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New Cyrandia Wars
PreviousGreat Cyrannus War
Dark Times
ConcurrentGreat Xonexian Schism

DCP-Vermulan War

Revolution and Redemption War
Date04 NE/07 ATC
PlaceCyrandia Cluster
Civil Conflict: Civil conflict between Imperial State and Empire
Bisistar conflicts: Bisistar attacks on the New Republic
Rihanae Pact conflicts: Anti-Republic Sentiment
Major engagements


ImperialEmblem Cyrannian Empire
AltDCPInsignia Delpha Coalition of Planets
Naakjilogo Naakjian Confederation
Mardvaeli Flag Emblem Mardvaeli Republic


RamboflagIIRambo Nation


ImperialStateEmblem Imperial State
TIAF Flag Tybusen Federation (covertly)
Ahsokr Empire


CAS Flag Confederacy of Free Planets
Allied Forces


NewRepublicCyrannian Republic
DracFlagIndoctrinate Collective
APR LogoAlgolurn Popular Republic
HumanRepublicSymbolAllied Terran Republic


Troodontid Empire2Troodontid Empire


RihanaePact Rihanae Pact
BisistarSymbol Bisistar Domain


Cognatusi FlagCognatus Empire
NeraidaFlagNeraida Gigamatrix

IcolianSymbolIcolian Assemblage

The first true test of the New Imperial Order. Will it emerge triumphant and conquer all or will it languish under its own weight and fall to the growing might of the Basileus and their allies? Only time will tell. The Great Cyrannus War may have brought about the beginning of the future, but this new conflict will decide its course.

- Unknown

The New Cyrandia Wars is a name given to describe the series of conflicts within the Cyrandia Cluster occurring in the years after the end of the Dark Times and the creation of the New Cyrannian Republic. While the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus remained the pre-eminant power in the Cyrannus Galaxy, it began to face its first major test to the integrity of the Imperial Order, namely the secessionist movement known as the Cyrannian Imperial State led by the Basileus Imperator Tyermaillin as well as the new threat of the Cognatus Empire under the rule of the mysterious Primercer, a being whose battle with the Galactic Emperor has reignited for the first time in millions of years.

Concurrently to these troubles facing the Imperials, the New Republic began to grow as a gigaquadrantic hyperpower in its own right forging an alliance of states from across the Gigaquadrant in an effort to bring about greater unity and peace in the cosmos. However, these efforts are challenged by the emergence of threats such as the nefarious Bisistar Domain and the Rihanae Pact, both of whom wish to see an end to the growing power of the Republic in both the Cyrandia Cluster and the universe at large. Meanwhile, in Rambo Nation, as the Empire begins to lessen its grip over the Nation in favour of other exploits, Empress Ramashe faces internal struggle as she is forced to politicise her personal life at the behest of her uncle while new threats rise to face her valiant nation.

Unlike the Great Cyrannus War of years past, the New Cyrandia Wars are not a unified conflict affecting the entirety of the cluster, but rather a more localised series of conflicts that are fought in a variety of locations across Cyrannus and the Quadrants. Hanging over the head of these wars is the precarious political climate between the cluster's great powers, the Empire, the Republic and the Nation with some scholars considering this period to be a mere stepping stone to a larger Cluster-wide civil war in contrast to others claiming that it will bring about lasting peace in Cyrandia.


The corresponding story-arc of Quadrantia Disorder is Ortum a Dynastia



"Unknown voices whisper in the night for conflict and chaos. The Cyrannian Imperial State - our state - will be ready."

The origins of the war lie in the failed coup attempt against Emperor Tyrómairon during the third year of the Dark Times orchestrated by Imperator Tyranus, Grand Mandator of the Outer Rim. Through accident or design, the crushing of the coup by the Emperor himself led to many on the Basileus capital of Vasuband to doubt the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, a civilisation they saw as being dominated unfairly by the Libertus. Chief among these dissidents was Lord Tyermaillin, who declared himself the new Imperator of the Basileus and along with the recently ousted Zillum formed the Cyrannian Imperial State.

As the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts began across the universe by the explosion at Station Halcyon, Tyermaillin decided to put his nefarious plan into motion. After gathering a new fleet of highly advanced Centurion-class Star Destroyers, Tyermaillin sieged Vasuband and claimed control over the Basileus Star Cluster. Due to the high levels of support for Tyermaillin's cause, the battle was won without a shot being fired. Meanwhile, on Orbispira and Antemurale, the Imperial Navy began to mobilise for a renewed war.

In the Odysseia Region, the New Cyrannian Republic, the newly formed superpower constructed along the principles of the United Republic of Cyrannus began to face threats on all sides of its borders, chief among these threats being the Jenassian Regency, the Regellis Star Empire and the Icolian Assemblage, while further into the unknown regions, the Primercer began to consolidate his control over the Cognatus Empire, intent on destroying the Galactic Emperor once and for all.

As the first month of 04 NE/07 ATC dawned on the galaxy, it was once again thrown into a war that would decide the future of the galaxy's inhabitants.

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