Republica Cyrannica'l En'galae
Naval Forces of the Cyrannian Republic
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LocationNew Cyrannian Republic
Governing body
Main leadersNew Republic Naval Command
PolicyTo protect and serve the New Republic, its people, the constitution and its allies.
CapitalApatalore (03 NE)
Mou'Cyran (03 NE - 15 NE)
Scorpiae (15 NE - )

The New Republic Navy, the Republic Starfleet or the Republic Fleet is the naval exploratory and defence branch of the New Cyrannian Republic's military, primarily responsible for the defence of Republic and allied space and the scientific exploration of the cosmos. Centred in the Republic's home territories in the Cyrandia Cluster, the Republic Navy maintains a considerable presence throughout the Gigaquadrant in terms of both peace-keeping operations and power-projection, allowing it to respond quickly to threats to Republic sovereignty and security throughout the First Universe Square.

As can be expected from an organisation responsible for maintaining peace and stability over territories that are astronomical in scale, the Republic Navy exercises constant vigilance from a staggering number of warships, support vessels and exploratory starships, comprising of hundreds of fleets conducting a wide variety of missions throughout the Gigaquadrant. In the federal framework of the Republic, member states are expected to support to support the Republic's starfleet, while retaining direct control over their own local forces.

The Republic Naval Charter mandates that the Navy be responsible not only for the defence of the Republic and the conduct of interstellar war, but the exploration of the cosmos, be it the Unknown Regions of Cyrannus or Endless Space, striking a political and budgetary balance of offensive, defensive and exploratory capabilities. To this end, the Republic fields pure warships such as the Phoebus-class Star Destroyer and pure exploration vessels such as the Intrepid-class starship. In recent years however, under the administration of President Nexarón Valkistair, vessels designed to fulfill all three roles to various degrees have been introduced into active service, such as the Praesator and Presidio-class.

As with the other branches of the Republic military, the Navy falls under the command of the Republic Galactic Senate, which is officially represented in strategic decision-making by the President. In turn, the President is required to act under the recommendation of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy (CICN), an appointed Fleet Admiral who oversees Republic Fleet Command—the operational authority over the fleet.


Early OperationsEdit

The New Republic Starfleet was formed in the days following the establishment of the Republic at the monumental Cyrandia Conference in 3 NE. Mainly formed from vestiges of fleets left over from the United Republic of Cyrannus as well as small planetary defence forces, it was a difficult task for the newly established Republic Command to organise this rag-tag group of starships into an actual flotilla serving a modern superpower. Famed ship designer and commodore in the Republic Navy, Val Niathan oversaw many of the newly constructed ships in the Navy such as the Ares-class Light Frigate while Proconsul Apollo managed to strike a deal with the Shipyards of Rowar in Rambo Nation, allowing the development of science and exploration ships such as the Intrepid and Odyssey-classes. However, the Venator-class Star Destroyer remained the most common vessel in the armada, though would be augmented to serve alongside newer designs such as the Phoebus-class Star Destroyer.


Swift Republic victories in battles such as the Battle of Mou'Cyran in late 03 NE assured citizens that the Republic could defend the galaxy.
40 Neochios, 03 NE

Fleet Command was quick to launch its experimental flagship, the massive and highly advanced Republica under the command of Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea in order to show the other civilisations of the galaxy that the Republic was a strong superpower. As the rest of the Navy watched on in pride, the Republica began its voyages, which are destined to lead to great success for the Republic. Meanwhile, back at Fleet Command, the various admirals of the fleet began to prepare for possible Icolian incursions, particularly in the aftermath of the Battle of Mou'Cyran, during which time the Icolians and the Regellians launched a failed attempt to conquer the Republic capital. Such a swift victory reassured citizens who doubted that the Republic had the resolve and strength to defend the galaxy.

New Cyrandia WarsEdit

When the Rihanae Pact declared war on the Republic, the bulk of the fleet was dispatched to the edges of Republic space in an effort to prevent Rihanae attacks on Republic-held planets. However, they would be unprepared for a far more deadly enemy when the Bisistar Domain launched a vast invasion of the Republican Ermitant homeworld of Venetia, forcing a vast fleet to respond, launching one of the largest battles in Cyrannian history. Joined by their allies in the Mou'Cyran Accords, the Republic bravely fought to repel the Bisistar, ultimately succeeding at a great cost. In the aftermath of the battle, new militarised designs such as the Praesator-class Star Destroyer entered service in an effort to prevent a repeat of the Venetian campaign.


