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The Kraw Era Calendar, or KRE, is the official calendar of the Kraw Galaxy for 95% of the its population. Its year 0 marks when the Kraw first explored another solar system. Its predecessor is the "After Sapience" or AS Calendar, which began in -9073 KRE. (408 KRE = 9481 AS) It is currently 408 KRE in the Kraw Galaxy.

Constitution Edit

The Kraw Era Calendar is Made of 13 Months: Aninaar (0), Uninaar (1), Binaar (2), Trinaar (3), Kvawnaar (4), Pentnaar (5), Hexnaar (6), Heptnaar (7), Orknaar (8), Norknaar (9), Deknaar (10), Dekuninaar (11), and Dekbinaar (12).

Aninaar has only 5 Days, and they're all Vacation Days for the Whole Galaxy. All Remaining Months have 30 Days.

The Reason why there's 365 Days in a Year is because 365 and 366 are Important Numbers in Kraw Culture, as 3+6+5 = 14, and 14 People Founded Yorg in -1099 KRE.

Time Edit

A KRE day has 24 KRE hours, but 1 KRE minute has 70 seconds, thus one KRE hour is actually 70 earth minutes, and one KRE day is actually 28 earth hours.

00:00:61 (KRE) = 00:01:01 (Earth)
00:01:00 (KRE) = 00:01:10 (Earth)
00:10:00 (KRE) = 00:11:40 (Earth)
01:00:00 (KRE) = 01:10:00 (Earth)
20:00:00 (KRE) = 23:20:00 (Earth)
20:34:20 (KRE) = 00:00:00 the Next day (Earth)
23:59:69 (KRE) = 03:59:59 the Next day (Earth)

Kraw Galaxy Events Edit

This shows all Events in the Kraw Galaxy in the KRE Calendar.

-8.1 Billion KRE - The Kraw Galaxy is Formed.
-5.5 Billion KRE - The Grox Colonize the Kraw Galaxy.
-4.2 Billion KRE - Mahedore Zozhro is born.
-3.3 Billion KRE - All 4 Major Races of the Kraw Galaxy Begin their Cell Ages.
-9900 KRE - The Tahars enter the Tribal Age.
-9073 KRE - The Kraw Enter the Tribal Age.
-8876 KRE - The Iteok Enter the Tribal Age.
-8807 KRE - The Asgordians Enter the Tribal Age.
-4360 KRE - The Tahars Start to gain superior intelligence and morality.
-3906 KRE - The Iteok get called "weak" by a stronger alien empire, thus starting their warmongerism.
-1099 KRE - The Kraw Enter the Civilization Age.
-970 KRE - The Tahars Enter the Civilization Age.
-375 KRE - The Iteok Enter the Civilization Age.
-346 KRE - The Asgordians Enter the Civilization Age.
-66 KRE - The Asgordians end all their wars. All countries join forces.
0 KRE - The Kraw explore space.
97 KRE - The Kraw Referendum is Signed by 95% of the Galaxy.
121 KRE - The Tahars explore space.
133 KRE - The Iteok Start Wars with other weaker Space Empires.
147 KRE - The Asgordians Start Befriending other Space Empires.
01/00/300 KRE - The 4 Major Races are Announced by the Kraw.
21/12/399 KRE - The Iteok Declare War on the Tahar.
08/01/400 KRE - The Iteok are Defeated by the Tahars and the Kraw. The War Ends.
01/02/400 KRE - The Kraw Enter the Milky Way.
02/02/400 KRE - The Kraw Ally the DCP.
09/02/400 KRE - The Kraw Ally the Gablinus-Avis.
13/02/400 KRE - The events of The Void Star Occur.
05/03/400 KRE - The Iteok start researching Powerful weaponry, with Help from the Hakonians.
09/08/400 KRE - The Asgord Ally Watch is founded. (It is currently owned by the FKA)
15/10/400 KRE - The Kraw research Magnetic Gravity Missiles.
06/12/400 KRE - The Iteok finish their weaponry research.
28/01/401 KRE - The Iteok conquer 20 Planets in Ottzello.
18/02/401 KRE - The BNSC-Zazane war occurs. Tyraz Breek annoys Lezia.
25/02/401 KRE - Lezia takes a 1 month long Vacation.
24/03/401 KRE - Tyraz and Lezia get married.
12/05/401 KRE - Eko masters his gyronic powers.
21/05/401 KRE - Zavrhos was given Descension powers by Tyraz Breek.
15/06/401 KRE - An alarm was given by the DCP due to a possible devastation of the Kraw Galaxy by the C-021.
15/07/401 KRE - Tantalus wins KrawVision 1500.
23/08/401 KRE - Ka'tenes was destroyed by the Xhodocto. Ko'han's campaign for a split Asgord Empire begins.
24/08/401 KRE - Ka'an was destroyed by Xhodocto.
27/08/401 KRE - The FKA is founded. The Asgordians are now Split.
03/09/401 KRE - The Anti-religious behaviour of the Tahars ends for a few months.
09/12/401 KRE - Lezia laid Kezoreg as an egg, and he will hatch in Aninaar 402 KRE.
01/00/402 KRE - The Iteok take a Vartekian Colony, which is now known as Varterh.
03/00/402 KRE - Kezoreg Hatches, the Holy Shadow War begins.
05/00/402 KRE - The DCP Invade the KGGC.
03/01/402 KRE - The KGGC enters Seclusion.
04/01/402 KRE - Zavrhos was cursed by Tahiziel.
20/01/402 KRE - Ko'han begins his descension.
21/02/402 KRE - The Iteok start learning Psionic.
03/04/402 KRE - Zavrhos becomes a possessed Corruptus being.
25/04/402 KRE - The War for Wental begins.
28/04/402 KRE - Some Tahars go back to anti-theism.
19/06/402 KRE - Shu'ulathoi gains full power.
03/07/402 KRE - Iteok get Betrayed by Shu'ulathoi.
28/08/402 KRE - Zaorg wins KrawVision 1501.
23/09/402 KRE - Janzeviz gets descended by Angazhar.
01/11/402 KRE - The Betrayal Wars begin.
02/11/402 KRE - Zavrhos goes back to his cursed form.
08/11/402 KRE - The Betrayal Wars end.
30/11/402 KRE - Shu's powers start to fade away.
01/12/402 KRE - Ko'han renames the FKA to the True Asgord Empire.
05/12/402 KRE - Ka'zun enters the 2nd war of the Black fog.
03/00/403 KRE - The events of Irokimum occur.
13/03/403 KRE - The Iteok break through the Kraw Defensive Colonies.
18/04/403 KRE - Kraw manage to repair the colony of Duriel.
10/06/403 KRE - The Hrezi AI changes the looks of the Major 4 races.
29/10/403 KRE - KrawVision 1502 takes place in Zaorg, leading to a shock winner.
21/12/403 KRE - The Anihilation occurs.
01/03/404 KRE - The events of the Xhodocto finder general occur.
13/04/404 KRE - The Kraw Galaxy acieves stability again.
16/06/404 KRE - The Kraw Federation is founded.
20/06/404 KRE - The events of Stranded occur.
05/09/404 KRE - Atiemus is born.
12/12/404 KRE - Zazanaarg rebel against the Brood of War.
11/10/406 KRE - Atiemus is defended from Mahedore by various forces.
18/06/407 KRE - Kies is elected Emperor of the Kraw.
20/06/407 KRE - Kies announces his plans to kick empires out of the Kraw Galaxy.
15/11/407 KRE - The Komorians split as a result of the Komorian Civil War.
01/00/408 KRE - The Kraw Galaxy Liberation War begins.

