He is everywhere, and he is nowhere. He is watching us, everywhere, every time. He judges us. Every darkness will be illuminated, every light will be darkened, every flame will be extinguished. And only Spode is eternal.

- Radeon teachings

Spode is a powerful deity, worshipped by many species between the Universe. He represents the universal balance and perfection. His worshippers are known as Zealots, and they are often frowned upon. Despite this, there has been a large Zealot empire named Dei'Ar Theocracy.

Spodism Edit

Spode is considered an only true god by Spodists. All other deities' from their view, are just minor powers, which are, while powerful, unworthy of being worshipped. He is considered to be beyond good and evil, beyond light and darkness. He is judging every sentient being, waiting until they die. Those who did not controll their passions are obliterated, their souls being toys to lesser powers, and souls of those who perfected themselves are granted with eternal rest. There is some more mythology.

The Dark Heresy Edit


Imperios, One Who Turned Away

The Dark Heresy is part of Spodistic mythology. It is told that:

There were the Firstborn. Beings those accepted Spode first and became his greatest servants. But despite their purity, there was an unruly one.
One firstborn was blinded by passion, by jealousness and false hope that he can became as strong as Spode. He turned away from him, but as he turned away, so were his old powers. Nothing remained except his burning hatred, and from this time, he and his malefic servants, Daem'Kalar, continue to turn away true believers from righteous ways. His name will forever remain as a darkest curse... Imperios...

- Radeon ancient books.

As such, Imperios seems to be a Satan-like figure in Spodism. As referenced in the same books, he appears like a demon with bony wings. Some think that this is Kamik'Shi, but this is false.


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