The Tahar Collective Commander, (Real name unknown), reffered to as solely "Commander" or "#1" is a famous commander in the Tahar Collective, and the only one known by present day people. Not much is known about him or his origins, but his golden marks on his chest may indicate a very high rank.

The Commander is most often silent, never speaking unless he is called. His personality is almost unknown, but he's a determined individual who will go to great lengths to complete his assignments, but unless he is truly needed, he goes silent to teach his crew self-reliance. This has gathered criticism from 410 KRE species.

He is known to have extensive essence powers, though nobody knows about the extent of said powers.

Biography Edit

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His mission Edit

The commander arrived to 409 KRE from the far future to fix the Kraw Galaxy, though he also had his personal plans. During the first year he tried to convince the ULE and the AGC of his plans, however, the commander's rigidness in his plans have led into a conflict between the ULE and the Collective, which dislodged the Collective crew's focus away from the Tahars which had murdered a Divinarium diplomat, which resulted in a 2nd conflict with the AGC. The commander would end up fighting Agent Sigma of the Kicath.

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The Commander in this mission is often very silent and refuses to help the crew unless he is really needed, to teach the crew self-reliance. This has gathered some criticism from universal races in 410 KRE, and some brand him a fool, however, he is often calm about this, even though he may get quite persuasive.

Appearance Edit


He appears as a tall and seemingly powerful being, and has golden marks on his chest, hidden behind his suit. They mean a rank, however, the Commander's is unknown. It is assumed very high, compared to the marks of other nembers of his crew.

Equipment Edit

He has the usual suit everyone else in the Collective uses, which sustain most damage unless ripped. He also has a few pistols, however he rarely uses them.

Powers Edit


He is currently only known to glow, which is a sign of good essence capabilities, higher than assumedly most on the crew.

Personal Quotes Edit


Annoyed quotes
  • "You just don't get it."
  • "Is the universe blind?"
  • "If only they knew..."
Calm quotes
  • "I have a mission. I will not fail."

Relations Edit


He is known to be good friends with the Theian Collective, however.

Quotes Edit


I wouldn't mind having him visit our homeworld. He seems like an extremely intelligent individual.

- Jerkon

Your an offense to the gods!

- Acolyte Nai-Ar'natl
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