I have kept this very close to the game, it is updated every time I play.

After 3 billion years of evolution on Clompagnow, the Elucaphon have risen to become a sapient creature.

Prehistory - Tribal Stage Edit

Some of the names are in Greek, as is with human prehistory.

  • Paleo - Ancient
  • YAE - Years After Evolving

Paleotropicos Age 0-1000 YAE Edit

Spore 2010-03-10 20-01-10

A Elucaphon teaching its young how to catch fish, note in the background the stunted bent tree's, this is due to the severe winds.

  • Tropicos - Tropical (Greek)

The continent where the Elucaphon had evolved was getting drier and drier, due to the mountain shadows not allowing moist air to reach the plains where they lived (but they were not far from the coast). So they moved north along the coast until they were out of the montain shadows. Here, the enviroment was much wetter, and they did not depend on fish, because there was more food sources available. However, they still enjoy their coastal enviroment, but are beginning to fan out into the tropical jungles that surrounds them (note that these are still a little bit cooler on average than the forests on Earth, as Clompagnow orbits a Red dwarf star, which are much cooler than Earth's sun).

They tended to live in caves hollowed out by the sea (even though this existence was dangerous), or built homes out of sand. They of course had no choice, either that, or the great deserts.

Paleoglyphe Age 1000 - 10,000 YAE Edit

  • Glyphe - Carving, work (Greek)

The Elucaphon start creating simple jewlery and cave art (unfortunately lot of the cave art was wiped out by sea currents). They also devoloped Throwing spears as weapons or hunting gear and the Wooden horn as musical instruments in order to socialise or simply have fun.

Ancient history Edit

Village age - 17,000 YAE Edit

Spore 2010-03-10 19-42-31

A small village dancing round a campfire.

Eventually, the Elucaphon found new materials, including tough wood and hide. They built huts and many different tools, domesticated new animals and fed on their eggs and meat. Clothing was also invented (for gathering food and keeping dry in the moist tropics)

Agriculture Edit

During this time, they devolped simple agriculture, with lots of alluvium in the soil, they would grow herbs and fruit-bearing shrubs. Rouges were domesticated for their meat, eggs and hide, for making huts and clothing.

Socialisation Edit

Before the village age, communities of Elucaphon were very small families, and generally kept out of each others way. But they found living in larger groups was a more easy lifestyle, and so adopted this way of life. However, competition was growing between the villagers over food, and while some allied others would conquer other tribes.

Religion Edit

Religion evolved by this period. It revolved around gods and spirits of fire (but not in the image of demons). They believed fire to be the creator of life, and the energy that sustain's it. And when life grow's too rampant, it is extinguished by forest fires to create a balance. This balance occurs when the spirit of living nature attemps to overthrow the spirit of fire.

Discovery of metals 17,559 YAE Edit

While they had already discovered metals, they soon realised how important and useful they were. At first they thought that metals were forged by the fire gods, and they were sacred - only to be used by shamans and chiefs. However, curiosity made them use the metals more and more. Copper, one the most shiny metals discored so far, was only used as jewelery, but wearing copper would show devotion to the gods (particularly the minerals Bornite and Chalocite, very iridescencent). Iron ores were also used for construction, however, it was mallable and rusty, and was soon lost in interest.

Several more minerals and metals were discovered around a rich deposit. Originally, there was only one village near this deposit, but they split up into 6 villages to gather materials from differerent sections. But soon, they were not loyal to each other. Only two villages allied, the other four went to war. But the Purple village conquered the othewr four villages, and they had many conflicts with the Lavender village, but in the Purple village came out on top.

Throughut the centuries to come, the villages became more and more advanced and widespread, they also became peaceful, for the time being. Tin, lead and bronze was starting to be smelted.

Mezoages - City Stage Edit

Polisenian Age 20,000 YAE Edit

The first cities were created. The largest (created by the purple village, which is now known by modern the Elucaphon and human explorers as Polisena, Polis meaning city in Greek) became advanced enough to create wooden chariots driven by domesticated Rouge creatures. The larger cities would tend to attack the smaller cities and more primitive villages, to stop them from becoming too powerful.

