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It seems several fictions in the Sporewiki Universe have connections with humans, including, the Jovar, DCP and even Xhodocto.

Description Edit

Humans are carbon-based mammalian species that originally come from Earth in the Sol system. Humans are quite intelligent, but their imagination and curiosity is greater than that of many species. Humans have great stamina, able to sweat and can run for huge distances (hunters can chase animals until they die of exhaustion), although the average human is not very fast, save for a few who can run up 30 miles per hour (the highest record is 27, but every year it improves by point, so maybe one day). Humans are not the strongest of species (but there are exceptions, such as the strongest athletes and warriors, genetically modified posthumans and some of their descendants) but they are as resiliant as many other species, able to survive organ transplants and can adapt to a wide variety of enviroments. Humans have great genetic variation in skin, eye, hair colour, shape and culture. All humans have psychic and psionic abilities, but only a few have truly mastered them. By the 21st century the average of height of humans was 1.5 to 1.8 meters (which of course varies) although the height is increasing due to standards of living, and humans may one day be 2.5 meters tall. The typical lifespan varies, but is on average 70 to 80 years or more. Some have lived for far longer, even centuries.

History Edit

Between very ancient history and future, lets have the real historical timeline. Also, no real-life gods should be portrayed in this story, This is to avoid possible flaming/edit war/vandalism.

Origins of Near-humans Edit

Whether human evolution was aided by gods or natural evolution is unknown. But humans and Near-Humans have had three major era's of expansion. The first, was the evolution of humanoids in years 20,000,000 b.c. to 19,900,000 b.c. (not to be confused with other bipeds) - it is theorerized that an ancient race billions of years ago spread a gene onto already living planets, which influenced the evolution Humanoid races in the Milky Way. This however, is only a theory.

The second, was the transplanation of early human cultures by Ancient races (by either enslavement or preservation). A race of First Ones had a similar appearence and affiluration with early human cultures, including, the transplanting of humans around the universe, on some planets evolved into offshoots.

The third era of expansion was the actual advancement of humans from Earth by their own technological and cultural achievements (and not by alien intervention) which began in their 20th century. Most True humans descend directly from Earth, as the other Near Humans have evolved and the Humanoids only share genes (and is still a theory).

Prehistory - 400,000 to 150,000 years ago Edit

Spore 2010-04-13 00-06-58

The Kei'Un Tribe accidently activate a Xhodocto monolith.

  • Evolution - The first modern humans evolved between 400,000 and 250,000 years ago.
  • Early expansion and the Human-Neanderthal wars by Wormulon - As humanity spread out of Africa, into the Middle East and then Europe, humans encounted their cousins (but many died out in Asia initially, meaning there is a lack of gene pool that continues until today). However, being more adaptable soon outcompeted them. But in Europe, there was another species, the Neanderthals. Eventually, the hominid races band together to defeat the hordes of humanity, but ultimatly lose. Towards the end, humans nearly wipe out the Neanderthals about 25,000 years ago, however, an alien ship saves a few, who are brought to another world to continue in an alternative history. Neanderthals on Earth die out soon later. However, the Neanderthals plot their revenge. Some may have hybridised with humans to preserve their blood line.
  • The Awakening by Xhodocto3546 - The Xhodocto vanished 1.48 billion years ago. Before then, the Xhodocto constructed monoliths that were scattered throughout existence. One, unfortunately, landed on Earth 23,000 years ago. A tribe of humans, known as the Kei'Un Tribe, found the monolith. The shaman, sensed a darkness that surrounded the device. A young warrior thought himself brave enough to touch the monolith in a dare, but accidently switched on the monolith. The skies darkened as the Sun went red, and millions of meteors crashed on the planet. It turned out that the meteors were Xhodocto. Draguros, discovering the Kei'Un, turned them into the demonic Kei'Un Bloodhunters, which remain to this day as the denizens of Hell. The Xhodocto, strangely, spared Earth.

Ancient history - 150,000 to 12,000 years ago Edit

Eventually, humans became advanced enough to be compared to the later 21st century, but due to the intervention of aliens, humans reverted to a primitive stone age again, only to rise in the last 10,000 years with Indus Valley, Ancient Egypt and so on.

