Merry Christmas from Irskaad! Here's a warm story to keep you cozy during the holidays.

23 Dekbinaar 401 KRE. The Kraw call it the worst year in their history due to the many wars they had to endure. Everyone hoped for 402 KRE to be better, but Varkeos was pessimist. He thought everyone in the Galaxy was going to die. Daaxri, his 2nd in command, also Prime Minister of the Kraw Empire, looked at many DCP Websites. He had attained English fluency 3 months ago - like 39% of the Kraw population. There, he decided to search info about the Human republic. He found something amusing.

Daaxri - "Hmmm... Varkeos!" *Runs to his throne room*
Varkeos - "Yes, PM?"
Daaxri - "I looked at a DCP info database about the Human Republic, and it turns out, 2 days from now in our calendar, a human holiday is celebrated."
Varkeos - "Not our holiday, so forget it."
Daaxri - "It involves gifts, a bearded red man, and something I've seen on the Tahar Flag."
Varkeos - "Ugh, your obsession with humans seems endless! We had no contact with them! Why do you keep telling me about them?"
Daaxri - "Just listen. In this holiday, a Red man comes, called "Sandy Claws", and gives gifts to hatchlings. Good, eh?"
Varkeos - "Interesting. Tell me more."
Daaxri - "It is celebrated on the 25th of their 12th month. It started out as the day of some sun god, and then-"
Varkeos - "Woah woah woah! A RELIGIOUS Holiday?"
Daaxri - "Apparently."
Varkeos - "Daaxri, our empire is Irreligious. This is how it will stay. Also, we don't want any new holidays. We got 15 already."
Daaxri - "Allright. I thought we could have some fun... It's 2 Keltons (-28 Cº) Outside." *Leaves back to his room*

Even at -28 Cº, Kraw still go outside to work, shop and play, regardless of the snow. Hatchlings don't play with snow in the Kraw Empire. But they like drawing on it. Some scientists detected a Strange Planet located near Horehronie - A home for a 18th century like Empire.

Scientist Kalkos - "Hmm, an underdeveloped species..."
Scientist Jaak - "Yeah, have they even noticed what's wrong with the universe?"
Kalkos - "Of course not. We must uplift them. Give them some of our tech."
Jaak - "Great idea. But how do we do this? They have no Visual devices nor radio!"
Kalkos - "This will be hard..."

Daaxri appears at the Lab's door.

Daaxri - "I'm bored. What did you find?"
Jaak - "A Tier 7 Empire."
Daaxri - "7?"
Jaak - "5 is early spacefaring, 6 is non-spacefaring with communications technology, and 7 is non-spacefaring without communications Tech."
Daaxri - "Ok, it's just that Tier 7 is non-official."
Jaak - "It's called a Term."
Kalkos - "We are going to uplift this civilization. There's 870 Million People."
Daaxri - "Do it this way..."

Daaxri starts telling them to dress as red people, ride 18 Sleighs, each on every country in the Planet, and give every person a wrapped gift. 6 hours later, they dropped micro-tags around the planet, and they made sure every citizen got one. The citizens never noticed the tags being dropped on them. Once they received their gifts, the tags would deactivate. Once that was done, it was time to get ready. They chose 20:00 - 24 Dekbinaar 401 KRE to launch the plan.

Daaxri - "Time to put this civilization in the Space age..."

Meanwhile, on Planet Kavios, the people of Kavios, especially in the Country of Kem, live in despair and poverty, caused by the Global War, which started because of greed and avarice. Food is scarce, Leisure is only available for the wealthy, and Kings are very greedy, keeping the riches to themselves. The whole planet is barely in the industrial era.

Kemian Citizen Has - "Dad, why do people starve? Why is food so hard to find?"
Kemian Citizen Helo - "The Great war, it happened 6 Generations ago and we still haven't recovered from it."
Has - "Dad, why doesn't the king do anything about it?"
Helo - "Everyone who has stepped in our throne was greedy and selfish. Bah. The King should be stripped of his wealth."
Has - "The king is superior, dad..."
Helo - "Now, I am going to pray, to the Kran Gods."
Has - "Why don't they weaken the king?"
Helo - "Because we didn't pray hard enhough. Now, let me do this."

