to help them, they created defence systems from this super weapon.

So, pretending to fall for the plan, they sent a small fleet of only 10,000 star-ships. They also launched a raid party to attack their Power Stations and eat the people who ran them. Focusing their backup energy on the weapon, an actual large Loron fleet of over 100,000,000 attacked some of the greatest DCP planets ever. The DCP, certain their weapon was capable of destroying the Loron planets, fired it. It was a wasted efforts.

Even the DCP technology has its flaws. The mechanism the Loron used sent in nano-machines that go inside the black hole and chew away at it, and 'deactivate' it. This technology meant that the Loron were immune to the DCPs' most powerful weapon.

Now, the Lorons sell this technology on the Black Market, and are trying to recreate the DCPs super-weapon and use it on them. Having suffered major losses to the DCP of 19 planets and 4 star-systems, the Lorons are also using their opportunity- now that the DCP have lost a power station for their sector, the Lorons send in Mafia everyday to steal from the Lorons, to create Black Markets and to kidnap individuals to not only slow down production of Star Ships, but to steal cash.

It is likely that the DCP will make their move, but what happens next is unknown to the rest of the galaxy...

Dondrik ShipyardsEdit

DCP Loron War 1

Loron Dondrik Shipyards

The Loron would have even more luck. They stumbled across an ancient weapon, possibly of Screeble origin. The technology was too advanced for Loron scientists (although it is a known fact that Lorons have hardly any because they despise these "geeks"), however, they kidnapped several Ottzel and Gaal to figure out weapon. Once it was reverse engineered, the weapon was placed onto an experimental battlecruiser, which disintegrated 2 Dreadnoughts and several DCP attack cruisers in an instant. The Loron began to mass produce a fleet of these battlecruisers.

However, the DCP has excellent spies, but not ordinary spies - microscopic ones. The DCP had infiltrated the Loron empire with these machines (Loron do not know yet). But once news of this new Loron battlecruiser was sent to the DCP council of war, they planned a new strategy - the DCP invaded the shipyards, with the help of Dakster...

The DCP invaded Drondak with 5 Dreadnoughts, 2 Blade Class Battlecruisers, Ion Fighter Class cruisers and various other warships. Orbiting Drondak were many defense satellites and many Loron Obliterator Class warships, however, the DCP crushed the Loron space defences easily. This is because surprisingly, the Loron didn't defend their planet heavily enough. The DCP bombarded much of Drondak's surface to molten ash, however, small strike teams were teleported to the surface to find secret bases. In fact, there was one, and Battle Commander Hodrak (you) an Ultra Trooper was sent to destroy it. To his (or your) horror, he found that the new Loron battlecruisers were about to be launched! Soon Hedrog found Ottzel slaves, and after defeating the Loron guardsmen, Hedrog rescued the prisoners who revealed that they had tricked the Loron into not heavily defending the planet, and that they installed a computer virus. All Hodrak had to do was to install the virus...

After leaving the planet, the Loron thought they had won. They launched their new battlecruisers not realising they had been sabotaged. The ships (due to the computer virus) switched off life support and killed the crews, and then, the ships turned on the Loron, and were fighting for the DCP!

Other conflictsEdit

Twin horrors

There was a point in which the Loron and the DCP unleahsed huge threats at each other; the nanohorde and early form of Hostile Xenoform Threat, from DCP and Loron respectively, they btoh turned on each other. There was no victor, although the Xhodocto - as part of their defeat of the Nanhorde (see Nanohorde page) - sent them to Hell.

DCP self destruction technology

The Loron could no longer steal DCP technology when it was set to self-destruct for anyone without a DCP id. This dealt a large blow to the Loron, who could no longerus the DCP's technology on them.

Attack on Da Bling

To demoralise the Loron, the DCP attacked various black markets that sell typical Loron items of clothing and shiny jewelery, which is essential in their bling cultue.

End of Early ConflictsEdit

The early conflicts did not really "end", so much as the war simply progressed, as there were new occurances around this simple conflict...

The war marches onEdit

Main article: The War Marches On

Zargoth's planEdit

The DCP and the Loron were engaged in a devastating battle on Planet Kralzgroth, one of the few important Loron planets. Neither side was winning, due to constant Loron and DCP reinforcements, however, several Loron bases and cities lay in ruins, while the DCP suffered many casualties. The DCP was just about to create a hyperspace loop, to stop Loron ships reaching the planet (it wouldn't stop the DCP, they use Dimensional Shift Drives), when a strange voice appeared...