The Republic Navy's striking victory over the Rihanae Pact during the Sacking of Rihanae cemented the Republic's claimance as a rival galactic government.
13 Novemex, 05 NE

A similarly titanic conflict would be waged in the Neutral Zone between the Empire and the New Republic, when the Corruptus overworld Brezank attacked both Republic and Imperial colonies on both sides of the border, prompting a united fleet to travel to Brezank to repel the threat. Over the two years of the New Wars, the Republic Navy moved carefully, working to ensure that the myriad of enemies it faced were kept divided. Indeed, the fleet worked to marginalise, contain and eliminate core Jenassian and Regellian fleets, tightening a vice on the belligerent world of Rihanae in preparation for the Sacking late in 05 NE. These key battles effectively shaped the eastern astrographic border of the Republic, forcing the Jenassians to concentrate on expansion in the Quadrants, while prompting the Regellian Empire to erupt into civil war.

With the end of the conflict with the Rihanae Pact, the Republic Navy worked closely with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and Rambo Nation toward the destruction of the Cyrannian Imperial State. Republic Command ordered the First Fleet down the eastern border of the Empire, where it entered State territory at the nexus of the Perliana Trade Run, steadily fighting north toward Vasuband. Under the command of Fleet Admiral Tyandas, who led the First Fleet of the Republic from the Praesator-class Destroyer Sword of Peace, the Republic fleet pushed up the Perliaman Southern Corridor, where it fought with Imperial and Rambo forces in the pivotal Siege of Vasuband, during which the State finally fell.

Cyrannian Cold WarEdit

Battle of Coruanthor 02

The Republic and their allies rush to the defence of Coruanthor during the Neraida War.
55 Iunius 09 NE

Against the wishes of militarist Senators such as Nexarón Valkistair, the First Fleet did not retain a beachhead in the Southern Outer Rim, swayed by President Apaltar's belief that such an act would destroy the good-will forged with the Empire during the Siege. Nevertheless, with the onset of the Cold War in 06 NE, such considerations were obsolete. With the inauguration of Nexarón Valkistair in 08 NE and the prominence of the pro-military Centrist party in subsequent elections, the Navy began a considerable expansion, aided by new facilities at shipyards such as Scorpiae, Coruaan and Angrenos. In addition to the introduction of new frigates such as the Aether-class—which would quickly become the most common vessel in the Navy, Scorpiae Fleet Yards soon began production of massive dreadnoughts such as the Republic-class, designed to go toe-to-toe with their Imperial counterparts.

In conflicts such as the Neraida War and the Loron Incursion, the Navy had reached such a point where it could repair and replace damaged vessels at a pace which alleviated Republic morale, particularly during the darkest depths of the Neraida conflict, which saw the destruction of several hundred vessels, including top-of-the-line dreadnoughts. Nevertheless, by the conclusion of the conflicts, the Republic Navy had reached the peak of its power, projecting the might and resolve across the Gigaquadrant as a symbol of hope against the Empire.

Second Great Cyrannus WarEdit

I will commit the Grand Republic Fleet to the battle. As I have taken command of all surviving Naval assets in the Republic, I have ordered all other fleets on the defensive.

- Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea

During the closing stages of the Cold War, the Navy learned of a top secret Imperial superweapon known as the Ecimaex Wall, which had the potential to destroy entire fleets as they travelled through hyperspace. Coordinating with Strategic Intelligence, the Army and the Aldárae Order, Fleet Admiral Cretacea led the Grand Republic Fleet to destroy the weapon in the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall. Simultaneously, the Empire unleashed the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation, destroying Mou'Cyran and most of Republic Naval Command.

SGCW Labyrinth of War 06

The Republic Navy during the Battle of Coruanthor.
Dekemurios 40, 15 NE

In the aftermath, Cretacea took command of all surviving naval assets under the direction of President Apollo, who established a new capital on Capricaerón. Simultaneously, Cretacea and the Republic Navy launched a desperate attack on the Battlestation, and through impossible odds, managed to destroy it. With much of the Navy still in chaos, Cretacea established a new Fleet Headquarters on Scorpiae, where he oversaw the Coru Secundus campaign of the quickly escalating conflict.

During the opening stages of the war, the Navy fought a desperate campaign against the Imperials at the Mou'Cyran Remnants, Coruaan, Coruanthor and countless other systems across the galaxy. Though it faced heavy losses, it remained resolute, emerging victorious over the Imperial Navy in Coru Secundus, despite being outnumbered and outgunned. However, with the end of the Coru Secundus campaign, the Navy would become fractured when Praesator Adelheidis announced her True Republic, forcing the men and women of the Navy to fight against those who had been considered kin-in-arms.