Civilization Stage Edit

Progression Age 25,000 YAE Edit

Spore 2010-03-14 14-41-20

A steampunk-style, Elucaphon city.

Spore 2010-03-14 17-16-19

An example of the levels of pollution.

Unlike Earth and many other planets, there was no major Dark ages on Clompagnow, so the Elucaphon progressed quickly in technology. Just 5000 years after the first cities, primitive radio technologies, electrical lighting and steam-powered vehicles were developed. The Elucaphon discovered very important natural resources, such as oil, Spice, industrial materials and so on. Their style and culture was not too different from the Victorian period on Earth, and so looked a little bit Steampunk. However, compared to earlier ages, so far, this was much more peaceful, but there was a battle over a spice geyser on the ocean between ships. Despite the peace, the cities were well defended and militant.


Heavy industry was not doing well for Clompagnow. Its smaller surface meant an even greater and quicker impact than on Earth during the similar ages.

Age of Understanding 25,120 YAE Edit

Pollution was beginning to form a big problem.

Technology and Cleaning of the air

Just after the Age of Progression, sea planes were invented by the main continent where the Elucaphon evolved. They replaced the steam-powered ships of the past. The air in major cities was getting unbreathable by the end of the Age of Progression. But due to innovations in science and technology, dirty fuels and steam was replaced, hence ending the Victorian-styles. More modern styles were coming in, however, they were still differernt from Earth's. Special air scrubbers were devolped, and slowly, the air in cities became safer to breath.


However, several wars occurred in the Age of Understanding. Several countries warred over Spice, the new and better resource, and conflicts in opposing religions also occurred.

Intercontinental Age 25,180 YAE Edit

Spore 2010-03-15 20-32-36

The ultimate ender of wars and worlds!

By this time, the style and architecture of the Elucaphon had lost its victorian/steampunk look, and cities and vehicles look more like what was envisioned of what the future would look like during the 1930's and 50's. This stage is comparable to the modern age.


Science and technology during this age was comparable to the modern era. After the original continent was mostly conquered by the Purple Nation, they sent sea planes overseas to invade other nations. New weapons - EM bombs, nuclear missiles and aircraft were developed, allowing wars between differernt continents. But alliances were also forged, as well as Trade routes. Communication was now very quick, with an internet based on telepathy (an interface between computers and Elucaphon brains, believe it or not, such devices are even under devolopment here on Earth too)! Communication satellites were also becoming common.

Foray's in space

The Elucaphon started to explore their moon and other planets in their solar system with manned and unmanned spacecraft. They even colonized their moon. Space stations were built, some of them carrying a deadly new weapon...

New conflicts

The Purple Nation, however, was becoming more aggressive after conquering an entire continent. They built are large fleet of sea planes, to be followed by aircraft to invade Yellow Nation in the next. They first allied with the Yellow Nation, to get the Yellow Nation to invade the Red Nation, however, the Purple Nation stabbed there new allies in the back. A Nuclear war started, all the nations were warring. The Purple Nation unleashed its secret new weapon from space - Space Launched Nuclear Missile. It split into several different missiles, raining down on all other capital cities not loyal to the Purple Nation. Over a billion died, and millions more suffered radiation poisoning. Some nations were so badly affected, they reverted into dystopian, post-apocalyptic societies. However, the Purple Nation survived and conquered Clompagnow.

Space Stage 25,210 YAE Edit

Spore 2010-03-15 21-58-06

A space stage city (based on the 1930's depictions of a future city). The air is now clean once more.

Spore 2010-05-02 11-35-57

The Elucaphon Empire is only small.

Although the Elucaphon had already began its foray's in space, space travel was put mostly on halt during the war. However, the Elucaphon gathered there technology and money, and engineered a new ship - one capable of interstellar travel.

The First interstellar colonies

The first ships were only capable of nearing the speed of light, however, they were able to time dilate, allowing the ship to reach the nearest stars in just months (but when the ships return to home, several years would have past), this is due to the time slowing effects of General Relativity.

The space empire

In time, the Elucaphon established an empire among the stars. Technology advanced enough for faster than light travel. The Elucaphon Empire is generally peaceful to aliens, but its also is very militant and battle ready, just like in the previous stages.

More to come.

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