It was the voice of the Emperor Zargoth.

Unknown - You two foolish races! You've been fighting each other! And I thought I'd have to fake a Loron transmission... they sent one themselves! idiots. You two have gotten so worked up about this conflict. But you know little of my plan...
DCP - Who are you?
Loron - YEH SHOW YASELF YA DUMBO!!! YOO IS DA IDIOT!!!! wats wrong wiv fightin someone we neva met before?? ya so dumb. ya too scared to show yaself Zargoth - *appears suddenly* It is I! EMPEROR ZARGOTH!!!! You see, you two fighting has done me great good for my next evil scheme....

You are such powerful empires that when you two fought you would leave several planets in waste from each other. You may think we're after obliterating you both so we can pick you off afterwards. Well we're not.
This planet, you are fighting on, is one of the few planets that I need for my plan. Powerful Empires such as the Loron and the DCP, with empires spread over many galaxies, several of these were part of my plan. And, DCP, your spies were too busy sorting out the Loron to find anything out about what I intend to do....

- Zargoth

Which is....


Now of course the billions of planets you have been fighting over, several of which you have destroyed contain indestructible artefacts.

- Emperor Zargoth looking... differnt

ZARGOTH?! wat happened to ya? ya dont look like no Telzoc...

- Loron

Oh I'm Zargoth all right. We're the same... you'll find out why soon. The planets you have fought upon contain artefacts of the Ancient ones. Yes! The same that led to the existence of pretty much all life! And they're all dying! Nearly extinct... after 100 billion years of existence. The first life to walk the universe... and you won't find them anymore! They led to several things, such as the Ottzel creation!. They have artefacts on planets... all of which contain data of what they really are. Who they are! Why they are! Why we are!And it's more than that I want... Stay tuned to find out. Keep blowing each other up please!

- Zargoth in his knew form


Spore 2010-04-14 17-47-14

Titanozor has the strength of a Xhodocto!

The DCP has changed its tactics in war. Although the Emperor and the council are still in charge, certain sectors will be controlled by a warlord (who controls the wars and alliances) - super soliders, who are clones of the Emperor. The warlord Titanozor, is on his way to the Ottzello galaxy. He is a living weapon, and will make it that the DCP can concentrate its forces (or rather his forces) in invading Loron space.

The ArtifactsEdit

First artifact

The Loron were too incompitant at first to get the artifacts, and instead just chanted "We is da Loron, we is da best" and "we is gonna eat ya brainz lol", right before being blasted by a DCP planet glasser!

Interestingly, the first artifact has already been found, and was in a museum. When Titaozor tried as politely as he could (which wasn't that polite) to have the artifact, the museum owner protested. So Titanozor smashed the museum's display window and grabbed the artifact! Several gaurds tried to stop him but ended up in a worst condition than the display case. The DCP then examined the artifact and found that it could influence almost all the laws of nature, yet without a power source (and it defies the laws of nature, such as influencing the future, which is impossible, because the future is split across multiple possible futures).

Second artifact

On a desert world, full of criminal inhabitants, the DCP needed to acquire an artifact. To find this without damaging it by accident, however, would be tough. The Galot sent a female celebrity Galot, Resforllune, and Zelfron to go in and acquire it. However, she was captured by Zargoth. Just as he left, he dropped the artifact, which Zelfron picked up. They now had more to go after...

Third artifact

Now, as everyone knows, Loron are stupid. So when they sent in a Black Market dealer to make money for them, it went to the DCP. They wanted to get rid of junk they had loads of.. This is what they said:

The vessel approaches...

Hey yas. We just wants to talk to yas bout business. We have got some new tech an stuff you wont find just anywhere. Weve get da newest stuff an we is quiet bout it. We wont tell no-1. What we av on offa today-

  • The Galot's Gun which yav heard of> Id part wiv da plans fer bout 500,000,000 sporebucks
  • Two Ottzel Technobliterator-class spaceships with Telsa Jaws. ya gotat admit, fer just 25,000,000 sporebucks it's a bargin.
  • The Loron grog-- that's real lovely a goes down well. Uses expensive drugs, and about 10,000 sporebucks a cup it's worth it to take a lovely Galot female out fer a night...
  • A Suisid bomma from da Loron. Can make a galaxy or two go boom. If ya get someone ta do it. Usin dat antimatter an unstable stuff. We say at least 50,000,000 fer da lot.
  • An ancient gun the Ottzel have gained just a relic, no good ta us. It can destroy da ooniverse or a galaxy or a wateva by grabbin a black hole and makin da rip in da fabric even worser. Now dats good. Buy it fer 999,999,999 sporebucks. Yas are stealin from us if ya do that.
  • And finally, an ancient Taldar artefact We don't have no use fer it. Just a database an it shows where all da Taldars are. like we care bout dat. Propa cheap as well- 50,000 sporebucks.