Officially, the Commander-in-Chief of the Republic military is the Republic President, currently Apollo. In reality however, while the President is the final decision-maker, the Navy is primarily subordinate to both Republic Fleet Command and the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy (CICN)—a Fleet Admiral who serves as the primary military adviser to the President and the Senate as well as the most powerful operational authority over the Fleet. The CICN is nominated by the President and approved by the Senate, with the current flag officer being Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea, who was appointed to the position in the aftermath of the Neraida War in 10 NE.



The Second Mou'Cyran Defence Fleet, commanded by Admiral Teromeda, in 04 NE.

The Republic Navy operates Sector Commands which coordinate the complex system of sectors across Republic-controlled space. These Sector Commands fall under the authority of the overarching Republic Fleet Command based on Mou'Cyran, with each being coordinated by an Admiral in consultation with the sector's senior Galactic Senator. The defence fleets which operate under a Sector Command tend to be augmented by contributions from the member species and states under its protection. For example, Azuxachor Sector Command is a separate entity from the local military forces of the Sovereign Domain of Azuxachor, operating under a different chain of command while remaining closely linked to the furtherance of Republic-wide security. A notable Sector Defence Fleet is the Elen'Nanethia Defense Fleet under the command of Fleet Admiral Anuatolian of the Phoenix-class supercarrier Eye of Horus.

In addition to the defence fleets of the Sector Commands, the Republic projects power throughout the Gigaquadrant through expeditionary fleets, each operating under the command of a high-ranking Admiral or Fleet Admiral, often from the bridge of a Battlecruiser or a Dreadnought. These Admirals, collectively referred to as the Admiralty, operate under the authority of the Commander-in-Chief of the Fleet, though generally maintain a high degree of autonomy during lengthy tours of duty. These vast Republic armadas are often organised into smaller battle-groups, a contingent, greatly variable in size, formed on a case-by-case basis depending on the mission at hand. Such groups are flexible, often under the command of a Commodore and can range from a small flotilla of frigates to a sizeable supercarrier group.

Perhaps the most famous Republic expeditionary fleet is the Grand Republic Fleet, formed in 03 NE and headed by the C.R.S. Republica, the flagship of the Republic Navy and the most powerful vessel currently in active service. Under the direct command of CICN Fleet Admiral Cretacea, the Grand Republic Fleet is a direct successor to the Fleet of Retribution, the joint Republic and Rambo Nation armada formed in the aftermath of the Trucinex War. In addition to the Republica, the Grand Republic Fleet is known for fielding approximately fifty five percent of the Republic's venerable Venator-class Star Destroyers, including the Aeolus, the Solaria and the Implacable.


A core battle group of the Nineteenth Fleet, led by the flagship C.R.S. Spirit of the Republic, under the command of Fleet Admiral Aver Kuestantine.

The Grand Republic Navy distinguished itself during the Great Battle of Venetia, the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone, the Sacking of Rihanae and throughout the Neraida War, often operating as a key component of the Pax Infinitus Armada of the Mou'Cyran Accords.

Second in notability to the Grand Republic Fleet is the First Fleet under the command of Fleet Admiral Tyandas of the C.R.S. Sword of Peace, which despite what the name may imply, was in actuality, the second fleet organised upon the formation of the Republic. Under the command of Tyandas, the First Expeditionary Fleet distinguished itself during the New Cyrandia Wars, as the fleet responsible for the final push into space controlled by the Cyrannian Imperial State. Notable vessels in the First Fleet include the Phoebus, the Valour and the Concord. In the wake of the New Cyrandia Wars, the Nineteenth Fleet under the command of Fleet Admiral Aver Kuestantine has rose to prominence, particularly during the Loron Conflict of 09 NE, while the Twenty-Eighth Fleet under Fleet Admiral Gialu Kaedar and the C.R.S. Star of Cyrannus is the primary bulwark against Imperial incursions along the Neutral Zone.

