Illustrious is the One who encompasses the cosmos. Umbral is the One who is everywhere and nowhere. Wise is the One who observes its creation incessantly and judges us all, who weighs our thought and deed at the scales of its Justice. All lights dim, all flames extinguished, mortal life ends, and the Supreme One remains eternal, and We are eternal in It.

- Testament of Alkhear, 4:20

Only Spode has the answers. Follow the Law of Spode, and all shall be clear.

- Scrolls of Faith 2:1
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The various synonymous terms such as Esha'Nar, the Fourfold Supreme, the Supreme One, Netha-ae Teiphan, the Soul of the Cosmos and the most common name of all, Spode, all refer to the same entity: the panentheistic deity of the Faith of the Highermost Path, usually referred to as Spodism. Revered as the creator of the universe - the ultimate cause of all things - the worshippers of Spode believe all facets of reality from galaxies and stars to life and Essence themselves to be extensions of its all-encompassing being. Only through understanding this can the faithful find salvation: by submitting to the divine absolute and making their peace with their place in its grand design, they will receive solace in their mortal lives and eternal rest in the afterlife. Other gods revered in different religions are seen as mere aspects of Spode, benevolent or malevolent, weak or powerful, but ultimately nothing but shadows of its glory, falsely equated with true divinity.

As Spodism is one of the most widespread religions in the First Gigaquadrant, and thus has many denominations and branches with wildly different readings of holy scripture, the interpretations of Spode vary greatly, from that of a personified creator god, to some impersonal force not sentient in the mortal sence of this word, to the metaphorical representation of the "order of things" in general - the laws of reality to which the universe adheres and the laws of morality according to which the faithful must act. Further contributing to the diversity of views is the influence of foreign religions: monotheistic deities such as the Cyrannian One God have often been syncretised or even conflated with Spode and lesser gods of polytheistic faiths reinterpreted as Messengers and Divines. Meanwhile, the idea of Spode itself has found way into religions all over the Gigaquadrant, sometimes introduced in polytheistic pantheons.


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Spode has been represented by various symbols and icons throughout history, but the most common and universally recognized symbol is that of an eye. The eye symbol gains its origins from the Path of the Massari created by the Raedons. The eye is generally understood to represent Spode's omniscence over his followers and his power over the universe.

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