Too expensive? A rip off? Blows up on ya? Ya wrong. Dis is da reliable stuff dat people buy from just bout evrywhere. Most of it comes from Ottzello an all dat. So- wat does ya say?

- The Loron Black Market Dealer

Now, the DCP don't go trusting their worst enemies, so this was their reply:
Your biology and unintelligent language matches that of the Loron, and you have trespassed on our space. We have an equivilent to everyone of those weapons. Prepare to be destroyed. **Tzzzz (energy weapon)! BANG (Loron craft)!**

- The DCP ship that arrived instantly on the scene

The scared Loron (do they exist?!) had no weapons so, being un-Loronly, saiid this- “hey, hey, just doin business pal. Wiv us, dere aint no Rebe Empire or Propa Big. We not care an it dont matta. Just accept it- ya need dat Taldar Artefact fingy, right? If ya not gonna buy nuffin else., fine. I wont pay any Loron Empire like usual,if dats what ya want?

- The Loron Dealer

Then this happened...
Captain, I am ready to finish the Loron off!
Wait commander, the Loron dealer speaks of a Taldar artifact, hold your weapons, for the moment!
We are scanning, telemetry confirms an artifact!
Beam it aboard We could just teleport here, and not pay!
What would be the point in that, commander, its only 50,000!
Get off my bridge, you will have your status removed!
Ok, Loron, we will buy your artifact, but then you will be escorted out of our space immediately, or you will be terminated!

- DCP Crew & Captain

The Loron, rather irritated, replied this-
Fine. ya no fun. Yeah, ME-OUT. Cyas.

- The irritated dealer

Now the artefact was capable of finding any being in existence wherever and whenever. So, when the DCP used it to find Taldar close by, they found one...

Taldar ElderEdit

DCP Loron War 2

The great struggle

The great captain of the Galot, Captain Valzo teamed up with the mighty and legendary Warlord Titanozor, used a Taldar Artefact to find one of the greatest Taldar in existence, who was a general of the Taldari Gaurd. However, the great Taldar was hidden by the colonists on a run-down planet of the Gykar.

After much convincing, Titanzor was just about to meet the Taldar, when the Loron mercenaries, Da Sneaky Boyz tried to assassinate Titanzor. Captain Valzo fights them, and holds them back, but then the freakish early HXTs attack Titanozor. However, Titanzor was very strong and slayed many, but then, the Gykar started to help out, and soon all the early HXTs were killed. But then, the Taldar Elder emerged, and destroyed the ship and all the early HXTs...

The Taldar Elder spoke to them as young beings, and told them that the future held a lot. He told them that they must visit the Taldar realm.

Taldar realmEdit

The Elder, Titanozor, Dakster and Valzo travel to the dimension of the Taldar. The Elder used his artifact instead of a DCP ship (although DCP ships are easily capable, the multiverse is infinite, however, the artifacts are dimensionally linked to the Taldars dimension).

The Taldars dimension appeared different to everyone who saw it. Through Titanozors eyes, the dimension looked like fortress and a battleground, to Valzo, the dimension looked like an impenetrable forest. The Elder explained that to the mortals eyes, they would only be able to see a small part of it, so their brains convert what they see into the various cultural backgrounds of the different species. The Elder saw the dimension for what it really was, but his mind had evolved enough to percieve it.

The Elder apologised to the other Taldar, for the mistakes he had made. However, the Taldar said he shouln't threat about it, as they had let this happen- they knew what was to come. This was so they could raise a new species to look after their dimension. The Taldar also created 8 dimensions for the Ottzel, DCP and allies, Galot, Gykar, Telzoc and 4 for the Loron, so that they could fight each other there. The Taldar showed that using Taldar technology, the different races could expand their dimension.

