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The Vague, Warriors of Genocide
CreatorTechnobliterator and OluapPlayer
Tier levelTier U
Kardashev ScaleType II
LocationBorealis Galaxy
Notable forBeings from the 4th Dimension, technology
Governing body
Main leadersDakster
PolicyFor the good of all...Zargoth...must die!
Founding membersZargoth
Origin4th dimension
AlignmentTrue neutral
MilitaryEntire empire
CurrencyNo currency
StateLeft the universe

Two sides. One wants you dead, the other wants you for...a terrible, terrible reason.

- Vida'Rranlora to UNOL

The Vague are a mysterious species of metalic reptilian creatures created by Zargoth as a "beta" version of the Vyro'Ralza.

History Edit

Origins Edit

The Vague were created by Zargoth, as part of his experiment in fusing souls together with extradimensional matter to create a new being. However, the Vague found this process incredibly torturing as it didn't work correctly. The Vague were discarded as a failure, but a proof that some results can be achieved in the experiment.

The Vague broke free, and stole the ship Zargoth had been creating during the events leading to the Second Borealis Galactic War. They were fused with this ship, and their 4D consciousness was compressed into 3D forms of metal, which only gave them greater pain and suffering.

Zargoth stated that the Vague were a fusion of the Ottzel - who Kolossus killed in the Clash of the Crimelords - and the Kormacvar.

Second Borealis Galactic War Edit

Thr'aloy vs Vague

A Vague fighting Thr'aloy

During the Second Borealis Galactic War, the Vague came to the galaxy with the intention of destroying UNO. Making billions of victims, the Vague destroyed thousands of UNO colonies in a slow but unstopabble rate, the only thing capable of destroying them being the Vyronicia Fleet - the 3D fleet of the Vyro'Narza.

As the Vague advanced, they also came in conflict with empires such as the Zoles Imperium and Da Rogue Boyz, who had no chance of even fighting them. One notable thing, however, is that the Vague were extremely scared of the Borealis Grox Empire. They also claimed that Mac was on their side, even though he was at the time hostage of the Grox.

A Vague Fear

The Vague fearing the Borealis Grox

When Ottzello was quarantined, the Vague remained in Borealis, fighting off those who attempted to harm them while wandering around Ottzello, some trying to enter it, and others guarding it, making sure UNO could not leave. Eventually, the Vague joined forces with the Devourer's Chosen in an attempt to stop the forces of Order from freeing UNO, but this failed and the Vague retreated. After UNO was freed, Zargoth appeared to the galaxy, and the true intentions of the Vague were revealed: they wanted to destroy UNO so they could not be turned into Vyro'Ralza.

After Dakster sacrificed himself to save UNO from Zargoth, the Vague shifted sides and joined the forces of Order. The Vague aided the allies by fighting off time anomalies and giving them information. They were mostly present during the battles against the Chosen and the Grox. Following the defeat of the BCN and revival of Dakster, the Vague helped defeat Zargoth once and for all.

With Zargoth defeated, the Vague left this universe back to the Fourth Dimension, to resume their hunt for Zargoth's servants, and Zargoth himself if he's still alive.

Characteristics Edit

Physiology Edit

As reported in a battle between a single Vague and the powerful Loron captain Thr'aloy, the Vague are incredibly resistant creatures with a hard metal skin, very robotic in look and feel. They are known to be bulletproof and fireproof, and much heavier than they look, being notably dense for their size. Despite these robot-like traits, Vagues are not full robots, being more closely classified as synthetics.

Vagues are also known to have an unnatural physical strenght, being capable of fighting off a Loron in melee combat with relative ease, while still lacking any known muscles in their limbs.

The Vague vary in size, some being human-sized while others are over 10 meters tall. It is specualted that the Vague are actually capable of changing size at will.

Abilities Edit

As stated before, Vagues are incredibly strong creatures with unnatural strenght, endurance, composition and density. Such abilities make them among the most alien lifeforms to ever appear in the Borealis Galaxy.

