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Defensive Systems Bloc
DSB Flag
CreatorLiquid Ink
(more content by Liquid Ink)
Tier level3
Kardashev ScaleIII
LocationMilky Way, Andromeda
PopulationSeveral trillion
Notable forDefending the Peace
Governing body
GovernmentFederal Democracy
Main leadersPremier
PolicyWe will bring order to the galaxy.
Founding membersLequian, Kirgle, Quinal
First ruler(s)Emperor Kirdroon
Current rulerPremier Ismios
ColorPurple, Blue
AlignmentLawful Good
Age50 years

Whatever evil rises, we will bring peace to the universe. We will bring peace even if it takes a hundred thousand years, even if we have to induce destruction on chaos bringers, we will have our order and peace thriving in the darkest of times.

- Emperor Kirdroon

The Defensive Systems Bloc is a federal state located primarily within the middle of the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way galaxy, which originated as a political, economic and military union confedrated against the Zarni Imperium.

History Edit

Protection Pact Edit

The earliest form of the Defensive System's Bloc was the Votch Pact of Co-operation, which was signed between the Lequian Star Empire, the Gnosh Imperium, the Quinals Republic and the Kirgle Holy Empire during the Lequian - Zarni War. At this stage of the war the Zarni Imperium was laying seige to the Lequian Star Empire and at the same time illegally weaving through the territory of the Lequian's neighbours. After the treaty was signed, the Kirgle, Quinals and Gnosh states declared war on the Zarni, and joining forces with the Lequians they managed to drive the Zarni back into their own space.

Development as a State Edit

After the Zarni War, the Votch Pact of Co-operation was expanded upon, and nine nations, including the original four, signed up for mutual protection against the ever expanding Zarni Imperium. This pact was known as the Defensive System's Bloc. Relations between the members improved greatly, and the Defensive System's Bloc pact expanded to include economic agreements and open borders. Ultimately, the leaders of the member states agreed to run the Defensive System's Bloc as a oligarchical supranational entity, and expansion programs were set up to allow more powers to join the Bloc. The DSB was from this point seen as a single unified nation.

Iron Bloc Cold War Edit

War of the Blocs Edit

SSA Intervention and Rebuilding Edit

Zarni Border Conflicts and Revolution Edit

Culture Edit

Species Edit

Notable Individuals Edit

Astrography Edit

The Defensive System's Bloc is a vast nation that lies halfway down the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way galaxy. It controls tens of thousands of systems in a rough oval shape. The DSB does not colonise systems too rapidly, so the gaining of systems is largely accomplished by the gaining of new members and protectorates.

The bulk of the DSB's territory is located in the Milky Way, but it also has colonies, a few members and a protectorate in the Andromeda Galaxy. It shares a border with the Greater Zarni Empire, separated by a Ravon-administrated neutral zone, and also shares borders with all of its protectorates.

Politics Edit

Government Edit

The Defensive System's Bloc is a federal, parliamentary republic. The people elected a President as a head of state, who himself selects a Premier. The President may only select a President after being voted into office, he may not select a new Premier unless he elected again in the next election. Elections are held every six years.

The DSB government is divided into three branches:

  • The legislature: the bicameral Parliament, composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives;
  • The executive: the Federal Executive Council, in practice the President as advised by the Premier and Ministers of State;
  • The judiciary: the High Court of the DSB and other federal courts, whose judges are appointed by the President on advice of the Council.

The legislative branch is divided into many political parties, the two most influential being the extroverted Empirical Party and the introverted Forward Party. The current party in power is the Forward Party, with Baloolu as President and Ismios as Premier.

Foreign Relations Edit

Part of Edit

Protectorates Edit

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Allies Edit

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Friends Edit

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  • Rambo Nation - Once allied, but we're not sure how these relations have gone since the rise of the Cyrannian Empire.

Neutral Edit

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Hostile Edit

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Threats Edit

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Enemies Edit

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Military Edit

The original purpose of the Defensive System's Bloc was mutual protection between several states, so the DSB has a significantly large military force at its disposal. The largest branch of the Defensive System's Bloc Armed Forces is the DSB Navy, which uses ships and technologies that largely stem from the original Lequian Star Empire's navy, which involved bulbous, oval shaped segmented vessels. The Premier of the DSB acts as the Commander in Chief of the military, holding supreme command and control. The government department in control of the military is the Ministry of Defense. The military is largely under the direct control of the Chief of the Armed Forces, who acts under the administration of the Ministry for Defense.

The DSB weapons technology largely consists of plasma based weaponry. The most common varient of this are the plasma beam weapons, which are composed of a mix of electrons and protons fired at high velocity directed in a beam. These weapons are used both in space and on the ground. Two other common weapons, only used in space, are cannons and torpedoes. Cannons fire small, unguided missiles, filled with fusion-grade plasma that undergoes nuclear fusion upon reaching a target. Torpedoes are similar, but larger and guided. The DSB's signature superweapon is the gravitational wave, which uses gravitons to wipe a planet's surface clean of any structure not strong enough to resist.

Quotes Edit

"Though we don't have an open relationship with them in any ways, they have a great testimony to share...

- Master Kroc

“''An interesting species and a strong alliance of systems. They are noble and fighters for the cause of honor, peace and the law. Things we enjoy seeing in other species. They also have a nice culture and architecture. But there internal troubles with the Iron Bloc troubles us greatly. We fear that if the DSB do not take drastic actions, a civil war could break out.

- Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation .

Interesting and mythical in our sectors, the Lequian Empire is an active subject on our social networks in the Gablinus-Avis Empire, though their relationship with their rebels have caused fatal losses on their side we believe that they will finish off the rebels.

- Queen Gabline of the Gablinus-Avis Empire

They are noble, righteous and powerful. And most important, they have our followers in council.

- Clericarch Tadjamad, leader of Dei'Ar Theocracy

I don't like Kenors at all, that's why we refuse to fight for them any longer.

- Commander Eko of the Tahar Empire

We and the Defensive System's Bloc both share the same goals of destroying evil. Together, we have made the Milky Way a more ordered place.


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