The militant arm to address both the Kicathian Republic and Kicath Empire, the Armies of the Kicath are a small yet highly advanced sector of both Kicathian factions. Having been established in 170,616 BC, the Armies of the Kicath remain one of the eldest military branches to patrol the First Gigaquadrant. The Armies of the Kicath are also referred to as the Gigaquadrantic Kicathian Naval Forces. The insignia of both armies of the Kicathian Republic and Empire is a monochromatic version of the Kicathian emblem.

Organisation Edit

The Kicathian Armies have implemented two divisions - a division for stratagem on the ground and in space, hence naval forces and army forces. The Kicath treat the two as the same - soldiers of the Kicathian Armies follow the same ranking system, of which has been established since the conception of the Kicath Empire. However, whilst it is common that a soldier of the Kicathian Armies may be versatile between both divisions - that is - trained in ground combat and extravehicular combat, some may choose to dedicate themselves only to the navy or the army.

Whilst the norm within the Kicath Empire for recruitment is conscription, the Kicathian Republic allows for volunteering. Much of the Kicathian Republic's current militant forces are Kicath Empire conscripts who have either been reclaimed by the Remnant or defected to their territories following the political division between the two. Nonetheless, multiple groups have become part of the Remnant's increasing militia, such as species from the Borealis Galaxy and Andromeda Galaxy. Individuals in the Kicathian Republic can only volunteer once they are twenty years of age (or of relative biological maturity) and are physically able. Within the Kicath Empire, Kicathian individuals who show considerable talents are viable to become an Agent.

The Kicathian Republic's militia currently numbers at 329.32 million active soldiers and 720,600 active ships in the fleet with an unknown number of reserve for either, whilst the Kicath Empire's active militia numbers is estimated at 264.2 million and an active fleet of 315,500. Again, reserve numbers are unknown. Between the two vast populations of both nations, it is likely that the reserve militia may number in the billions for soldiers and further hundreds of thousands for the fleet.

It is noted that, despite their militia size, neither the Kicath Empire nor Remnant tend to deploy their soldiers in hot zones. The Kicath are often reliant upon minor operations conducted by Agents, a sizeable force of supersoldiers to keep control within their own territories and fight on the front lines.

Ranking system Edit

Rank Designation (ground) Designation (space) No. of units under command (ground) No. of units under command (space)
Initiate Self Self Self Self
Initate -02 Team Team 15-30 Initiates 30-40 Initiates
Initiate -03 Squad Squad 5 teams 7 teams
Captain Battalion Battalion 50 squads 75 squads
Captain -02 Battalion -02 Battalion -02 3 Battalions 2 Battalions
Commander Division Ship 15 x Battalion -02 1 Ship
Commander -02 Division -02 Fleet 5 Divisions 100 Ships
Commander -03 Collective Division Battlefleet 100 x Division -02 50 Fleets
High Commander Sector Divison Armada 125 Collective Divisions 100 Battlefleets
High Commander -02 Elite Divison Collective Armada 500 Sector Divisions 40 Armadas
Warlord Total Division Elite Armada 1000 Elite Divisions 50 Collective Armadas
Supreme Warlord All All All All

Soldiers Edit

In terms of equipment, Soldiers are armed with a wide array of suits of armour (shown here with Agents) which are advanced sets of power armour constructed out of composite nanotechnological compound materials and often equipped with a non-phasic shielding module. The 'augmentation culture' within the Kicath race (biomechanical and nanotechnological) has allowed for further innovations within these suits of armour in order to physically boost the performance of their soldiers. As such, foreigners may see Kicathian soldiers as a smaller version of the Agents, who are equipped with extremely advanced cybernetics and enhancements in comparison to regular soldiers.

Whereas all soldiers are given the basic weaponry - that is, wide varieties of particle beam, fusion and other photonic weaponry in the form of automatic, precision and heavy rifles, the armour designation on each soldier can vary their speciality in the field. Soldiers who wear Shocker armour are likely to be equipped with heavy ordnance weaponry in order to destroy armoured vehicles and provide a path-clearance role on the battlefield, and are often accompanied with Destroyer specialists who often undertake unconventionally hazardous tasks.

Agents Edit


An Agent

Agents, (Kicathian: Tagárai - Divine Warrior) are exceptionally powerful soldiers created in the classified sectors of Kicathian militia - to most, the Agents are a ring of supersoldiers tasked with solving intergalactic matters, and often take militant and political roles as a result. Agents are often highly versatile in the field - most Agents are very efficient assassins, engineers and technological experts. The most advanced Agents of the most recent program are augmented to the point where their original organic bodies are no longer existent; some consider the technology implemented in an Agent to be bordering a Tier 1 civilisation's standard.

Most Agents are equipped with advanced versions of the generic standard armours given to soldiers, such as nanotechnologically crafted ablative armour with multi-layered shielding. Even without such armour, Agents have been enhanced with the durability, physical power and agility to often hold their own against multiple assailants. As their role as a secret police force within the Remnant and other planets, Agents are often hidden and nigh impossible to identify.

Denominations Edit


They are the last word in enforcing order. When they are deployed, nothing that stands in their way survives.

