24975 Politicians, 25 Representatives, 25 Sector Heads, 24 Political Heads and 1 Emperor. You'd think it would all be chaos but the proportionality that comes into it makes a nice and stable Empire. Compromise can be a pain sometimes.

- Kithworto

The Kicathian Government (Kicathian: Kisiath Churi'tauri Tuni'anhgkhren) is a large 25,050 member government which dictates the rules in the 319,000 systems in the Kicath Empire.

History Edit

The Kicathian Government was formed in c. 706,528 BC by a being whose name roughly translates to Kitangakhan in the modern tongue. As the first ruler of the Kicath, Kitangakhan was a ruler of a unified planet. He wrote the Codex of the Kicathian Law of which over 2000 laws were written on a 7 metre cubed block, of which small parts still survive.

Kitangakhan was believed to have 9 children by the time of his death in 706,100 BC, aged 788 (which is considerably older than the current lifespan of Kicath). His son, Kitangakhan Veny'a (Which is Kicathian for Glory of Kitangakhan) had begun to increase power to the people. However, he was assassinated in 706,099 BC by his younger brother, Kitallmnon. Kitallmnon begun a 400 year long dictatorship, of which numerous Kicath were killed when they were seen as enemies of the law. Kitallmnon's two sons, Kitagmnon and Kitkhamnan ruled afterwards: Kitagmnon in 705,700 BC until 705,694 BC. Kitagmnon was believed to have been killed by his son and given the rule to Kitkhamnan who reintroduced the democratic system. Kitkhamnan was believed to have lived until 705,402 BC, ruling 292 years. Kitagmnon's son, whose name is still unknown to history, continued the democratic reign. The Ancient World continued until the death of Kitorurunaka who reigned until 694,700 BC.

Rulers of the Ancient World Edit

1st Dynasty (706,528 BC - 704,450 BC) Edit
  • Kitangakhan - 706,888 BC - 706,100 BC (died age 788). Ruled 706,528 BC - 706,100 BC, 428 years.
  • Kitangakhan Veny'a - 706,333 BC - 706,099 BC (died age 234). Ruled 706,100 BC - 706,099 BC, roughly 1 year. Assassinated by Kitallmnon.
  • Kitallmnon - 706,206 BC - 705,700 BC (died age 506). Ruled 706,099 BC - 705,700 BC, 399 years. Had two sons, Kitagmnon and Kitkhamnan. Began a 400 year long dictator ship which continued with his son.
  • Kitagmnon - 705,999 BC - 705,694 BC (died age 205). Ruled 705,700 - 705,694 BC, 6 years. Assassinated by his unknown son.
  • Kitkhamnan - 705,894 BC - 705,402 BC (died age 492). Ruled - 705,694 BC - 705,402 BC, 292 years.
  • Kitagmnon's Unknown Son - c. 705,700 BC - 705,222 BC (died age 478). Ruled - 705,402 BC - 705,222 BC, 180 years.
  • Kitalzimh - 705,666 BC - 705,103 BC (died age 563). Ruled - 705,222 BC - 705,103 BC, 119 years. Currently disputed whether this ruler was the son of Kitkhamnan or Kitagmnon's Unknown Son. Died of unexplained causes, likely to have been killed in battle.
  • Kityalamh - 705,104 BC - 704,450 BC (died age 654). Ruled - 705,103 BC - 704,450 BC, 653 years. Kityalamh was the youngest ruler in the Ancient World, only being 11 months when he came to power. He was then the longest confirmed reigning Emperor in the history of the Kicathian Empire, ruling 654 years. His death marked the end of the pre-religious rulers.

Current Times Edit

Past numerous thousands of kings and queens, the Kicath Empire itself formed in 2412 AD. Instead of having a small system, the Kicath Empire had formed a large governmental representation of approximately 25,050 representatives for the Empire. The whole venue of the government varies from meeting to meeting to avoid assaults on the planet. The largest venue overall is the political hall on Paclernos, with a heptagonal spire reaching well over 10,000ft tall.

The system comprises of:

The Emperor

The current reigning Emperor is Emperor Kitraminak LXXIV, who has a ceremonial role in the Empire as well as being responsible for the passing of laws and from such is able to listen to the subjects that the representatives bring forth. The Emperor is also accompanied by 24 high political figures who sit with him in the Emperor's box.

High Political Figures

There are 24 of the High Political Figures in the Kicath Empire, usually handpicked Kicath who have had a worthy experience of a certain topic in life. Such figures are similar to advisors to the Emperor, although they do not allow themselves to cloud the Emperor's judgement. Some of these figures include Warlord Kitzintauchon and Kithworto. Not all political heads are present in the box at the same time.

Sector Heads

The 25 sector heads are political leaders from each of the 25 central colonies of the Kicath Empire - which create a large buffer zone from Paclernos and are responsible for much of the extragalactic influence as well. These sector heads are chosen out of a possible thousand Kicath (of which the remaining 999 of each are the politicians). These sector heads are given great political power and as such are often listened to by everyone in the Kicath Empire.


The 25 Representatives account for the 25 political heads of the extragalactic sectors of the Kicath Empire. Each political head accounts for approximately 14,200 planets in the Empire - meaning that their job is perhaps harder than the other Sector Heads. These Kicath take care of a number of Kicathian colonies as well as Protectorate Colonies which are included in the 14,000 average in the Empire.


About 24,975 politicians exist in the Empire who are appointed under the Sector Heads. Although they follow the Sector Head's lead, they do not have to follow the Sector Head's opinion. Voting processes in the Empire last for a year on these politicians.

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