Notable FleetsEdit

Fleet Fleet Admiral Flagship Status
NewRepublic01 Grand Republic Fleet CretaceaMini CICN Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea Republica02 C.R.S. Republica CyraBattleIcon Active
NewRepublic01 First Fleet TyandasMini Fleet Admiral Tyandas PraesatorClass C.R.S. Sword of Peace CyraCapitalIcon Active
NewRepublic01 Third Fleet ShavaleraMini Fleet Admiral Laege Shavalera LegacyStarDestroyer C.R.S. Layné Borellian CyraCapitalIcon Active
NewRepublic01 Nineteenth Fleet KuestantineMini Fleet Admiral Aver Kuestantine Republic-class Star Dreadnought C.R.S. Spirit of the Republic CyraBattleIcon Active
NewRepublic01 Twenty-Eighth Fleet KaedarMini Fleet Admiral Gialu Kaedar LiberatorDreadnoughtV2 C.R.S. Star of Cyrannus CyraBattleIcon Active

Starfighter CorpsEdit

NW Evacuation of Ithirebor

The Nychus starfighter is a critical component in Republic Naval doctrine.

A semi-independent branch of the Republic Navy, the New Republic Starfighter Corps is responsible for the flight operations of the Republic's starfighters. In contrast with the Empire, which favours a naval doctrine dominated by massive Destroyers and Battlecruisers and augmented by expendable fighters and drones, the Republic Navy invests in the technological development of hyperspatial snubfighters capable of destroying battleships. Such developments, primarily during the New Cyrandia Wars, led to the development of the highly successful X-15 Nychus starfighter, often regarded as the most successful starfighter class operating in the Cyrannus Galaxy. The Starfighter Corps is divided into groups, wings, squadrons and sections, with a Squadron being commanded by a Commander. While the Corps is closely associated with the Navy, it often exercises autonomy during assignments based on planetary bases.

Marine CorpsEdit

Much like the Starfighter Corps, the New Republic Marine Corps is a semi-independent branch of the Republic Navy which relies on naval vessels to facilitate their combat operations, be it expeditionary combat on land or the defence of Republic ships and stations from hostile invaders. Subordinate to Republic Naval Command, the Marine Corps is represented by a General, who represents the interests of the Corps during naval deliberation. Nevertheless, officers of the Marine Corps often consider their representation in Fleet Command to be token, experiencing a degree of friendly competition with the Naval officers stationed alongside them on Republic starships. With the exception of the Republic's exploration vessels, most Republic starships have a complement of marines, where they operate under the direct authority of the vessels' commanding officer.



The Fortitude-class starbase.

Dotted throughout Republic space are hundreds of space stations and starbases with a wide range of functions within the Republic Navy. While the Republic federal government maintains a wide range of the starbase network, a significant number of starbases are under the direct regional control of the Republic's various member worlds and states, such as the Sovereign Domain of Azuxachor and the Andormaru Empire. Nevertheless, regardless of their operational authority, all can act as command centres for sector fleets, as well as staging grounds, drydocks and construction yards—particularly starbases of a sufficient size to service multi-kilometre long Republic starships. Indeed, larger starbases, particularly those located along the borders of Republic space, or at the mouth of a wormhole, often host a sizable civilian population, while many others are equipped to host diplomatic meetings and interstellar trade.


The Valour-class starbase.

As of 14 NE, the Republic operates three primary starbase types, the oldest being the Fortitude-class station. Dating back to the Great Cyrannus War, the Fortitude-class are more common than the Valour-class starbase, though are substantially smaller in size and scope. Nevertheless, the crew of these venerable stations strive to ensure that any aging weaponry or technologies present are constantly upgraded to meet modern standards. While all Republic starbases are highly customisable to suit whichever region of space they are constructed, Fortitude-class stations generally function as military command posts, with the station's "arms" designed to accommodate docking Venator-class Star Destroyers. Indeed, it is a testament to the age of the station type that they are ill equipped to deal with more modern designs.

Lloannen-class Starbase Pic

The Guardian-class starbase

Far larger than the Fortitude-class, the massive Valour-class station were developed during the Cyrannian Cold War and have become common along key hyperlanes and staging areas close to the Imperial neutral zone. With the firepower to melt a world, these starbases are formidable military installations, while simultaneously providing the Navy with limited ship fabrication yards, trade ports and command and control centres. Nevertheless, the resources required to construct a Valour-class station prevent them from becoming the most common space station in Republic space, a distinction which belongs with the Guardian-class station, introduced in 12 NE as a multi-purpose and versatile alternative to the aging Fortitude and the massive Valour. Designed as an orbital defense structure built to deter an Imperial attack on strategic worlds and locations, the Guardian-class is equipped with hyperspatial missiles, turbolaser cannons and multiple point-defense lasers, in addition to shield generators, while some stations operating under the authority of Republic Strategic Intelligence are equipped with an advanced cloaking device. While smaller than the Valour-class, the Guardian-class is more versatile, while the modules necessary in its construction can quickly be deployed far from the Republic Core.