  • Ancient civilizations
    • Mu, Lemuria, Shambhala, Hyperborea, Rama, Uiger, Tiahuanaco, Avalon and Camelot by Wormulon/external theories - 150,000 years ago, there was a previous civilization comparable to the 21st century, it was global. Mu was in the Pacific, Lemuria located near Indonesia, Shambhala ruled most of Asia, Hyperborea was in Greenland, Rama controlled what is now India, the Uiger cities under the Gobi desert, Tiahuanaco since lost in the vast Amazon while Avalon and Camelot ruled over the British Isles. However, a natural disaster, possibly similar to the one predicted for 2012 occured. It is possible that the fall of these amncient nations is connected to the enslavement of mankind (see below) by alien races.
  • Enslavement and relocation - Several alien races discovered humans. One of them enslaved humans and transplanted them to other planets around the galaxy (as they made easy slaves, because humans were too primitive to fight for their world). Some other species (First Ones) relocated them, to preserve their survival. Human civilization on Earth collapsed and reverted back to the Stone Age. Some artifacts ("Ooparts") would confuse future historians. However, civilization would rise again during the Atlantian era.

Atlantian era - 12,000 years ago Edit

A spacefaring society was founded in 12.456 b.c. on the Atlantis, they have colonized Sirius (Later renamed to Alphus by them), but they were destroyed by unknown causes (It was apocalyptic end, called great flood, mentioned in several religions). Atlans on Sirius remained, but they were crushed instead by solar storm. Next, in year 372 a.d. Optimians have arrived on the Sirius, but it is another story.

  • The great flood known to every society known on Earth occurred, possibly caused by external interventian, meltwater from the Ice Age or the flooding of the Mediterranean. The Ark was created as many was fleeing offworld. It may have in fact been a gene bank, used to re-populate other systems.

Known history Edit

In the last 10,000 years, humans began to climb up the slow tree back to civilization. Now ignored by most aliens, Earth until the 22nd century would seem barbaric. Agriculture and and small communities emerged once more, the ancient civilizations: Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis were almost forgotten, words passed down through generations. Eventually, the first of the new empires came into being, such as Ancient Egypt, Babylonians, Summarians, Ancient China, Indus, Ancient Ethiopa, Aroi Sun Kingdom, Osirian, Optimians, Mayan and the Aztects, which was possibly helped by Khazurhal Angazhar. There was one event, however, that did involve Human interaction with extraterrestrials. In 1947, a United States town called Roswell was invaded, and hundreds of Humans from various places around the world were taken from Earth simultaneously. The Humans dismissed it as another mystery.

Post-21st century - 2010 to 28th century Edit

Humans in the last 100 years have made great advancements, discovering how to voyage to the stars by themselves without being transplanted, to later evolve.

  • The Auridians on sirius by 9988 - In years of century, the Auridians started their interstellar program.
  • Information age/2010 to 2100 - Today. The old knowledge of the world is vanishing, and great change is occuring.
  • The Auridian occupancy on sirius by 9988 - In years of century, the Auridians were finally conquered by the The Tritts(Now Terdiatlans).
    • Early Space exploration by Wormulon - In the 2030s, the Moon had been colonised by several nations. Mars was visted in the 2040s, and by the 2080s, humans were exploring the solar system, and Mars had a terraforming program.
    • 2050's by Wormulon - In the years running up to the 2050s, technology was great, but good standards of living were expensive, and the natural enviroments were dying. Overpopulation was becoming a huge problem. Most humans lived in giant Ecoplolises. But soon, World War III had gripped the globe, with very few governments surviving the anarchy afterwards. All the nations of Earth finally unified.
  • Interstellar age
    • First interstellar voyagers by Wormulon - In the 22nd century, the first generation and eventual Time Dilation ships were venturing out beyond the limits of the solar system. For us, outside the dilation ships, they will take thousands of years to reach their destination, but inside, the colonists will have only travelled a few years. This is due to the time slowing effects of relativity. It wouldn't be long before a primitive warp drive was developed, deriving exotic matter from the Sun.
    • The Federation by The Randomness - By the late 22nd century, humans founded a federation similar to the one in Star Trek. Alien races were discovered, and jump points and early warp was used to explore space. There were many scientific discoveries and benefits such as making alliances, but there was quite a few wars fought between the 22nd and 28th century with mostly nearby species (about 10 others), some quite devastating. However, humans and their new allies proved to be the strongest.
  • The Creation of the Jovar by Jovar1 - In the 23rd century, the humans conduct an experiment on the planet Jora (because it is spinning at extremely high speeds) by placing a capsule on its surface that contains organic compounds. During a period of 5 years, the planet becomes life sustaining and produces a sentient species known as the Jovar (on Jora, the amount of time that has passed is over 3 billion years). The planet stops spinning at super high speeds, and the Jovar become space-faring.
  • The Terdiatlans on sirius by 9988 - By the 27th century, the sirian humans were another species, with third eye and wings. Terdiatlans started to communicate and trade in the century.
  • Age of the Human Republic by Sapius Prime - By the 28th century,the Federation dissolves to form the Human Republic and concentrates on trading.