One thing shared by all Vagues is a blaster-like organ planted on their right arms which fires potent blasts of energy which strips the molecule layers of their targets one by one. This means a Vague is able of effectively evaporing the enemies hit with this weapon. It has been shown to have a much more potent effect on living matter than objects such as vehicles and buildings.

Behaviour Edit

The Vague's behaviou, at first, was hard to determine. When attacked, they would strike fiercely back, as if in incredible pain. When one was hit, they all equally share this pain. The Vague were also incredibly insane, especially in combat.

After Zargoth's defeat the end of the Borealis War, the Vague's insanity ceased, and they have become far more neutral and controlled.

Society Edit

Very little has been identified about Vague society, but they don't seen to have social ranks with an exception of Dakster. All Vague are equal and all follow the same goal.

Habitat Edit

The Vague come from the mysterious 4th Dimension, a place above the mortal realm, but below Sequencium. Exactly what it looks like is unknown.

Technology Edit

Vehicles Edit

We will hunt you down, Zargoth!

Vague Ship

The feared Vague Starships are the only known ships of the Vague. Ranging from thousands of meters to thousands of kilometers in size, the Starships are armed with incredibly powerful weapons that can cut through enemy ships, and even entire planets, like butter with their evaporating weapons.

When not using their evaporating blasts, Vague Starships are armed with powerful lasers and anti-matter weapons. They notably possess shields that appear to have traces of Chronoscopic, making them extremely hard to destroy. Vague Starships can be detected via the bizarre wailing sound they emit.

Devices Edit

The Vague don't seem to use any real devices. They occasionally access some Kormacvar technology, seeming to know it from the inside out. They can understand it perfectly thanks to their Kormacvar heritage.

Weapons Edit

The Vague's tools of destruction are incredibly deadly. Their main weapons are capable of vapourising 3D matter in a matter of seconds, where only the strongest can even begin to resist their weapons. However, due to the Borealis Grid, they need charging up.

Other Vague weapons tend to be beam weapons and blasts, as well as explosive shots. It is hard to determine the type of Vague weapons, but it is presumed they use some weaponry engineered in the 4th dimension, that causes a sort of spacetime defect. However, as they are not 5D beings, these spacetime defects may be incredibly powerful and difficult t defend against, but the Vaue's victims aren't completely defenceless. The power of these defects has been compared to that of two antimatter blasts, and in some cases, five turbolaser blasts of the same size.

Individuals Edit

Vague Dakster

We may be free, but we will keep hunting Zargoth down!

  • Name - Dakster
  • Position - Leader
  • Status - Active

Dakster is the leader of the Vague, and one of the only ones capable of rational thinking before the Vague were freed of Zargoth's control. He notably wears his Ottzel armor and shares his voice with his, but with metalic echoes in it.

Dakster is the most powerful of all Vagues, and was also the most insane of them all prior to Zargoth's defeat. During the events of the Wrath of Gods, Dakster sacrificed himself to save UNO from Zargoth's attack, which in turn created the 7 Chronoscopic shards needed to access his realm. He was later revived following Falrik Zaarkhun's death, apparently being brought back to life alongside Zargoth.

Relations Edit

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Fiction Stats
Unit typeCreature 7B
1,000 HP1,500 TP1,000 PPN/A FP
580 SP5 m/s200 EP25 AP
Superior technologySlowConventional weaponsNone
GenusXenomonstra (OluapPlayer, 2012)
SpeciesXenomonstra vagaroso (OluapPlayer, 2012)

Allies Edit

Green face...

Neutral Edit

Yellow face...

Enemies Edit

Red faceThe hunt will never end!

  • Zargoth - Hide all you wish! We will find you!

Notes Edit

Quotes Edit

Cursed insects!

- Kolossus


- Zelfron

Their fourth-dimensional technology intrigues us greatly. We will avoid them... for the time being.

- Mercuris Federation

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Some traits of the Vague were inspired from Warhammer 40,000's Necrons.
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