Every profession penalises those who employ personnel trained inadequately for the task at hand. Only in the navy, however, are such penalties so disastrous, to both the individual and their fellow officers. As such, this academy accepts only the best and we work to the fullest of our abilities to guide the next generation. We expect nothing less from our students.

- Instructor Firhul N'axesa, Piconé Fleet Academy

The Combat Information Centre of the C.R.S. Republica during the Second Great War.

Vital to the operations of the Republic Navy are the officers and enlisted personnel who fill their ranks, proudly upholding millennia-old traditions of duty and service to the democratic government of Cyrannus Galaxy. Prospective naval candidates often attend advanced academies located throughout Republic space, with the most prestigious being the Piconé Fleet Academy in the United Worlds of Calithilaen, which counts Willelmus Cretacea and Helo Roslia amongst a highly successful list of alumni. The Fleet Academy on Piconé has produced officers for the Capricorn Sector Alliance, the Cyrannian Federation, the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, offering students a wide range of courses generally fielded toward the tactical and command division. Indeed, graduates are often said to be the first to rush into battle as well as those more likely to eventually command a Star Destroyer.

In contrast, the newly established Cyranamrún Naval Academy on Mou'Cyran has garnered a reputation for producing many of the Republic's next generation of officers, such as Tymonir Vargeryan, reflecting the increased emphasis which the Republic places on exploration and scientific advancement. Notable courses in both academies include Interstellar Diplomacy, Large Vessel Design, Battle Tactics 101, Astrometrics, Temporal Mechanics and Astrography, with a student often making good use of their academy training in their subsequent careers, be it as a science, tactical or operations officer.

At the top of naval chain of command are flag officers, who function at the highest levels of the chain of command, often serving on board a flagship or operating at Republic Fleet Command on Scorpiae.


Fleet Admiral Shavalera in a standard issue flag officer's uniform.

Flag officers are generally considered to be individuals above the rank of captain, be they Commodores, Rear Admirals, Vice Admirals, Admirals or Fleet Admirals. Below flag officers are field officers, who hold, in descending order, the ranks of Captain, Commander, Subcommander, Lieutenant, Sublieutenant and Ensign. Generally less practised than officers, enlisted personnel serve on starships and installation in specific capacities which they rarely deviate from, be it engineering or security. Most officers aspire to the rank of Captain, which involves command over a starship or a starbase and are granted a considerable degree of operational autonomy, particularly when operating in unknown space far from the borders of Republic territory. Therefore, only the most excellent officers are granted the rank, having the authority to act in the Republic's name during First Contact scenarios, thereby having a direct role in shaping Republic policy toward alien cultures. While captain is a specific rank within the Republic chain of command, as a gesture of respect, any commanding officer of a starship are referred to as "Captain", even if they do not hold the specific rank.

Any individual with the merit to excel within the Republic Navy is welcome to join, regardless of their species, gender or civilisation of origin. Therefore, the Republic Navy is considered to be one of the most diverse in the Cyrannus Galaxy. While the majority of officers are Libertus, large numbers of Mon Nahdar, Ortella, Adelphi, Rambo Serindia and Trucinex can be found serving aboard starships, where they generally work harmoniously in service to the Republic. While rare, officers such as Thonaloc, who hail from factions often hostile to the Republic government, can also be found in high ranking command positions, provided they show the same degree of excellence and duty as their peers.


Officers within the Republic Navy wear a new standardised uniform since 11 NE. The new uniforms were issued by President Nexarón Valkistair to give his officers a more regal appearance, blending a diplomatic and military uniform into one. The two part-uniform sports black trousers, a black skirt with a black jacket with red details and gold/red shoulder epaulettes. Additionally, the standardised uniform sports a brown belt, with a golden clip and black boots for species inclined to wear footwear. A optional choice for officers is to wear a light dark hat with similar gold and red ornamentation. Some customisation options exist to account for personal choice, with Admirals and Fleet Admirals often distinguishing their high rank and status with dual capes which hang from their epaulettes.


Fleet Admiral







Star DreadnoughtsEdit

These weapons of war are a necessary evil when faced with the greatest tyranny of our time.

- President Nexarón Valkistair
While Star Dreadnoughts are a vital component in Imperial naval doctrine, the New Republic Navy generally regards Star Dreadnoughts as tactically inefficient, instead focusing the bulk of the fleet on the creation and modernisation of small-platform Star Destroyers and frigates, in addition to advanced starfighters. Nevertheless, in a bid to deter aggression from the Empire, during the New Cyrandia Wars and the subsequent Cyrannian Cold War, two Republic Star Dreadnoughts were designed with the singular purpose of countering the most advanced Imperial warships.

