Timothy Winthazen is a human male officer in service of the Legatus Finduilica, a vassal of the migthy Galactic Empire of Cyrannus! Ambitious and cruel, Timothy is a rising star with a great distate and hatred for those who refuse Imperial rule.



Timothy meets and is seduced by Yvenne

Timothy Winthazen was born within the Kingdom of the Netherlands shortly before it was occupated by the Legatus Finduilica and the Great Cyrannus War. A staunch supporter of the Emperor, he joined the Legatus Navy much to the dislike of those around him as they consider him a collaborator. Timothy quickly rose through the ranks and eventually reached the rank of lieutenant shortly before the end of 20 AQF, recieving command of the Gozanti-class LF-389 that was part of the outer fleet under captain Veloci Onychus. For weeks he was hauling and transporing persons and cargo throughout the Legatus and often made stops at Nassau, where he enjoyed the gambling machines and the local saloon. Well liked by his crew he once again made a stop at Nassau around mid february 21 AQF. While in the saloon he met a young half-elf who was flirting with him. Pleasantly surprised he accepted her advances he invited her to join him on his cruiser to get better "acquinted". Half-elves were a rare sight these days and their courting legendary.


Timothy attemps to capture Yvenne and Hisharo

At the ramp of his ship he kissed her, something the girl returned as well. When she apologised Timothy was rather surprised when she raised his own blaster at him. Somehow the girl unholsterd it. Calling her a bitch the girl shot him with the setting on stun, removing his uniform and kept him captive in one of the quarters of his own ship while they commandeered the vessel and set course to Rottum.

Later on in february, Timothy led the Legatus forces that invaded Nassau, rounding any dissident forces. During the search he cornered Yvenne who he promised would be his future to be slave. After blowing up her LC-class Timothy advanced with a protection detail of troopers though the intervention of the wielder Hisharo Kyōrisibo who used magic against them prevent her capture and escape once again. Afterwards, he became on the navigators of the Crimson Talon during Valour of the Resistance-storyline and beyond. Serving the notorious Lady Astrosia in the elite Imperial Raptor Squadron. During his service he was present during the engagement above Ozdudrahk, the capture of Malegras and the securing of the Gorge. In January 2820, when Cadet Sia had her internship onboard the Raptor Nest he grew interessted in her.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Timothy Winthazen is a cunning and capable officer, enjoying serving the Empire and believing their way. Cruel for his enemies, he shows no mercy to the enemies of the Empire though has a weak for female beauty.

Timothy is known as an ambitious person who wants to reach the rank of captain as soon as possible, no matter who is in the way.



Blue faceI believe I can trust them


Orange faceBlergh!



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