The Taldar Emperor, Emperor Spode, explained that, in truth, they could have fought the war with little casualties. Every Taldar war has concluded with no Taldar casualties. But this one, knew threats arose, such as the Xhodocto, who did have the power to defeat a Taldar. The Taldar, if they wanted, could have at any time become immortal, but they didn't want to. If it wasn't for them, the universe would have been all but destroyed by the Xhodocto, Loron and Grox. But they gave their lives, Taldar can give up their energy to potentially defeat masses, and sent the females into the Taldar home dimension (over 3 quarters of the dimensions in existence are ruled r owned by the Taldar, and every dimension has Taldar presence). But the elder wasn't given this opportunity, because he was powerful enough to survive the onslaught and to allow a new creature to look after this dimension.

Then, Emperor Zargoth with Resforllune step into the council chamber. Titanozor and others were surprised, however, the Taldar reveal Zargoth, is in fact, a Taldar himself! Titanozor likend this to holography, however, the Taldar reveal that they can change forms. The form they take now is their original form, however, they have now ascended, and can become pure conscienceness! They can take any form they want to.

It turned out that Emperor Zargoth was working for the Taldar. It was his job, to antagonise the DCP and Galot into realising the true importance of the Taldar. It was the Taldars ultimate plan to save the Ottzelo galaxy from its dystopian destruction.

However, Zargoth was still evil, and then he blew up the council chamber. Titanozor, Valzo and most of the others survived (although Taldar are immortal and omnipotent in the lower dimensions, in their native dimension, they can indeed die)! It was Titanzor who saved them, with this personel deflector shield. Zargoth was only working for the Taldar to get reward. What Zargoth really wanted - was to rule the Taldar, to destroy and wreak havock on the universe (which was already devastated after the Scourge). He felt insignificant, and wished to lash out on reality.

The war gets grimEdit

Main article: The War Gets Grim

The war gets larger, and more empires join the war.


Was the codename for what the Loron, helped by the Ottzel, and forced to be helped by the Gaal and Galt created. They were about to unleash a sinister threat to 'stop' the early HXT threat across existence. What they created was far worse, and even resulted in the Galot and the Loron finally falling out. They had unleashed what they called OtzDie. OtzDie was called this to most people because it was tested on an Ottzel, on e of the strongest beings at resisting diseases ever...

OtzDie, or Da Biggest Loron Attack Fingy Eva, is like a plague but much worse. None even knows how it works, because as soon as anyone gets close to it they die. It can kill in two nanoseconds if necessary, otherwise it lasts for a month before it's host is kiled, and it's either super-evolved (which records prove it has had 20 billion years evolution, which isn't possible for an empire that's lived for 5000 years) or unnatural. OtzDie is spread by Ottzel carriers and has so far gone around the entire Universe, also, traders Very few creatures in several galaxies are left after it. Healers offer their services for money (but more often than not die in the process), while those that can't help warn people of infected areas. The Galot have set up asylums for those with the disease to stop it from spreading. Loron eat the dead after they've died because it doesn't work on the Loron.

But there's still hope- severa creatures join the war with the DCP to attack the Loron in retaliation. They also attack areas where development to make it more deadly happens. Espionage is needed to find where slaves go. They need to find out what starts it and how it was created, and the Loron need to pay.

Great Purging planEdit

The plague was beginning to affect the DCP, although not to the greatest extent. They were growing tired of the Loron, and began the Great Loron Purging. This was when they'd send a large force to completely bring the Loron to extinction.

Vartekian & DSB discoveryEdit

DCP Loron War Vartekian Attack

The Vartekians were about to join the war. They hired a captain to aid them in a battle against the loron. On the planet the Vartekians attacked at night and ripped through the first base. Votarah then ordered the heads be stuffed with bombes so they could be thrown at the enemy. The Vartekians then proceeded in slaughtering 90 Lorons on the way through to the second base and 200 loron entering the base.

The Captain than fought the loron captain and wounded him, later he was able to escape. The Vartekians than collected all 500 loron bodies at the sight and delivered them to the Loron in the form of meat cakes. They also filled the cakes with a special virus that spread through the loron like fire. The Loron than incinerated all of the infected and through their ashes to sea. This was the end of the first attack.

They later trained a new squadron, known as Coldplay, for an attack to finish off OtzDie. The DCP and DSB, however, had made a discovery...

Titanozor, with a squad of spies, had been sent in to a Loron planet, to a base manufacturing OtzDie. They learnt that OtzDie was simply produced in some computers, which wrote the bio-codes for the plague. They were caught when Zargoth was seen speakking to Zr'ahgloth about the plague, ad the spies were all captured except Titanozor.