The Liberator-class Dreadnought are the most common mobile command centres operating in the Republic fleet.

The first to be commissioned was the 9,500 metre long Liberator-class Star Dreadnought, unveiled in the months after the Sacking of Rihanae. Serving as mobile command centres, the Liberator-class quickly became vital strategic resources to Republic Command, with the loss of a single dreadnought causing much headache with logistics. While Imperial Dreadnoughts focus largely on weapon systems, the Liberator-class was designed with some of the strongest shields and defensive mechanisms in the Cyrannus Galaxy, to balance out the clear Imperial advantage in firepower.

Over five thousand metres longer than the Liberator-class, the Republic-class Star Dreadnought, was designed under an executive order by the newly elected President Nexarón Valkistair, who in his presidential campaign made the creation of Star Dreadnoughts for the Republic Navy a core aspect of his defence policy. Primarily constructed at the Shipyards of Angrenos, the unveiling of the Republic-class came as a surprise to Imperial Intelligence, who were thrawted from reporting the development of the vessel by Republic Strategic Intelligence. By 13 NE, ten Republic-class Star Dreadnoughts were in active service, with four more under construction.

While the Liberator and Republica-class are the sole Star Dreadnoughts in active service by the Republic starfleet, the flagship, the C.R.S. Republica, technically fits into the classification established by the Corulusan military academy, reaching fifteen kilometres in length and fielding the most advanced offensive and defensive technologies in the Republic. Commanded by CICN Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea, the Republica stands at the forefront of the navy, as both a testbed for new technologies and the most powerful defender of Republic space.



An Aether-class corvette refuels with a Phoenix-class supercarrier over Taurophon.

The Phoenix-class supercarrier is the sole vessel of its type operating in the Republic fleet, fulfilling a multitude of roles, but primarily as a flight deck for starfighter. Additionally, the Phoenix-class is often used as a flagship, operating a distance from the front lines, deploying fighters and long-range missiles in addition to providing logistic and interdiction support to the fleet. In service since the Great Cyrannus War, the Phoenix-class is constantly upgraded to meet modern specifications, with different vessels of the class fulfilling different functions within the fleet.

The most famous vessel of the class, the C.R.S. Spirit of Freedom, the former flagship of Admiral Cretacea, is designed as a front-line command ship, with heavy weapons and shields. However, most of her sister ships lack such weapon emplacements, instead focusing on increased fighter construction and deployment facilities, shield generators and refuelling stations for smaller ships.

Star BattlecruisersEdit


The maiden voyage of the Fortitude-class Star Battlecruiser, C.R.S. Fortitude.

Citizens travelling the trade routes of the Republic find comfort in these majestic sentinels of order protecting them from the threats that see the benefit in attacking innocent supply lines.

- Senator Mirax Varos of Coruanthor

While the term, battle cruiser continues to be used informally to refer to massive battleships designed to combat other capital ships, the designation Star Battlecruiser is formally reserved under the Corulusan system as the wedge-shaped capital ships over three thousand five hundred metres in length, designed primarily for long range operations independent from large fleets. Bristling with weapons, the two Star Battlecruisers currently in Republic service, the Procurator-class Star Battlecruiser and the Senator-class Star Battlecruiser are both designs which originated with the United Republic of Cyrannus, with the Procurator-class seeing continued service with the Imperial Navy.

Generally serving as bulwarks of defence over the Republic's most important worlds, or as patrol ships along vital trade routes, both the Senator and Procurator-class are equipped with powerful hyperdrives and weapons, though are viewed as less versatile than the smaller and more common vessels of the Star Destroyer classification. As such, relatively few are ever commissioned, with some military analysts that they have been rendered obsolete with the development of large Star Destroyers such as the Praesator and Pheobus-class. Nevertheless, while the Senator-class has always been rare, even in their heyday, the Procurator-class remains relatively common, particularly in the core territories.

Star DestroyersEdit

There is only so much diplomacy can do. Some situations call for a giant Star Destroyer.

- Senator Apollo of Capricaerón

Embodying the Republic's military power, the Star Destroyers of the Republic fleet are amongst the most powerful capital ships in the Cyrandia Cluster, forming the backbone of the Republic Navy and a fundamental component of Republic naval doctrine. Bristling with turbolasers, torpedo launchers and superlaser projectors, the appearance of a Republic Star Destroyer in a conflict is a potent symbol that the adversary has attracted the unwavering eye of the New Galactic Republic of Cyrannus.


