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Phradox Galaxy, or The Rim Spiral
Phradox Galaxy
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TypeSpiral with ring
AgeOnly a few million
InhabitantsMercuris Federation, Grox, Destroyers, Hidden Order, Goks, Shamans
Diameter105 thousand light years
Thickness.5 thousand light years (disk), 9 thousand light years (bulge), 14 thousand light years (halo)
Star count200 billion
NeighboursTigris Galaxies and Girdo Galaxy
AffiliationThe Mercuris Federation, The Grox of the Phradox Galaxy

My galaxy. It was once tranquil. Now look at it. Hopeless.

- ???

The Phradox Galaxy (also called CGB-21 and Century's Gate) is a galaxy which as in ancient times part of the Xanthra, or "silver" group of galaxies, but was relocated to the Xonexi Cluster, or Local Group, during the Annihilation due to the efforts of Atamolos.

This galaxy was originally colonized by the Core Federation; after the Obvia'Atra's exile from the First Gigaquadrant, it was resettled by the Watchers Imperium before their disappearance in the aftermath of the War of Arbitration. It has since escaped any large wars and remained relatively neglected until recently, when a wave of extragalactic colonists populated its mostly empty planets.

There is also a Grox faction native to the galaxy, which separated from the Grox Meta-Empire millions of years ago.

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  • At one time, the Phradox Galaxy faded into inactivity before efforts from Wormy and Cyrannian, brought it back into activity.
  • To place colonies in this galaxy, simply ask, here.

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