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Omega 019-9515


A Weapon, designed to hunt with precision and efficiency, Omega 019-9515 is a recreated version of Mecha-3415's comrade Omega. This Mechanical Mercenary's History is shrouded in mystery.

What he doesEdit

Omega is often Hired as a mercenary and is sent out on Hunting Missions. But it also haves one goal its Creator gave him, and that is:

Hunt down and destroy your former Comrade Mecha-3415.

This very sentence is the one thing that drives Omega to continue his journey trough the Milky Way.

  • He also gathers Ancient Tech from other Galaxies.
  • Like Mecha he gathers Syphon


The Perseus ArmEdit

This is the place that Omega first appeared in a Report. The Report includes classified Information on what Omega might be, an Camera Image of Omega destroying a building, and a page full of what happened. Why Omega decided to destroy the whole ecosystem and all cities of Muglna-8 is unknown. But this event came to the news on PAITV (Perseus Arm Intergalactic Television News), which showed a blurry image of Omega.

It was later found out that the File was lost, and any Trace that could tell the whereabouts of Omega where forgotten.

The Sagittarius armEdit

Here he apparently decided to be aviable as a Mercenary, he gathered Sporebucks and purchased a silver State-of-the-Art Intergalactic Traveling Ship. Not much of what he did here was unknown, but 28 Mafia Bosses where found dead, on several planets around the Sagittarius Arm.

The Orion ArmEdit

Omega is currently searching for Mecha in the Orion Arm, famous for being the Galactic arm where Sol is located.



This Mechanical masterpiece has an AI installed and can evolve feelings and plan on its own, this also gave it a taste for Music, especially the Band AC/DC.

His top 5 are:

  • AC/DC, TNT
  • Queen, Another one Bites the Dust
  • Green Day, American Idiot
  • Europe, Final Countdown
  • Nickelback, Burn it to the Ground

Hunting TechniquesEdit

He always hunts down his prey by:

  • Searching - Search for information, or a trace
  • Closing up - Get to the Preys location
  • Hunting - Start following the prey
  • And completely Destroying the enemy. -Go in for the Kill

Killing techniquesEdit

Just a few of them:

  • SkullCrush - Push over the prey and Stomp the face.
  • Explosive Hand - Punch the enemy and fire rockets (same as Mechas Projectile Punch)
  • Hand Pistol - Intense Hit with one finger.
  • TNT - plant a Bomb inside the enemy
  • Santa - Send down bombs trough a chimney.
  • Electrical Outburst - a large Electrical storm (around 700.000 Watt) that fries the enemy to coal/silicone.

While in CombatEdit

While not the best, Omega is a great martial Artist, knowing, Tae-Kwondo, Capoera, Karate and Ninjutsu. He only been defeated two times, being able to flee the scene of battle before being caught. Omega is Silent and strikes before you know it, he fights fast and leaves before anyone else arrives. If it survives the battle, he often puts the head of his enemy on a pole, signing it with an Ω in the forehead.


See: Fiction:Mecha/Comrades



CRE Omega 019-9515-0a5c3191 ful

Back View.

Omega is a large Humanoid Robot standing 9,50 Meters (31,167979 Ft) tall, bipedal and being able to run fast, up to 80 Km/H. He has lightly armored legs, and his feet are equipped with Rocket Thrusters, on his back theres Two canisters that contain Sulphuric oxide, these can release dark smoke (the Sulphide) into the air, and choke enemies. His left arm is equipped with powered Triple Bladed hand, his right Arm is armed with a Medium Rocket Launcher. He has two small vents on his shoulders which can both send out his small Nanorobot Agents, or fire an arc of lightning on the enemy. His waist is flexible making him able to turn 270%, his head can turn 340% and his wrists can turn 360% fast enought to make his left hand a dangerous saw. He is made by a rare metal, rare in most galaxies around the First Gigaquadrant.


  • Weights about 736 Kg
  • Missiles can be reprogrammed to be heat seeking.
  • Claws can be dragged in like on a cat.
  • It can lift things that weights up to 2 tonne.
  • It can catch Spaceships, swing them around and throw them into buildings.
  • It can Demolish buildings by shooting at it with a pulse blast.
  • Has Radar, X-Ray Vision, and such
  • Has Sensors to detect; Seismic Waves, Atmospheric changes, Syphon And more.


Extremely Complex is a word that cannot describe the insides of Omega, He is full of Nanotechnology, tiny tiny engines that help Omega to make his moves, all the time, when he jumps, sprints, rolls, dives and other acrobatic moves. Omegas AI is stored in his torso, and a System that enhances Reflexes can be found in the head. There are many parts Omega is unaware of, but is Vital to him. His insides have been examined by a few Engineers that Omega occasionally Kidnap, no one of them was able to tell what Species could have designed him.


  • Concept by Sporesauce 95
  • Idea by Lucario of The Gods
  • Written by Sporesauce 95

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