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Cianju Alliance
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CreatorThe Valader
(more content by The Valader)
Tier level2
Kardashev Scale3
LocationTigris Galaxy
Population14 quadrillion
Notable forWar of Ages
Governing body
Founding membersCivatron, Andrudan, Juvan
AlignmentChaotic Good
Age23 000

The Universe thinks they are safe, but evil is there, we live in a place where evil dominates, but then valiant peoples will rise, to fight, to ensure a better world, free of mysticism and tyranny, creating a place better than we can imagine

- The Valader in one of his teachings of the book of discipline

The Cianju Alliance is a powerful organization, created only for the purpose of stopping evil to rise and destroy the known universe, this faction was created by the valiant people of the East of Tigris galaxy, called also the Sons of the Krass, the organization is led by a powerful race named Civatrons, as they are the first born, this organization is also available who other species that want to join and fight evil, standing in the path of light for ever.



Cianju means in old dialect: ‘’Vigilante’’, and the Andrudans were the ones that gave the name, according to Civatron’s vision and Krass old writings, the name is also known to mean ‘’Passenger’’ as the Cianju sons of the Krass believe that this is just a passenger faction to cover the real purpose of their existence.

Tigris WarEdit

Post-Tigris WarEdit

In the aftermath of the Tigris War, the Scourge occurred, and the war was over. The Cianju had to escape to Universe 66501, and the Ascension War begun. The Cianju Alliance reformed into the House of the Krassio.


Cianju HierarchyEdit

They are posts in the Cianju as any other faction, the Civatrons are the head, but the others are also important for the Cianju plans.

  1. Master Kroc
  2. Cianju Council: Andrudan Anarshark; Juvan Jossturtlen and Juvan Jissarmen; Thellirian King and Civatron Leezzard.
  3. Cianju Commanders: Approximately 3000 000 generals, 6000 000 admirals, 14000 000, 000 other commanding officers.
  4. Cianju Armada: composing 4000 million fleets, 14 000 trillion fighters and 300 000 trillion marine troopers.
  5. Cianju Army: 120 000 trillion artillery warfare, 100 000 trillion special units and 700 000 trillion troopers including Civatrons, Andrudans and Juvans.


Though this is faction is believed to be extremely big, it controls the east of the Tigris Galaxy and some outlying colonies in the Bor’eaa Galaxy, they are called by neighbors and all the species to be the mighty power of the east, the Cianju is not interested in controlling a massive territory, but indeed they are blessed, the Cianju expands when more races join them, of course, when comes times of war, they gain some few more systems, as they have won until now all the wars (not so many) they have been drawn.


The numbers of trade routes of the Cianju with other empires are infinite, with 70% in Tigris galaxy (been reduced to 40% thanks to the war) and 30% in Bor’eaa galaxy (increased to 60% thanks to improved relationship and to the war). The Cianju Alliance founds are unlimited, gaining almost 12’000’000’000 sporebucks every day passing, being increased with the former alliance with the Rambo into 15’000’000’000 each day. The Founds gained are used to improve relationship with other species giving gifts, and for the creation of new and advanced weaponry.


As mentioned before, the Cianju technology is based on the sons of Krass’ psionic energy, and the warfare is not an exclusive of this, the psi energy is stored in pylons for better usage of the barracks, factories and war enterprises, such as uniform custom, infantry weaponry, warships, artillery, planetary defenses; which includes personal shielding and vessel shielding.

The Cianju production of war tools and vehicles is amazingly massive, almost 23 000’000’000 sporebucks are spent on this great enterprises for a daily production of war units.

The Cianju barracks are spread across every camp and basement, they are easily deployed when summoned by the pylons, they are meant to quickly arm the troopers and send into battlefield, they can arm in a time period of ten seconds each trooper, and they have 300 arm chambers. Though these barracks are useful when quickly deployed, their common usage is to make the uniform and weapons of the trooper, so this one will be ready for next engagement; fortunately, almost all the troopers wear their uniform all the time.


The Cianju Alliance technology is based on psionic energy, the sons of the Krass are psionic beings, and they store their energies in artifacts called Pylons. These incredible amounts of energy gives electricity to all nearby buildings, their culture is variable also, depending of each species.

This is just an example of their technology, which is really advanced, the Architecture was created and designed by the Juvans, the youngest sons of the Krass.


The members of the Cianju Alliance gain territories and acquaintances in the Alliance, as well as posts in military, art, science and other things of interest, until now, the Cianju are classified by two.

Krassio membersEdit

This species are the ones that descend of the ancient species called the Krass.

The Civatrons are the first born of the Krass, and the ones who lead the Alliance, specially in military affairs, they are warriors by nature, and everyone fears to be an enemy, that is why every single empire in Tigris galaxy have a 30+ bonus in relationship with them, you don’t want to cross with them, even by accident. The Civatrons are the only sons that have yet achieved the ability to use their psi energy for combat, giving them the opportunity to kill everything.