And so Helo goes to his altar, which has 3 statuettes of the Kran Gods. They look like a Mix between Kraw and Vartekians, and it is said that they will perform the ultimate miracle someday, which will grant them ultimate glory. Helo prays to the gods, crying as he does so, knowing that the People in the planet have lived in hunger for 170 Years. He finishes praying with a tear.

Helo - "It is done. Let's hope that was hard enhough..."

Night falls in the Country of Kem. 18 Bright lights can be seen in the skies. The people were wondered at the light show, until the lights came closer. It was the Kraw. The people thought they were the Kran gods. Has, a little girl, runs towards where the lights were heading. The Sleighs, which contained 8 engines shaped like Garnagos, which were Hogomoth-Horse hybrids, flew towards the cities, and fired the presents towards the house's chimneys. Helo receives his gift.

Helo - "What in the Kran is this?"

He opens the gift, revealing it to be 15 small bags of seeds, which could grow omnivore food. Also in the wrapping there were instructions, written in KUL, and some linguistic notes for the people to translate the instructions into their language. Helo knew in 15 minutes he had gotten a food source.

Helo - "The gods have blessed us! My prayer worked! Jai, my wife, come see this!"

He Planted the seeds, poured some water, and noticed the plants grew too fast - They were genetically modified. He had gotten food that could last him eons. But his daughter, Has, was missing.

Other people got more interesting gifts, such as Visual devices, Power generators, Heaters, Theatre equipment, cars, the Internet, Games, Film equipment, Medicine, Computers, Holograms, Transmission devices, Mobile phones, clocks, Solar panels, spaceships, oxygen converters, factory instructions, refrigerators, all that these people in the Planet have not even imagined that would even exist. People were frightened, shocked, amazed and Joyful at the new gadgets they had just received. It took them a few hours before they could utilize the technology sucessfully, and they got to work, to make more of this technology. Power Generators were first mass-produced, then food and then wealth. The Kings got plans for governments, like assemblies, Plans for republics, and Guides to the space age. Terraformers, colonizers and weaponry were given as well, to more wealthy people. The Kraw counted how many tags on the entire planet were still active.

Kraw Uplifter Herik - "We only have 1 person missing. Some girl."
Kraw Uplifter Lekno - "What? Go find her!"
Kraw Uplifter Yew - "Look, the tag is approaching us!"

Has ran far to meet the "gods" herself. She was excited.

Has - "Hello, Kran gods."
Herik - *Ahem* *Uses a translator for her to understand* "It's Kraw, and we are not gods."
Has - "You gave us hope, a chance to shine! How are you not gods? You make the impossible!"
Herik - *To Lekno* "She thinks we're Kkia'Sihm or Kamik'Shi or something! What an idiot!"
Lekno - *To Harik* "They're in the dark ages. They think 400 KRE Technology is "magic"."
Has - "We're not idiots. We are simply poor."
Herik - "Ok, out in space, in a star near you, you will find us. Go tell your people to find us. If they do, you'll be officially Tier 5."
Has - "What is a Tier?"
Herik - "Ask a library once you are fully uplifted. Here is a map. This is our last gift for your people. This is horehronie, where we live."
Has - "Cool!"
Herik - "And this is where you are. Get a spaceship, and fly there. And make sure you correctly translate our instructions!"
Has - "Thanks! I'm giving this to the King! Bye!"
Herik - "Goodbye."

And so, the 18 Uplifters left the planet, proud of what they've done. They've already done the same thing with 44 more empires. 3 months later, the Empire of Kavios builds its first spaceyard, and the empire looks like it has the technology of the Friendly Republic of the Asgord. They were preparing to launch the ship to Horehronie, until they got a transmission.

Varkeos - "Hello, I am my people's emperor. Congratulations on reaching Tier 5. See you in Horehronie! Bye!"
Herik - "Goodbye, Kraw Empire."

And so, The Kavios People celebrate christmas every 25th of Dekbinaar, as a celebration of the arrival of the 18 uplifters. The Kraw were proud of what they did. Now, they look forward to uplift another empire, somewhere else, but in a diffrent way...


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