Exodus Earth - Late 28th century Edit

Eventually, Earth became less important, this is because humans managed to adapt and evolve on the various worlds they colonised, this is called Postevolution. Baseline humans became rarer, as cyborgs, digitalians (minds uploaded to cyberspace for immortality) and hybrids took over. Humans were changing on different planets (which is normal for space-faring civilizations anyway). Also, to preserve the Earth's biosphere and future evolution, humans left it almost completely, except for a small band of a few million which stayed behind to look after Earth (and help recover its biosphere), and some indigenous populations. Whithin a 100 years, remnants of abandonded civilization were already getting covered up by nature. However, humans continued their story among the stars...

Not long after, empires like the Jovar and DCP discovered Earth. The DCP has in fact, traded with humans, but the DCP see them as just another empire, and Earth just another planet.

War of Ages and beyond - 28th/29th century Edit

During the 28th and 29th centuries, humans and their Near Human allies became unified and technology had greatly advanced. By now, humans were just starting to explore outside the Milky Way.

  • Intergalactic contact by Dinoman82/Sapius Prime - Humans were now exploring other galaxies. When they entered the Quadrant galaxies, they met with and joined the Noble Alliance.
  • War of Ages/Assualt on Kamik'Shi by Sapius Prime - Humans like many other empires of the universe went to war with the Xhodocto during the War of Ages, and sent a large fleet to attack Xhodocto space in Quadrant 82 to aid the Rambo. The initial fleet assualt crushed many of the Xhodocto's ships, but in the battle against Kamik'Shi, the Xhodocto ships began to reform into "Zombie ships" which couldn't be defeated. Thousands of human ships and millions of crews were lost. Nothing could defeat the Zombie horde, every time the Zombie ships were destroyed, they reactivated, no matter what was done to defeat them. However, the captain ordered the crews to dump their feces into the Zombie ships (bio warfare), which were biomechanical, causing botulism. The zombie ships deactivated, and then the Rambo came into assistance, and together, they drove the Xhodocto out of Quadrant 82.
  • Imperial Civil War
    • Unification by Ghelæ - By now, there were various human cultures spread across the galaxy, Humanoids, Near-Humans and of course the Human Republic. All became a primary target for the Tokzhalan Empire, who either forced the weaker ones to join the Human Coalition and used diplomacy and threats on others to join the Human Republic. But due to a short but devastating conflict with the Borg Collective, and attacks by the Grox, the Human Coalition joined the Human Republic. Eventually, Humanity was one empire once more and the sudden influx of technology and cultural understanding would soon make the Human Republic more powerful than ever. Humans, who had already been an influential species in the Milky Way, would soon expand across the universe, joining the Seven Starr Alliance, The Civilisation and the latest wars.
    • New Grox Wars by Wormulon - In the latter stages of the Imperial Civil War, the galaxy decided to beat back the Grox. Humans and the DCP spearheaded the mission, making assualts on the Grox's nearest sector. The intitial attack was easy, however, both their forces were grinded down. Still, new reinforcements, and backup help from other civilizations meant the Grox were extincted in the Milky Way.

Meanwhile, as humans and their cousins continue to flourish, there is still one that is watching their every move and is plotting against them - the Neanderthals!

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