The Andrudans are the second born species of the Krass, they are the most intelligent species of the three sons, as they are charged in the Alliance to manipulate the Technology, but their genetic nature also makes them warriors, but this area is not so strong as in the Civatrons, they compensate with rational thinking and logic, Andrudan Commanders are well known of have victories in battles, thanks to their quick thinking, if they come to be defeated, then they learn from their mistakes and never do them again, they are often called to resolve diplomatic affairs inside and outside the Cianju realm.

The Juvans are the most abundant species in the Cianju, composing almost the 80% of the population (and all the three are too many) they compose thanks to their great numbers the main infantry, their humble spirit makes them very friendly inside the Cianju realm, but when are called to war, nothing stops them, they are amazingly maneuverable in combat, as well as fast, and that is only in military operations, they created all Cianju Architecture, and their methods of survival in planets with low atmosphere and dense atmosphere have been applied by both Civatrons and the Andrudans, they are workers by nature, and they obey orders without questioning, still they are not less in the Alliance, they are respected by all species inside and outside the territory of the Cianju.

Non Krassio membersEdit

These species are not sons of the Krass and have evolved normally through time; they joined the Cianju Alliance thanks to the Krassio influence, others by other reasons.

The Thellirians are the newest acquaintance of the Alliance, they joined due to the Great War They are a peacefully race that made the Thellirian Kingdom, their king was given a place in the council, and the Thellirians were given the post of diplomats, there are really good making new pacts with weaker species.

The Juvatross are an insect species composed of three casts, worker, warrior, and reproductive, they are very numerous, and do mining operations for the Cianju Alliance, but also the warriors do the task of shock troopers for physiology reasons, they were allowed to make mining operations and excavations everywhere they want, but not in other species colonies, they can be seen in almost every outpost in the Cianju realm.

The Velojuvans are one of the Cianju species that are not warrior, like most of them, they are very similar to the Thellirian peaceful thinking, and they are now colleagues in diplomatic solutions inside and outside the Alliance, the Velojuvans are also a smart race, they work with the Andrudans in the develop of new technologies.

The Archons are not a race, but they have a respectful reputation with every enemy, they are energy beings, created and summon by the Civatrons for combat, the Civatrons are capable of only summon one archon, this is because the Archons have a very unstable power, if the Civatron looses control over them, then the battlefield sees real chaos (if your concept of chaos is a massacre), a enormous bloodbath, this happens usually when the Civatron controlling one is killed, the Archon is emotionally compromised and kills what he founds, but then he dies moments after.

The Beor are a robotic and enormous androids created by the Andrudans to support their Allies, the Civatrons, but they usually cause fight everywhere when they are not controlled by an Andrudan, they are deployed at the same time than the Andromedae, the fearless machine of the Cianju.



The Allies of the Cianju Alliance are those that are too powerful to care for themselves, and are not members; they are also honored and helped by the Alliance in every measure.

The Rambo Nation is a civilized faction that used wormholes to travel from their galaxy to the Tigris Galaxy, they are well known of their diplomat capabilities, and until now the greatest goal yet achieved in the Tigris sector is allying the Mighty power of the east, they are well known of their magnum enterprise in the galaxy known as the operation overlord, where they secured in weeks a great size of the galaxy, their domains is in south of the Tigris galaxy, supposing that their sector is also in that direction, but since they came through a wormhole, the Quadrant 89 could be anywhere in the universe.

The Seven Starr Alliance is a massive organization that entered on war with the congregation soon after the Cianju did, they are probably the faction in which more users have joined, and their main goal is to end vandalism, so watch out! Rambo Nation is part of this Organization, and is thanks to them that they have joined the great war.

The Delpha Coalition of Planets are one of the founders of the SSA, a powerful and proud warrior race that wants to end this conflict with the Xhodocto, though it almost impossible, they are a very advanced Faction, they became allies of the Cianju Alliance after the SSA was drawn into the war, they also participated on the final battle against Kamik shi and their demonic creations, they are helpful ally and they recover really well after being hit to hard.


The Enemies of the Cianju are those who really pose a threat to the Alliance, very few are those who are proud to call themselves real enemies of the Cianju Alliance.

The Congregation is probably the greatest rival of the Cianju, and the most enigmatic, the Congregation is ruled by the cruel Xhodocto, which are meant to cause the scourge, or the End of the Universe, they are immortal and can only be “Killed” by the Civatrons, they are composed of excellent warfare and great numbers, probably outnumbering the Cianju 100 to 1, still, even if their technology is advanced and they outcome the Cianju, the Alliance, and more specifically the Sons of Krass, are more tough, which makes equal the fight, they are the antagonists of the Great War and the Enemies of all who lived. They are close to their final form, in that the Cianju and all their enemies will have to prove their value.


  • Though the Cianju have no interest in massive territories, they control three spiral arms in the Tigris Galaxy, and one western portion of the Bor’eaa Galaxy.
  • The Cianju Alliance have few enemies, such as the Congregation, this is the strongest they ever had.
  • The leader of the Alliance is called Master Kroc.
  • The Alliance is based on The Valader teachings.
  • The Cianju Alliance is friendly, though aggressive to evil empires.

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