Fiction Universe Events Edit

This shows Fiction Universe events in the KRE calendar.

(At least) -100 Quadrillion KRE - The Xhodocto were Created.
~-14 Billion KRE - Shu'ulathoi is created.
-1.48 Billion KRE - The War of the Ancients occurs.
-20600 KRE - The Xhodocto Re-Awaken.
-366 KRE - 2012 AD. -345 KRE - The battle of 40 Stars occurs. -98 KRE - The Battle for Planet Kaizox Occurs.
0 KRE - Captain Votarah is Born.
7 KRE - Warlord Hez'Kalka is born.
40 KRE - Emperor Wormulus II, the most Glorious Emperor in the Universe, is born.
155 KRE - The DCP was Formed.
374 KRE - The War of Ages Begins.
21/12/379 KRE - The Scourge was supposed to occur.
381 KRE - Tyraz Breek is born.
384 KRE - Xanatos Breek is Born.
Early 399 KRE - The War of Ages Ends.
Mid 399 KRE - The DCP Civil War Begins.
Late 399 KRE - The Gablinus Avis gain New Forms.
Late 399 KRE - The DCP Civil War Ends.
400 KRE - The Battle of the Capital System Occurs.
401 KRE - The BNSC-Zazane War occurs. The 2nd Coming of the Xhodocto occurs.
402 KRE - The Holy Shadow War Begins, the 2nd war of the Black Fog begins.
403 KRE - The Anihilation occurs.
404 KRE - Brood of War is formed, Second Coming's events occur.
405 KRE - 4th Ottzello War occurs.
406 KRE - First Wrampoler War occurs, Mahedore's search occurs, Rights of Earth occur.
407 KRE - Clash of the Crimelords occurs, GEC is formed.
408 KRE - The Tzhrhokia story arc begins.

Feel free to add or alter things from this list! Renember: 2785 AD = 408 KRE.

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