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Defensive Systems Bloc
CreatorLiquid Ink
(more content by Liquid Ink)
LocationMilky Way, Andromeda
Notable forDefending the Peace
Governing body
GovernmentFederal Parliamentary Republic
Main leadersPremier
PolicyWe will bring order to the galaxy.
Founding membersLequian, Kirgle, Quinal
Current rulerPremier Ismios
ColorPurple, Blue
AlignmentLawful Good

Whatever evil rises, we will bring peace to the universe. We will bring peace even if it takes a hundred thousand years, even if we have to induce destruction on chaos bringers, we will have our order and peace thriving in the darkest of times.

- Emperor Kirdroon

The Defensive Systems Bloc is a federal state located primarily within the Turr Kyolm Belt of the Milky Way galaxy, which originated as a political, economic and military union confedrated against the Zarni Empire.

History Edit

Protection Pact Edit

The Defensive Systems Bloc originated as a military alliance signed between the Lequian Star Empire and several of its closest neighbours during the later campaigns of the Lequian-Zarni War. At this stage, the Zarni Empire was laying siege to the Lequian Star Empire, and a the same stage was weaving through and conquering the territories of the Kirgle, Quinals, and Gnosh states. Through coordinating their efforts, these four empires were able to force the Zarni back into their own space. After the war, they chose to maintain their alliance as a mutual protection pact in case of Zarni retribution.

Development as a State Edit

The nations that had formed the Bloc were the most powerful of the region, and their alliance caused them to enter an age of unprecedented peace. With the military alliance having nothing to do, the Quinals proposed expanding the alliance to an economic and political union. The idea was approved by the Lequians and Gnosh, and a supranational union evolved from it, which developed even further into a federation. Although the Quinals wished for a parliamentary republic, the other members formed an authoritarian oligarchic government composed of the leaders of the member states. This governmental system was heavily based upon the Undying Council of the Delpha Coalition of Planets, which was a long time ally of the Lequian Star Empire.

As a unified state, the Defensive Systems Bloc began expanding it influence in the region and across the Gigaquadrant. Several neighbouring states: the Aepox, Goulgans, Bordooshio, Wurbles, and Civers states all applied to membership and had their leaders enter the ruling council. Alliances were drawn up with such states as the DCP and the Rambo Nation, and joined the Seven Starr Alliance. Colonial efforts were set up to establish DSB colonies in the Andromeda Galaxy, Quadrant Galaxies, and the intergalactic rifts.

At this time the DSB also sent troops to participate in the final phase of the War of Ages.

Revolution and Secession Crisis Edit

The unaccountability of the oligarchic government began to draw the ire of the the DSB's citizenry. In an attempt to try and bring the community together, a large project was drawn up to use the Staff of Life device to terraform and colonise the expansive dead zone between the DSB and the Zarni Empire. In addition to stirring a communal effort, it would also provoke the Zarni Empire and give the oligarchy an excuse to fear monger. This plan failed. The Zarni made no overt reaction and the people were infuriated over expending resources on such a project rather than using them to solve the social problems plaguing the state.

Riots began to break out in major cities, and three distinct factions formed: the popular Republicans, who sought to replace the oligarchy with a democratic parliament; the vocal Loyalists, who feared any sort of change out of misguided patriotism; and the opportunistic Nationalists, who believed they could replace the oligarchy with their own dictatorship fed by the aforementioned patriotism. A long and bloody conflict was expected, but never arrived. The Oligarchy was quickly overthrown by an unexpected Republican coup backed by the Quinals division of the military.

While the people's preferred government was now in power, the problems plaguing the DSB did not end. The Nationalists were outraged and had their numbers bolstered by many of the former Loyalists. The provisional parliament was also not quite up to handling the concerns of all their constituents. As the economy went under a restructuring, resources ceased being sent to the new colonies. The colonists were outraged by their lack of support, and decided if they weren't going to be supported by the DSB they shouldn't hold allegiance to it, and seceded. Upon this declaration, the Nationalists reared their heads again. The Nationalists, a few nationalist-friendly army groups, and corporate leaders unhappy with the economic reforms, left the DSB and launched a coup of the new colonial state.