- A Draconis
  • Name: New Kicathian Empire Central Agency Militia (Agency of the Kicathian Republic) and Kicathian Empire Central Agency Militia (Kicath Empire)
  • Population: 114,200 + (Remnant), 2,000 + (Empire)
  • Purpose: Guard, Secret Police, Assassins, Mercenaries, Espionage, Diplomats, Enforcers
  • Leader: Warlord Kitzíntauchon Rāmalánaon (Remnant), Emperor Kitoramnan (Empire)

The Agency is the collective branch of all of the Agents in the Kicath Empire and Kicathian Republic. The Agency of the Kicathian Republic, the original Agency which had defected from the Empire, often claim to have political immunity from the Gigaquadrant and use this to justify their actions. Agents are often directed by their leader, Agent Alpha, to assist intergalactic affairs and are often deployed in special task forces for support. Agents have had a significant role within the Borealis Galaxy with the protection of Hyperborea, and within the Andromeda Galaxy during the events of the Third Xhodocto War.

Agents are often viewed in a negative light by most individuals due to generalisations made by many unpredictable individuals, such as Agent Nu among others.

When I gaze upon these Kicath, I am overwhelmed with a sense of disturbance. I do not know what it is, but something tells me they are...not suppsoed to be.

- Ambassador Teleya Santanis
  • Name: The Revered Guard of the Most Divine House Aknatazán (The Dark Guard)
  • Population: Unknown
  • Purpose: Guards
  • Leader: Lord Kitalatheraz Aknatazán

Tenuously attached to the militia, the Dark Guard are a specific branch of warriors who have sworn loyalty to House Aknatazán, one of the oldest and wealthiest houses of the Kicath Empire. These warriors are usually anonymous, clad in identical black armour and often bear silence unless it is necessary to talk. These warriors are believed to have been either given the gift of Death Energy and augmented in a similar level to the Agents to suit the protection of members of the Aknatazán household. They are often regarded as intimidating by those who encounter them and are also often considered by Kicath to be the most revered of servants to any house. The Dark Guard is part of an ancient traditional sect of warriors who have existed since 690,000 BC.

Fleet Edit

Combat Vessels Edit

Myrmidon-Class Corvette

  • Status: In service
  • Name: 68668-43902-1451 a.k.a. Myrmidon
  • Length: 768 m (2,520 ft)
  • Crew capacity: 150

Chimera-Class Destroyer

  • Status: In service
  • Name: 92297-31073-5711 a.k.a. Myrmidon
  • Length: 8,359 m (27,427 ft)
  • Crew capacity: 2,125

Behemoth-Class Supercruiser

  • Status: In service
  • Name: 76841-52376-1261 a.k.a. Behemoth
  • Length: 12,202m (40,033 ft)
  • Crew capacity: 4,750

Devourer-Class Supercruiser

  • Status: In service
  • Name: 76841-52376-1262 a.k.a. Devourer
  • Length: 11,100m (36,419 ft)
  • Crew capacity: 3,920

Pantheon-class Dreadnought

  • Status: In service
  • Name: 59170-00130-0001 a.k.a. Pantheon
  • Length: 21,996m (72,165 ft)
  • Crew capacity: 8,400

Bearing colossal payloads, the Pantheon Dreadnought is among the most feared sights of the Kicathian fleets. These ships are easily capable of levelling entire solar systems, destroying enemy fleets and even turn away other ships from the sheer sight of it. Using a oracle hypercomputer within its infrastructure, this ship's intelligent defence system makes it nigh-impossible to outmanoeuvre. These ships are a rare sight on the battlefield, and often the last sight if they are present.

Nihilist-class Dreadnought

  • Status: In service
  • Name: 59170-00131-0001 a.k.a. Nihilist
  • Length: 23,803m (78,093 ft)
  • Crew capacity: 9,100

The largest combat vessel of the entire Kicathian navy, the Nihilist-class Dreadnought is a physical upgrade upon its Pantheon predecessor. This ship is equipped with heavier weapons than the Pantheon whilst bearing the same defence systems. The Nihilist also accommodates for more ships within its hangars, allowing it to act as a supercarrier in its own right.

Nemesis-class Dreadnought

  • Status: In service
  • Name: 59170-00132-0001 a.k.a. Nemesis
  • Length: 22,756m (74,658 ft)
  • Crew capacity: 9,000

The heaviest of the three active dreadnoughts, the Nemesis-class Dreadnought is a monstrous ship designed to bring down entire fleets alongside the other two Dreadnoughts. This ship offers heavier defence mechanisms than the other two Dreadnoughts and therefore contains more ships within its hangars than the Nihilist.


Amanuensis-class Dreadnought

  • Status: Concept
  • Name: 59170-00133-0001 a.k.a. Amanuensis
  • Length: 29,753m (97,615 ft)
  • Crew capacity: 11,000 +


Apocryphal-class Dreadnought

  • Status: Concept
  • Name: 59171-00131-0001 a.k.a. Apocryphal
  • Length: 67,739m (222,240 ft)
  • Crew capacity: 17,500 +

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