A Phoebus-class Star Destroyer launches a shuttle above Capricaerón.

In the early years of the Republic, much of the starfleet inherited the military assets of various remnants of the United Republic of Cyrannus, primarily Venator-class Star Destroyers which served the Republic in Exile in the Quadrant Galaxies. Overseen primarily by Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea, in the early months of the Navy, the basic structural and logistical aspects of the starfleet were developed, from small flotillas of ageing Venators to a powerful fleet, which by 14 NE, had the power to challenge the notion of the Empire as the dominant galactic hyperpower.

Commissioned under the administration of President Apollo of the United Republic in 04 BNE, the Venator-class Star Destroyer continues to dominate the Republic fleet, even as larger and more powerful vessels were commissioned with the purpose of replacing it. Fast enough for blockade running, powerful enough to stand at the front-line of a battle and spacious enough to house entire wings of starfighters, the Venator-class is emblazoned in rich Republic red, retaining a place as an emblem of the Republic itself, venerable and irreplaceable. Serving capably as both a warship and a starfighter carrier, the multipurpose function of the Venator allows it to operate in a wide variety of scenarios. However, by the end of 03 NE, a new generation of Star Destroyers were introduced, including the Phoebus-class and the Ascelpius-class. The Phoebus has since achieved a level of success within the Republic Navy similar to that of the Venator, though is designed exclusively for capital ship warfare, while the Ascelpius-class serves primarily as a hospital ship.


The Praesator-class is the pride of the Republic fleet and a considerable deterent against incursions by foes such as the Regellis Star Empire.

Another United Republic-era design used commonly by the New Republic is the Legacy-class Star Destroyer, which was first commissioned in the final year of the Great Cyrannus War as a pure warship, armed with the most advanced turbolasers and weapon emplacements unrivalled by any Republic or Confederate vessel. Nevertheless, production lines at Cyroenia produced relatively few and the Imperial administration upon the end of the conflict retired the design completely, in favour of the Imperator-class. The New Republic extensively retrofitted the design, with dual hyperlaser projectors fitted on both the port and starboard hangars.

The most powerful Star Destroyer and the pride of the Republic fleet is the Praesator-class Star Destroyer, introduced during the New Cyrandia Wars. Initially, the class was designed as an up-scaled variant of the Venator-class, though in the aftermath of the Great Battle of Venetia, it became an entirely new design, a ship-of-the-line designed to lead the Republic Navy into a new era of excellence. Measuring two thousand six hundred and fifty metres, the Praesator-class are equipped with powerful weaponry and non-phasic shielding, often commanded by the most capable Commodores and Admirals of the fleet.


Similar to the battlecruiser classification, the term cruiser continues to be used in informal parlance to refer to a wide variety of vessels, including Star Destroyers. Within the official classification introduced by the Republic Navy in 03 NE however, it refers to the exploration and science vessels at the forefront of Republic discovery along the fringes of known space. Derived largely from ship technology utilised by Rambo Nation, these starships generally follow a similar design, with a detachable "saucer"-section, a secondary hull and hypermatter nacelles.


Designed utilising technology pioneered by Rambo Nation, the Republic utilises exploration and science cruisers such as the Constitution-class Republic refit, C.R.S. Ardaeinos.

The first three vessels of the type introduced into active service were the Odyssey-class, the Intrepid-class and the Nova-class. Of the three, the Intrepid-class had previously seen service in the Rambo Nation Space Force, only to be retired during the Second Galactic War. The Intrepid-class are quick and excel in several multi-mission capabilities, including mapping wormholes and maintain self-sufficiency far from the nearest Republic base. The Republic Intrepid-class is equipped with a wide variety of sophistiated technological advances, including non-phasic shields and a more advanced artificial intelligence assemblage, which oversees the ships' computer system. Though powerful, the Intrepid-class is not equipped for front-line combat, with Republic Command content to assign Intrepid-class starships to unknown regions unlikely to host large scale conflicts.

The Nova-class is amongst the smallest vessels in active Republic service, measuring a mere one hundred and sixty metres long, allowing it to fit comfortably within the ventral hangar bay of a Venator-class Star Destroyer. Forgoing advanced weaponry, the Nova-class is equipped with some of the most advanced sensors in the fleet, allowing it to excel during survey missions within Republic space. The lead ship of the class, the C.R.S. Nova, under the command of Captain Henry Walter was the unfortunate victim of a Regellian attack during first contact with the Star Empire.