War of the Blocs Edit

SSA Intervention and Rebuilding Edit

Zarni Border Conflicts Edit

Culture Edit

Religion Edit

Species Edit

  • Name - Aepox
  • Homeworld - Aepa

Ecologists. Description Pending

  • Name - Bordooshio
  • Homeworld - Bord

Traders. Description Pending

  • Name - Civers
  • Homeworld - Civius Prime

Bards. Description Pending

  • Name - Gnosh
  • Homeworld - Gnn

Warriors. Description Pending

  • Name - Goulgan
  • Homeworld - Goulga

Scientists. Description Pending

  • Name - Kirgle
  • Homeworld - Kirglar

Zealots. Description Pending

  • Name - Lequian
  • Homeworld - Votch

Knights. Description Pending

  • Name - Quinals
  • Homeworld - New Quin

Diplomats. Description Pending

  • Name - Wurbles
  • Homeworld - Wurblar

Shamans. Description Pending

Notable Individuals Edit

Astrography Edit

The Defensive System's Bloc is a vast nation that lies in the Turr Kyolm Belt of the Milky Way galaxy, at the base of the Norma Arm. It controls tens of thousands of systems in a rough oval shape. The DSB does not colonise systems too rapidly, so the gaining of systems is largely accomplished by the gaining of new members and protectorates.

The bulk of the DSB's territory is located in the Milky Way, but it also has colonies, a few members and a protectorate in the Andromeda Galaxy. It shares a border with the Greater Zarni Empire, separated by a Ravon-administrated neutral zone, and also shares borders with all of its protectorates.

Politics Edit

Government Edit

The Defensive System's Bloc is a federal, parliamentary republic with legislative power invested in the Parliament and executive power invested in the Premier and his cabinet. The Parliament is bicameral, composed of the House of Representatives elected by and representing numerous electoral divisions, and the Senate elected purely by proportional representation of the whole DSB population. The government is partisan, with numerous political parties across the Bloc seeking representation within the parliament.

Whichever party has the the majority or is the largest in a coalition of parties in the House of Representatives has their leader become the Premier, who is both Head of State and Head of Government. Once sworn into office, the Premier appoints several other of his party's MPs to the Cabinet, which functions as the executive power of the DSB. If a leadership spill occurs within the party, the current Premier retains his position and the positions within the Cabinet are unchangeable until next election. This restriction does not apply to the Opposition leader and the Shadow Cabinet.

Foreign Relations Edit

Part of Edit

Protectorates Edit

Main Page

Allies Edit

Green face

Friends Edit

Blue face

  • Rambo Nation - Once allied, but we're not sure how these relations have gone since the rise of the Cyrannian Empire.

Neutral Edit

Yellow face

Hostile Edit

Orange face

Threats Edit

Face threatened

Enemies Edit

Red face

Military Edit

Quotes Edit

"Though we don't have an open relationship with them in any ways, they have a great testimony to share...

- Master Kroc

“''An interesting species and a strong alliance of systems. They are noble and fighters for the cause of honor, peace and the law. Things we enjoy seeing in other species. They also have a nice culture and architecture. But there internal troubles with the Iron Bloc troubles us greatly. We fear that if the DSB do not take drastic actions, a civil war could break out.

- Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation .

Interesting and mythical in our sectors, the Lequian Empire is an active subject on our social networks in the Gablinus-Avis Empire, though their relationship with their rebels have caused fatal losses on their side we believe that they will finish off the rebels.

- Queen Gabline of the Gablinus-Avis Empire

They are noble, righteous and powerful. And most important, they have our followers in council.

- Clericarch Tadjamad, leader of Dei'Ar Theocracy

I don't like Kenors at all, that's why we refuse to fight for them any longer.

- Commander Eko of the Tahar Empire

We and the Defensive System's Bloc both share the same goals of destroying evil. Together, we have made the Milky Way a more ordered place.


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