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Second Borealis Galactic War
Second Borealis Galactic War
PreviousCorrupt Occurance
ConcurrentDark Times, Tzhrhokia, New Grox Wars, Andromeda War, New Dawn, Nova Ortus, War of Hyperspace
NextIce Age, Tantummodo Mortem
PlaceBorealis Galaxy
ProvocationZargoth's wish of creating the Vyro'Ralza out of UNO's souls
OutcomeTo be explained


  • MiniWranploer1 Borealis Consortium Network
  • MiniSeagon Seagon Empire
  • MiniNiakaPirate Old Niaka Order
  • MiniMurgur Murgur Warbands
  • Lor Da Rogue Boyz
  • Zargoth
  • MiniTraffphyd Vyro'Ralza
  • MiniDarkDrac Devourer's Chosen
  • Kralg Grand Troopers of Foreign Origins
  • Regnatus

  • MiniXiarazulha2 Xi'Arazulha
  • Independent

  • MiniRebaris Rebaris
  • MiniVekaron Vekaron
  • MiniAsraels Asraels
  • MiniXerkea Xerkea
  • MiniXeron Xeron
  • MiniTuolog UNOL
  • MiniThraloy3 UNOC
  • OlciniusMini Olcinius
  • MiniBaptarion Baptarion Light
  • MiniHachiman Hachiman
  • Vyro'Narza

  • MiniFalrik Falrik Zaarkhun
  • MiniVolim1 General Volim
  • MiniTorrent Torrent
  • MiniGenrai Genrai Nal
  • MiniSollow Sollow
  • MiniVhezari Rothneld Vhezari
  • MiniManulin Manulin
  • MiniFrekloar Da Rogue Leedas
  • Zargoth
  • MiniZargoth Vyro'Ralzora
  • MiniDurzhan Durzhan
  • MiniKolossus3 Kolossus
  • MiniMarigrax1 Emperor Marigrax
  • MiniGeltastra Geltastra
  • MiniArberkul Devourer's Champions
  • MiniMurangon Murangon Nal
  • MiniRoshisiz Roshisiz
  • Regnatus

  • MiniMaktanshatin Maktanshatin
  • MiniKitoruka Kitoruka
  • Independent

    All has led to this. The Perfect Fate is about to become a reality. For millions of years I have prepared, and now it is time for the Ottzelloans to fulfill their destiny. This whole galaxy will face its reckoning, will meet its maker... me. Failure is not an option.

    - Durzhan

    The Second Borealis Galactic War is the name given to a mass-scale galactic conflict in the Borealis Galaxy which spanned from early 2784 to late 2791. Orchestrated by the Dark God of Time Vyro'Ralzora, who wished to use the souls of the Unified Nation of Ottzello to create his Vyro'Ralza, it also gave the opportunity for many other hostile nations to rise and make their move against their enemies, and the galaxy found itself amidst a war between space pirates, maddened doomsday cultists, alien locusts, barbarians and hyperpowerful precursors.

    The Second Borealis Galactic War was the largest war of the Age of Conflict and one of the largest of the Borealis Galaxy's history. Trillions of sapients lost their lives to the machinations of Vyro'Ralzora, but it ultimately ended with the defeat of a great number of hostile factions and the second founding of the Polar Crystal Alliance, which would become the galaxy's first successful galactic government in modern history.



    The Second Borealis Galactic War was originally created by Technobliterator and OluapPlayer beginning October 6, 2011 up until March 16, 2013. It was a very large scale collaborative fiction which took a long time to make, was huge in scope and ambitious in plot and character development. However, though it was fun for participants involved and there was an overall positive reaction, the war featured poor/lazy writing in places, and was bloated with filler, as well as parts that were silly even as far as comic relief goes. The original war can be found here.

    The current revision of that war, beginning 21st March, 2016, is a remake, designed not only to improve the writing and cut out filler and poor writing, but to fit the war in better with updated canon, and hopefully to make it even more enjoyable this time around. Though the plot follows the same skeleton structure as the original war, many parts will be updated. The ultimate goal is for the war to take a shorter amount of time to write than the original.


    1. Though this is a collaborative fiction, it is also closed, and only users involved in the original war are allowed to participate.
    2. The events of this war in canon are technically concluded. Therefore, you must discuss any major event before it is added, unless it is a sub-story.
    3. No belittling of factions, or large fleet sizes or superweapons without permission.
    4. Try to follow the format of the page (mostly in dialogue form on the war's main pages).
    5. The co-ordinators have the final say on whether or not your entry is canon, and may mercilessly redistribute, alter or remove any edit you make to the pages.


    The WarEdit

    Prologue: Rise of the Xi'ArazulhaEdit


    After years of cold war, the Borealis Galaxy found itself attacked by a force of hostile Essentials known as the Xi'Arazulha, who sought to devour the galaxy. Many other factions would use the chaos as an opportunity to spread their influence, and it would be up to the righteous Zoles Imperium and its allies to try and ward the demonic entities out of their home.

    Part 1: Coming of the VagueEdit


    Main article: Coming of the Vague

    The defeat of the Xi'Arazulha proved to be the mere beginning of the war as a new force suddenly arrived to Borealis; a mysterious race of extradimensional beings known as the Vague, seemingly devoid of any reasoning, whose goal was the complete extermination of Ottzello. Tensions would escalate as empires across Borealis saw the opportunity to expand their interests, and the reign of the lawful Zoles and Niaka found itself truly contested.

    Part 2: Business of WarEdit


    Main article: Business of War

    The galaxy fell in disarray due to the actions of the Vague and the Borealis Consortium Network. Ottzello was quarantined in a spacetime prison, while a new concept known as the War Economy begun to spread across the Eastern Arm, private military companies rising to overthrow their governments and sell themselves to the highest bidder. And at the top of it all, Falrik Zaarkhun and Volim Thrava prepared to unleash the apex of their plans upon the forces of Order.

    Part 3: The Wrath of GodsEdit


    Main article: The Wrath of Gods


    Part 4: Xiyara RisesEdit


    Main article: Xiyara Rises



    Know Ya EnemyEdit


    Main article: Know Ya Enemy

    Gratz'kaoz is the most feared Loron of all time, and with good reason. Fre'kloar and his friends would finally learn where the mad warlord came from and his reasons for being who he was, alongside other unpleasant revelations.

    Blood on the IceEdit


    Main article: Blood on the Ice

    The influence of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus reached all the way to Borealis, where it would be spread among the Heleanorian folk. One of them, a man by the name of Harana, would be the instigator of one of the most crippling battles the Zoles Imperium suffered through the war.

    The Cards RevealedEdit


    Main article: The Cards Revealed

    The war of Borealis would become entangled with the Andromeda War once an artifact of Andromedan origin was discovered in the galaxy. A race for these items would ensue between the forces of Borealis and the forces of Andromeda, and allowing them to fall on wrong hands would prove to be a fatal mistake.

    Hegdar RevolutionEdit


    Main article: Hegdar Revolution

    The Hegdar Warband of the Murgur continuously proved itself a mystery to their people as well as the rest of the galaxy. However, once a mysterious dreadnought aided in a hostile attack at the Murgur homeworld of Kaos, the race of proud barbarians would find themselves forced to work with their enemies to put an end to Hegdar's plans.



    For a very summarized version of the Second Borealis Galactic War, see here. It serves as a quick way to understand all of its main key points, in order to learn all of its relevant canon. See here for a list of characters who participated in the war and here for a list of retcons.




    • The reboot of the Second Borealis Galactic War begun at March 21, 2016 and is currently ongoing.
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