Designed to lead the Republic into a new age of exploration, the Odyssey-class dwarfs both the Intrepid-class and the Nova-class, reaching just over a kilometre in length. While slow compared to the other cruisers in the fleet, the Odyssey-class is well equipped for both peaceful exploration and front-line service in battle, with the C.R.S. Celestes under the command of Captain Kos Achille proving to be particularly prestigious, making contact with over three hundred new species in the Unknown Regions of Cyrannus.

The fourth cruiser-type vessel introduced into Republic service came almost a decade after its predecessors, the Constitution-class Republic refit, which like the Intrepid-class, was directly based on Rambo technology. More bulbous and bulky than the venerable Rambo design, the Republic Constitution-class is smaller than an Odyssey-class, but is equipped with more powerful weapons, shields and propulsion systems. Of the five produced at joint Republic-Rambo shipyards, the C.R.S. Ardaeinos under the command of Captain Tymonir Vargeryan quickly became one of the Republic's most famous vessels, alongside the likes of the Aeolus and the Republica, noted particularly for its involvement in the War of Cleansing and the Pathfinder Fleet Project in the aftermath of the Neraida War.


Battle of Thaehos

The corvette Aurora, an Aether-class, escapes the battle as the Phoebus explodes.

The frigates fielded by the Republic Navy serve in support roles in the fleet, with several different types in active service designed to function in a wide range of specialised roles. Corvettes, exemplified most notably by the Aether-class—the most common vessel in the fleet—are designed primarily for fleet support and blockade running, utilising their speed to quickly maneuver around a battlefield. However, the popularity of the Aether-class is generally attributed to the multi-purpose role of the vessel, with the design allocating large sections of the vessel to be modular in nature, allowing crews to quickly adapt the vessel for the mission parameters. Introduced in the aftermath of the New Cyrandia Wars, the success of the Aether-class has led to production lines reducing new vessels of the Arquitens- and Ares-class frigates, with the former developed in the midst of the Great Cyrannus War.

Nevertheless, the Arquitens-class continues to excel in a variety of escort roles within the fleet, often fighting alongside the far larger Star Destroyers, providing a screen of anti-fighter turbolaser and point defense protection. In contrast, the Ares-class were developed as front-line warships, with the size of a frigate but the firepower of a cruiser. Essentially built around a superlaser cannon, the Ares-class have been slowly been replaced in recent years by the Aether-class, which can serve capably in a far larger range of capacities, with the Ares-class falling short when dealing with diplomatic missions or when fielded on exploratory expeditions into the Unknown Regions. Nevertheless, with tensions mounting with the Empire, Republic Command is hesitant to decommission such a fearsome class of vessel.

Fighters and ShuttlesEdit

The starfighters utilised by the New Republic play an important role in Republic naval doctrine, particularly when compared to the Imperial Navy. Indeed, while the Republic appreciates the need for large battleships, the multipurpose roles of many of their Star Destroyers, which often contain large flight decks, reflect an almost equal focus on small snub fighters. In the early years of the Republic, the navy utilised the X-10 Viperae-class Starfighter, which excelled as a short range interceptor when attached to a carrier or a fighter base.


A Republic Caelum Shuttle escorted by two Nychus fighters departs from a Venator-class Destroyer.

The original model of the Viperae, derived from starfighters used by the United Worlds of Calithilaen were phased out of service in 05 NE, though the Mark II was introduced two years later as a joint venture between the Scorpiae and Coruaan shipyards. The Viperae would ultimately form the basis of the Republic's highly successful X-15 Nychus-class Starfighter, a space superiority starfighter widely regarded as the most powerful class of its type in the Cyrannus Galaxy.

A multi-purpose fighter, the most notable physical characteristic of the Nychus is its unique capability to extend its wings mounted on opposite sides of the craft. These wings extend only during combat, thus increasing the range and speed of the laser cannons installed on prongs on the tip of the wings. This feature can be retracted for greater maneuvering speed during non-combat situations. Equipped with a long-range hyperdrive, the Nychus is designed for hyperspace hit and run attacks, and while it lacks the maneuverability of an Imperial drone, it is equipped with shields and weaponry with no equal in the Imperial Navy, with the capacity to operate independently from a flight control ship, fundamental to the starfighter's success. In addition to these famed starfighters, the Republic fields a wide range of small unmanned scout ships, drones and shuttles, of which the Caelum-class shuttle is the most notable.


The Republic Starfleet is the shield that defends the New Republic, our eyes and voice of advise in the unexplored regions of space and our sword against the enemies of the Republic.

- Ramdard Ramthrace



  • The uniform used by officers in the Republic Navy was designed by Dinoman82.

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