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Dancewithdevil Icon Tantummodo Mortem is a Historical Event
"Tantummodo Mortem" is considered a historical event or a completed fiction within the SporeWiki Fiction Universe. You must ask its original creator if you wish to add any additional stories.
Tantummodo Mortem
Dominion War
PreviousSecond Borealis Galactic War
ConcurrentDark Times, Ice Age
DateDecember 2791 - October 2797
PlaceInferno, Andromeda Galaxy, Milky Way Galaxy, Borealis Galaxy, Realm of Dreams, Chaos
ProvocationSystematic massacres conducted by the Dominion of the Xhodocto
  • Destruction of all Dominion megaconstructs
  • Realm of Dreams saved from Dominion invasion
  • Demonic presence in the Gigaquadrant reduced
  • Dominion of the Xhodocto still at large
  • Combatants
    Seven Starr Alliance and Allies
  • MiniGrimb Delpha Coalition of Planets
  • MiniDivi The Divinarium
  • MiniDraco Indoctrinate Collective
  • DrakGenericMini01 Grand Inquisition
  • MiniKicath Kicathian Republic
  • Dominion of the Xhodocto and Allies
  • MiniMortaldocto Dominion of the Xhodocto
  • Commanders
    Seven Starr Alliance and Allies
  • MiniKithworto Kithworto
  • MiniKoluapOld Koluap
  • MiniArkarixus Arkarixus
  • MiniCorruptedArsac High Inquisitor Arsac
  • Sarecminipic01 Sarec
  • MiniHachiman Hachiman
  • MiniNu2 Agent Nu
  • MiniTau Agent Tau
  • Apollo Mini Apollo
  • Kez Mini Kezoreg
  • MiniEta Agent Eta
  • MiniUpsilon Agent Upsilon
  • MiniZeta Agent Zeta
  • MiniPsi Agent Psi
  • MiniMu Agent Mu
  • MiniThraloy3 Thr'aloy
  • MiniDalverat Dalverat
  • MiniVailisa Vailisa
  • MiniDarwishi Commandant Darwishi
  • MiniKalcedia Kalcedia Myran
  • MiniVaktyl Vaktyl
  • MiniZelfronIII Zelfron III
  • MiniLup Lupercal
  • MiniLemmo Lemmo
  • MiniQuinniath Quinniath
  • MiniMacin Macin Xermilin
  • MiniTharaqim Tharaqím
  • MiniCorteus Corteus
  • Dominion of the Xhodocto and Allies
  • Tandava
  • Demon Lords
  • Dominion Lords
  • Unknown
  • We shall arise. We shall consume. You shall be subjugated, or be destroyed. The Dominion has come to light, and shall block out the sun that shines over your universe. The shadow that will be cast over your souls shall be that of death. All you can do is watch your world crumble. Resistance is indeed unsubstantial. You may not fear us...but that will be your fatal flaw. What will you do when we stand to eclipse your 'might'? We will rest assure that there shall be no place to stone not turned.

    Tur'ina'iad a'eldgar kal'tor thr'ranach. We declare war.

    - The Tandava

    Tantummodo Mortem, also known as the Dominion War or Third Xhodocto War is a galaxy-wide conflict in Andromeda, branching out into other galaxies. The allied forces, including other less-than-savory forces once again respond to the fatal threat that is the Xhodocto - although, returning as the Dominion of the Xhodocto. It will mean the making of characters and the destruction of others...

    Introduction Edit

    This war is the Tantummodo Mortem, created by Xho and coordinated by OluapPlayer and Technobliterator. The war is designed to draw from the Second Borealis Galactic War as well as being a third arc in the war against the Xhodocto since the War of Ages and Second Coming.

    Rules Edit

    Of course, wars have rules. Common rules apply;

    1. No belittling of factions. Even if there are Xhodocto here.
    2. No large fleet sizes or superweapons without permission.
    3. Unless it is a sub-story, ideas for the war should be discussed first.
    4. Try to follow the format of the page (mostly in dialogue form on the war's main pages).

    Participants Edit

    MiniTandavaDraguros Xho -- (Talk) - Coordinator

    MiniKoluapOld OluapPlayer - Coordinator

    CYRANNIAN · ImperialEmblem NewRepublic ·

    WormulWormulon Talk to me

    MiniTert - Imperios - The fallen empire will not be forgotten...


    Lucario of the Gods

    Main Plot Edit

    Prologue Edit

    Although peace was attained in much of the universe, the ancient evil was to stir again as a reminder that chaos will always exist. Read the full story to see more. The allies also had their response, finding increased activity and a looming shadow over Andromeda.

    Into the Fire Edit

    And into the fire. A team of assembled super soldiers respond to the darkness casting over Andromeda. Will what they have be enough to stop the Dominion?

    Feverous Edit

    Following Draynia's destruction, the team prepared to make their way to Ightosia. However, they would find much more than they asked for in there...

    Digital Citadel Edit

    After the nightmarish experience with Ightosia, the team were tasked with their final challenge. Ardonia.

    Dreams of Destruction Edit

    As all Dominion megaconstructs fell, the team's job was not yet done. Discovering a data matrix, the team learned the Dominion was still far from weakened. Meanwhile, the Corruptus prepared to make their own move...

    Solitude Edit

    After the salvation of the Realm of Dreams, it became apparent that all forces in the Gigaquadrant would have to take arms against the Dominion. But were they truly united against the forthcoming threat, and was everyone on an equal term?

    The Demon Who Came to Tea Edit

    With the end of the battle in the realm of Purgatory, the team returned to their home universe, now missing a valuable member. However, as they prepared for their next course of action, things were about to get...weird.

    Ex Umbra In Solem Edit

    Following their escapade from the clutches of madness, the team are met with news that the Rectifiers...and the Infernovirus have returned. To what extreme do they have to go to save Andromeda and Borealis?

    Subplots Edit

    Da Blak Kroozade Edit

    Upon losing the favour of his master, the demonic Loron warboss Gratz'kaoz launched a massive invasion in the Borealis Galaxy in the name of the Dominion. Will the Loron of the galaxy defeat this threat, or will the galaxy be overrun by the Xhodocto's servants?

    Mass Armageddon Edit

    Following the end of Da Blak Kroozade, the universe was still cracking apart. The cracks in spacetime were only growing larger, and spreading. The time this universe had left was running out. And Zargoth was still scheming, planning his comeback. Never since the March of the Apocalypse had the universe been in such dire need of heroes.

    Tarefnar Edit

    High Inquisitor Arsac had fallen to the dark sway of The Corruptus, tired of the constant cycle she looks towards the Imperium in order to exact a proper judgement. A keeper of the darkest of the Grand Inquisition's secrets. As the old saying goes, "Inferno hath no fury like a woman scorned".

    Abolitionem Caelum Edit

    Even in other planes of existence, essential entities are not safe from the wrath of Chaos.

    Earning Your Place Edit

    The story of Hachiman and Kezoreg's final 'lesson' with Kithworto.

    Others Edit

    Synopsis Edit

    Check here for an abridged version of the main plot.

    Encyclopedia Edit

    During the travels of the team inside Dominion territory, they come across logs of information. Do they find out more than what they want to find out?

    MiniTandavaDragurosMiniTandavaAngazhar Tantummodo Mortem MiniTandavaKrathMiniTandavaSanto
    The shadow that will be cast over your souls shall be that of death. All you can do is watch your world crumble.
    Tur'ina'iad a'eldgar kal'tor thr'ranach. We declare war.

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