The Lequians, later, went into a Loron base, and hacked into one of the computers. It revealed that OtzDie was a complex nanomachine virus, and the DSB quickly developed a defence against it, as well as immediately informing the DCP.

End of OtzDieEdit

OtzDie was about to be, finally, brought to an end. The DCP sent some Grimbolsaurian spies to the centre of OtzDie, and discovered something important...

Indeed. This Traffphyd technology has served well, with Dark Gyronic, the weapon shan't run out of power. You can fire at will.

- Zargoth

Acknowledged. This weapon will scare the Delpha Coalition of Planets- this "great purge" the Traffphyds have detected will not happen, nor will the Loron be rivalled by any empire in existence. Our unrivalled power shall be feared by all. You are dismissed.

- Loron AI

I still dont gettit. Wont it be betta ta show how tuff Da Boyz is, maybe I cood just clobba da lot?

- Zr'Ahgloth

Unnecessary. We shall fire in 5 hours- what is that?!

- AI


- Zr'Ahgloth

Zr'Ahgloth picked them up and chucked them against the wall, then punching them. They were told to listen to the AI.

Pathetic spies.

- Ai

LET.... ME..... GO..... brute!!!

- Grimbie spy leader

Useless resisting, or he'll strangle all the air from you. You are trying to discover our plan? We shall not...

- AI

Well, basically, wat we lot gonna do we got dis Gun fingy we gonna use Thermo nuclear power ta destroy 5 systems adn 40 parsecs away is gonna get hit by nuclear stuff ennit den we gonna shoot it at da DSB who gonna getb hurt real bad den all of da ooniverse gonna be scared of us hur hur hur.

- A random Loron


- Zr'Ahgloth, strangling him

Well... ok. That is our objective. The weapon is ready. But there's more. 5 of these weapons exist. And we still have the design plans. Thanks to Dark Gyronic, their energy is unlimited and extreme. They shall fire in 5 of the DSB's weak spots, making it difficult to recover, which will scare the Universe...

- AI

hur? Dat was da plan? I only did it cos da Don Ra'Throk was annoyed at da DSB so told me ta blow dem up and dat if we spread a virus his business gonna get betta an he gonna giv us some chips fer it?

- Zr'Ahgloth

You're destroying an empire... for chips.

- Spy

So? Dey taste nice.

- Zr'Ahgloth


- Spy

Too bad dumbos. We about ta fire each of dem an ya cant get to dem all in time and cos one of dem, even one, is hard to kill I might av forgot ta putma fleetz defendin but still dey is so tough ta kill cos da Dark gyronic fingy yeah it kills evryone in da ship dat attacks it so yad need like 500 ships befor ya can do damag hur hur hur. Now den, prepar ta die!

- Zr'Ahgloth

The spies were killed. Eaten alve. However, Emperor Wormulus II heard this. He would still begin the Great Purging in Ottzello's Second War but, for now, their prime focus was to save the DSB. The Galot told them they had hired one person- Mac, to destroy the largest and most defended (by Dark Gyronic) weapons for this, but he alone couldn't cut it....

Last battle

Mac, along with the Vartekian team Coldplay, and a Fordan team led by Ja'Dan Fleetfather all played their role...

The DCP did not mourn the deaths of their spies, at least they died for a good cause, not a slow death in bed (a Grimbolsaurian's worst kind of death). However, it also had a very important mission that lay ahead - destroying the nuclear weapons factories. The DCP sent in Torpedo spheres, unmanned drones that cause great destruction. However, the DCP had sent Mac, a great mercenary, who was a cursed Vyro'Narza. Dark Gyronic was protecting the biggest factor, causing disruption to the systems of Torpedo spheres, making them fire on each other! However, Mac used his own Gyronic to struggle through the factory. It was very painful, and he only just about made it to core, where he shut it down. He looked at what he had done, and smiled in his last few breaths.

However, just after he died, he was teleported away back to the DCP. It may not be too late save him as well...

Coldplay and Ja'Dan's team, meanwhile, had another task in hand. There was an Ottzel base nearby, which was the command of the OtzDie production facilities. The team, with their excellent stealth tactics and combat, managed to set this facility to self destruct all buildings. The Ottzel Empire's alliance with the Loron, as a result, was terminated.

Second Ottzello Galactic WarEdit

The fiction has now evolved into the Second Ottzello Galactic War. The Great Purging, and other future events between the DCP and allies against the Loron will happen in this new war.

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